sentence structure match o rama n.
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Sentence Structure Match-O-Rama! PowerPoint Presentation
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Sentence Structure Match-O-Rama!

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Sentence Structure Match-O-Rama! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sentence Structure Match-O-Rama!
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  1. Sentence Structure Match-O-Rama! declarative sentenceimperativesentenceinterrogativesentenceexclamatorysentencenaturalsentenceinvertedsentencesplitsentenceloosesentenceperiodicsentencebalancedsentencerepetitionparallelism/parallel structurerhetoricalquestionantithesisanastropheparenthesisapposition/appositive

  2. Tone • Makes a statement • Done to make a point obliquely • Asks a question • Makes a forceful statement • Makes a command 1. Declarative Sentence 2. Interrogative Sentence 3. Exclamatory Sentence 4. Imperative Sentence 5. Rhetorical Question F. Isn’t it interesting that only the left side of the room participates? G. Why do we have a sub today? H. Wow, that pep assembly was awesome! I. Take out the trash, please. J. Poms performed at the pep assembly.

  3. Sentence “Shapes” A. Predicate split with the subject in the middle. B. Subject comes before predicate. C. Makes sense even before the sentence ends. D. Both sides of a sentence have similar structures. E. Only makes sense when the sentence is complete F. Predicate comes before the subject. 6. Natural sentence 7. Inverted sentence 8. Split sentence 9. Periodic sentence 10. Balanced sentence 11. Loose Sentence G. I let him win, even though later that day in the car I regretted the decision. H. Even though later in the day in the car I regretted the decision, I let him win. I. After dinner came dessert. J. I enjoy seeing my sons play soccer on weekends, and I enjoy seeing my students become inspired during the week. K. After dinner dessert came. L. Dessert came after dinner.

  4. Syntactical Devices • A phrase that interrupts the flow of a sentence • Two sentence elements side by side—the second part explains or modifies the first part. • Inversion of natural word order. • Elements of equal importance in a sentence should be similarly phrased. • Using parallel structure to represent contrasting ideas. • Using words or phrases more than once for emphasis or rhythm. 12. Parallel Structure 13. Repetition 14. Antithesis 15. Anastrophe 16. Parenthesis 17. Apposition/ Appositive G. “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?” H. I mixed, kneaded and formed the dough. I. Spare, a decent teacher but below-average dancer, isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself in front of 800 people. J. “…a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted…” K. “A kleptomaniac helps himself because he can't help himself.” L. I like to go to Vail—it cost 95 bucks last time I went!—but Winter Park is nice, too.