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Kerridge International Inc. Deployment of “state of the art” SWORD™ Terminals to deliver affordable basic bank & financial services to the Unbanked & Under Banked via “Branch in a Box Technology”. The New American Corporation Building Creative Capitalism Bill Gates, Time Jul ‘08. Goals

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Kerridge international inc

Kerridge International Inc.

Deployment of “state of the art”

SWORD™ Terminals to

deliver affordable basic bank

& financial services to the

Unbanked & Under Banked

via “Branch in a Box Technology”

The new american corporation building creative capitalism bill gates time jul 08
The New American CorporationBuilding Creative CapitalismBill Gates, Time Jul ‘08


  • Corporate citizens

  • Social responsibility to communities

  • Providing basic banking for everyone

  • Fairly priced financial services

  • Leverage new technology to authenticate & qualify prospects to comply with US bank regulations & law enforcement

    (BSA, AML, Check 21, RDC, Reg-e, PCI, FinCEN, FBI, SS, CIA, DOJ, DOD)


  • Prevent ID & check fraud at point of entry

  • Reduce money laundering & crimes of opportunity, robbery or related crimes

  • Found money through reduced money services costs allows a family to develop economic strength and growth

  • Stimulate overall national economic recovery & growth

Value proposition
Value Proposition

  • SWORD instantly delivers an FDIC Bank Account and Debit Card and includes an inventory of profitable financial services

  • SWORD delivers your advertising via a branded card

  • SWORD delivers an efficient platform to manage your existing operation and expansion

  • SWORD reduces shrink from disbursements and inventory

  • SWORD reduces staff time per transaction, data entry errors and customer wait periods

  • SWORD gathers valuable demographics about the unbanked. Advertising revenues that increase your profit margin

  • SWORD reduces staffing costs and work loads with built in reporting and compliance functions

  • SWORD reduces equipment maintenance and support expenses

  • SWORD removes many traditional risks from your business. Risks that you assume today and cost you money. ie ID theft, ID & check fraud, money laundering, possible fines, security leaks and card holder data leaks from old exposed non secure POS equipment and staff theft, to name a few


  • Provide and deliver low cost bank services via mission critical

    robust financial terminals

  • Into depressed economic regions, cities or rural areas

    (other countries*)

  • Introduce established, accepted financial practices and products

    ie debit cards access cash via ATM’s or POS

  • DO NOT educate disenfranchised client w/same old products

    (waste of bank resources)

  • Adopt & leverage new “Bank By Cell” & internet banking technologies for access to balance, transfers, check images, history and toggle “on off” security

  • Reduce “crimes of opportunity”, associated law enforcement

    & city tax costs via reduced cash on the street

    *The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, by C K Prahalad. There are markets all over the world. One study found that the poorest two-thirds of the world's population has some $5 trillion in purchasing power.

Who where
Who & Where?

  • People:

    • poor or NO past banking history

    • distrust of banks who disenfranchised them

    • poor or no credit

    • new immigrants

    • red lining areas

    • dislike of high fees


  • Places:

    • inner cities

    • rural towns

    • under serviced neighborhoods

    • community redevelopment

    • strong minority presence


Market viability
Market Viability

  • According to the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), 45+ million “under banked” consumers who are presently underserved by financial institutions, represents 40+ million households and spends $13 billion per year on 340 million alternative financial transactions

  • National Average to Cash Check $40.00

  • National Average to use Check Cashers ~$1,600.00/yr

    vs. $350-$500/yr to use SWORD

  • Composed of people:

    • 30 million using FISCA check cashers now

    • $80 Billion worth of checks/yr

    • 80-90% Payroll checks

    • 180 million checks

    • Average check $400.00

    • Family income of $35,000 to $40,000/yr

Sword rules the 3 disciplines of sword
SWORD Rules and The 3 Disciplines of SWORD

  • Customer: Satisfy the customers wants & needs with a product that works for them

  • Retailer: Deliver a terminal that is easy to install, service, train staff and use

  • Bank/Government Regs: A solution that works within all old and new parameters ie the Patriot Act, BSA/AML & Check 21

Sword branch in a box
SWORD and ™ Branch in a Box

Customer interface screen
Customer Interface Screen and

Customer Oriented Mini Touch Screen Supports PIN Pad, Signature Capture and Card Swipe Functions with On Screen Prompts. PCI Certified.

May also be Remote Counter Top Mounted for Self Serve Applications

Sword enrollment process
SWORD Enrollment Process and

  • “Branch in a Box Plug’n’Play” Technology

    • NO special “Installation Task Force” required

    • Minimal interruption w/FedEx delivery

    • NO Huge Terminal JUST 2.6 sq ft

  • Easy to Follow Graphic Touch Screens

    • Minimal Teller/Operator training

  • Images & “Reads” Entire Customer ID using OCR

    • Authenticates Driver Lic, State ID, Military ID & Matricula Card

  • Images & “Reads” the Entire Check using OCR

    *OCR: Optical Character Recognition

  • Signature Capture Pad

    • Captured for Card, Services, Files and Payroll EFT Use

  • Customers Photograph & Biometric

    • Printed on card to reduce fraud

  • Customer PIN Pad

  • Instant SWORD Card Issue

    • SWORD Card printed on the spot

3 5 minute account set up
3-5 Minute Account Set Up and

  • With a minimum of teller/operator training you may set up a New Client Bank Account in minutes

    - No paperwork or information services to call

    - No checks or pass book to issue

  • “Instant Issue” SWORD™ Card:

    - Debit Card to access an FDIC insured Bank Account

    - or Prepaid Card to access Pooled Fund Account

    - Upgrade to a Branded Visa Debit Card

  • Each “SWORD™ Card” is Secured via:

    • Clients Custom PIN

    • Clients Picture*

    • Clients Electronic Signature*

    • Clients Encrypted Finger Print**

      * Stored in our Client Management Database

      ** Patented Match On Card “Closed Loop” 1:1 Finger to Card Comparison System.

      NO database storage or retrieval that may delay or compromise transaction.

Sword features
SWORD and ™ Features

The “SWORD Account”

  • Deposit Checks or Cash to the SWORD Account

  • SWORD Account Access Via Instant Issue Card

    • The “SWORD Card”

  • Direct EFT Payroll Deposits

  • Set up Family Accounts & Family SWORD Cards

    • transfer funds to cards

    • domestic or overseas

  • Bill Payment

    • domestic utilities

    • other payments

  • Int’l Money Remittance

  • Bank By Cell Options

The “SWORD Card”

  • Access to Funds

  • ATM & POS Access

    • including gas pumps

    • on line shopping

  • “SWORD Card”= Clients ID

    • swipe card to access

      “SWORD Account”

    • repeat check & cash deposits next week

  • Access Pre-Paid Services

    • long distance

    • wireless, legal, etc

    • “other” Pre-Paid Cards

  • Loyalty Program

  • Future Options

Our uniqueness
Our Uniqueness and

  • Building creative capitalism strengthening socioeconomic conditions

  • Proactive unbanked & underbanked management tool

  • Proprietary technology (patent pending)

  • Value proposition that delivers our authentication technology to two markets with tremendous demand, Financial & Security Sectors

  • Strong management team and emerging advisory board

  • Key sector relationships developed and nurtured over many years

Alternative banking
Alternative Banking and

Many organizations have asked,

“why is there no banking alternative?”

Those organizations include;

  • The Clinton Foundation

  • Governor Schwarzenegger (R-CA)

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

  • American Banking Journal

  • New York Post

  • Wall Street Journal

  • Orlando Business Journal

  • Florida Trends Magazine

  • ABC “Fleecing of America”


Who is kerridge international
Who is Kerridge International? and

We are a multi national team with offices in the US and Canada with the combined experience of:

  • ACH & Electronic Check Systems R&D

  • Check 21 Bank Systems R&D

  • Retail POS Software/Hardware R&D

  • ATM Network Development

  • EFT Cash Management Systems

  • US Dept of Justice Criminal Tracking R&D

  • Insurance & Investment Products

Kerridge international
Kerridge International and

  • Kerridge International Incorporated

    Nevada C-Corporation Washington DC Area

    Henderson, Nevada Tarmac LLC

    USA Office Silver Spring, MD

    702.490.6031 301.587.2233

  • Kerridge International Corporation

    Ontario Incorporation

    Burlington, Ontario, Canada

    Offices & Manufacturing

    905.844.5739 tel

    519.759.5504 fax

    SWORD™: Scanned With Optical Recognition Devices

    Registered US Government (DUNS #807026773)

    NATO Contractor (CAGE 4VYX7)

    US/CDN Joint Certification Office Joint Defense Logistics Service

    Property of Kerridge International not to be Copied or Distributed without the companies express permission.

    A privately held Company

    Patent Pending

From the Desk of the Honorable Dr. James E. Johnson and

To Whom It May Concern:

Please take a minute of your valuable time to get to know Kerridge International and the patriotic service they provide bringing basic banking services to America’s unbanked.

I first met Kerridge International two years ago and came to understand the unique nature of their SWORD™ bank solution and mandate. I think it's one you should understand as well.

SWORD™, through a series of scanners, captures the information from paper checks, such as pay roll checks, and government issued ID's. Authenticates the documents and then via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) "lifts" the information and sends it to a massive database to determine if the person is really who they say they are, satisfying the Patriot Act “know your customer” clause! Registration and Bank Account set up are all done with easy to use graphics on a touch screen in less than five minutes! See it to believe it! SWORD™ even issues a plastic photo ID Debit Card with built security features such as holograms and biometrics!!

SWORD™ is designed to allow individuals*, presently rejected by the main stream banking system, to have a basic FDIC insured bank account. SWORD™ may even assist FEMA in times of disasters by registering (or pre-registering) disaster victims who have a legitimate claim to disaster relief money eliminating wasted tax payer dollars on fraudulent claims.

*individuals found on the OFAC or 28 other money laundering and terrorist watch lists will be rejected.

SWORD™ could easily solve America’s lack of basic bank services for 106 million unbanked persons with a simple, no frills, easy to use and understand FDIC insured bank account!

I urge you, at your earliest convenience, to book some time with Kerridge International to understand what the SWORD™ bank solution is all about and how SWORD™ may effectively eliminate the financial suffering of so many Americans.

 Let’s put “pride and dignity” back into American homes!


Dr. James E. Johnson PhD

CEO National Economic Development Administrators/H.O.P.E. Foundation

Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy

Vice Chairman of the Civil Service Commission

Director of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for the State of California

President’s Welfare to Work Committee