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A. P. 1. The setting of the story. Location:. In an August. At a hotel in Paris. Time:. Character’s Situation :. The receptionist:. Sick of tourists’ children. The father :. A complacent government man; A sort of friend of the next President. The mother :.

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A. P.

1. The setting of the story


In an August

At a hotel in Paris


Character’s Situation :

The receptionist:

Sick of tourists’ children

The father:

A complacent government man;

A sort of friend of the next President

The mother:

wishing her husband to be a divorce lawyer

The child:

Doesn’t like being called “Jnr.”

General Environment:

The adults have the conspiracy to do their duty.


2. Thedevelopment of the plot

1. The Scobies put up at a hotel in Paris.

2. The father especially ordered Room 305.

3. The couple went out for dinner and the child was left alone in

the hotel room .

4. The receptionist brought in the food for the child and they started to talk.

5. The father’s photo in the magazine reminded the receptionist of his staying in the same room with a girl other than the child’s mother 10 or 12 years before.

6. The receptionist started to tell the child the story of DJS and A.P.


4.The climax:

The child got to know his father’s romantic past and thought about the way to shake his father’s complacency by saying the two letters: A.P.

5. The conflict:

The generation gap between the adults and the child.

6. The denouement: (the outcome of the conflict )

The boy didn’t say anything to shake his father’s complacency but went to bed and saw A.P. and said A.P. in his dream.


5. The theme of the story

1) Boring wither one another is the general atmosphere

in American family life.

2) There was no conjugal fidelity between husband and wife.

3) Sincerity is rare in social as well family relation.

4) Conspiracy is in the marrow of American social

as well as family life.


6. The author’s artistic skills

1) In the development of the plot

a. The generation gap between adults and the child.

b. The father’s special order of Room 305.

c. The father’sphoto in the magazine

d. The poem written in the cupboard

e. The two initials:DJS and A.P

2) The characterization of the child

a. The child’s psychology about the adult world.

b. The child’s understanding of the adult world.


3) the exposure of the theme

a. The relation between husband and wife

b. Therelation betweenthe father & the next President

c. The relation between father and son

4) The thoughtful ending

a. How would the child think about his father?

b. Would the child say A.P.

to shake his father’s complacency?

c. what to do to bring sincerity back

in social as well family relation?