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Administrative Issues

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Administrative Issues. Tom Bowen University of Colorado at Boulder George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Working Together - The CU-NEES: Researcher Relationship. Making the most of our cooperative endeavor

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administrative issues

Administrative Issues

Tom Bowen

University of Colorado at Boulder

George E. Brown, Jr.

Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

working together the cu nees researcher relationship
Working Together - The CU-NEES: Researcher Relationship

Making the most of our cooperative endeavor

  • Consider 3 phases of engagement
    • Pre-Proposal
      • Workshop, website, technical documents, and direct contact
    • Pre-Award/Pre-Test
      • ESPCC, RPA, Test, Instrumentation, Data, and Safety Planning
    • Test and Closeout
      • Scheduling and budget management
      • Data archiving
      • Specimen disposal or recovery/shipping

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

pre proposal phase
We share the same goals, including:

Confidence in each other as experimentalists and professionals

Comfort in working together

Generating a proposal that is funded at the appropriate budget level to complete the test program

What will help us get there:




Pre-Proposal Phase

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

what cunees es will do
What CUNEES ES will do
  • Maintain up-to-date site specifications, capabilities, and requirements on our web page.
  • Provide accurate, timely and complete information to researchers
  • Generate high resolution 3-D drawings of proposed test specimens from researcher sketches (Chris will say more later)
  • Maintain a list of accommodations for visiting researchers and students that may be involved in long-term research at our laboratory
  • We’ll answer the phone when you call and reply to your email when you write!

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

what the researcher can do
What the Researcher can do
  • Check Site Availability through NEESinc Website to assess the expected level of utilization of the desired site for the period under consideration.
  • Review the CU NEES website ( and contact the Operations Manager for pre-proposal planning and specific information about our facility, equipment and expertise.
  • Consider your projects instrumentation and IT needs of experiment. Contact Site specialists to discuss specifics before submitting the proposal – some special needs may require additional funding.
  • Will any laboratory reaction structures or equipment require modification to perform your tests? Contact the Operations Manager to discuss.
  • Specimen fabrication assistance? Special tools? Heavy or very large specimens?
  • Hybrid control schemes and algorithms: we anticipate unique programs, etc and welcome challenges, but prefer to begin work with you sooner rather than later.

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

abridged list of no cost services available to researcher
Abridged List of No-cost Services Available to Researcher
  • Assistance in proposal development
  • Assistance in experiment planning and design
  • Laboratory cost estimation
  • Equipment and safety training
  • Materials and test specimens receiving
  • Equipment and test setup
  • FHT system operation
  • Tele-presence and tele-operation support
  • Video conferencing support
  • Data acquisition, and data quality assurance
  • Assistance with data transfer to NEES data repository
  • Office space
  • Equipment and specimen storage for duration of experiment
  • Space for specimen assembly
  • Use of the concrete mixing and curing rooms
  • Liaison services with local contractors

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

pre award phase
Pre-Award Phase
  • Proposal has been “approved” by NSF pending review by Equipment Site.
  • ESPCC Review Process
    • Proposal forwarded to ES with NSF comment and budget (modified by NSF?) and schedule established. Researcher has not received “official” notice yet.
    • ES review will focus on schedule and test plan for “functional integration” into facility and operational timeline
    • Acceptance by ES of proposal as written does not imply approval of your budget, schedule or scope of work nor an endorsement of your proposed research – only that your plan does not violate lab policies and that the proposed tests are compatible with facility capabilities.
    • It is the sole responsibility of the researcher to ensure an adequate budget and a viable test plan to complete your experiment (Please ask us to help before you submit your proposal!)

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

award phase
Award Phase
  • RPA – Research Participation Agreement
  • Engages research PI, ES, NEESinc, and PI and ES University Offices of Contracts and Grants. It is an official, legally binding contract.
    • The details: All provided by the researcher
      • Test Plan
      • Instrumentation plan
      • Safety and risk management plan
      • Data archiving plan
      • Budget plan
    • All things every experimentalist thinks about and plans for is put to paper and agreed upon because you’re no longer working in your own lab.
    • A very good tool to carefully define roles and responsibilities of researcher and ES respectively.
    • Provides an opportunity to refine budget aspects (some costs may change faster than inflation since earlier estimates were done).

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

risk management
  • Not just about safety anymore!
  • Requires a joint effort of the equipment site and project PI. Come visit us before your testing starts.
  • Requires detailed testing plan prior to start of test specimen assembly.
  • Requires a thorough knowledge of test environment and equipment limitations.
  • Prudence, Patience, and Hope

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop

call or email us
  • Victor Saouma, Director 303-492-1622
  • Tom Bowen, Operations Manager 303-492-8538
  • Robb Wallen, Instrumentation Engineer 303-492-8036
  • Gary Haussmann, Software Engineer 303-735-0302
  • Mike Eck, Lab Foreman 303-735-0947
  • Alisha Welch, Outreach Coordinator 303-735-0302
  • Kent Polkinghorne, IT Manager 303-492-8221

CU-NEES 2008 FHT Workshop