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Unit Five

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Unit Five. Grade Seven. 1. anecdote (n) a short account of an incident in someone’s life syn : tale, story, sketch, vignette, yarn Ex. Many anecdotes relate a humorous incident in someone’s life. 2. consolidate (v) to combine, unite; to make solid or firm syn : strengthen, firm up, merge

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unit five

Unit Five

Grade Seven


1. anecdote (n) a short account of an incident in someone’s life

syn: tale, story, sketch, vignette, yarn

Ex. Many anecdotes relate a humorous incident in someone’s life.


2. consolidate (v) to combine, unite; to make solid or firm

syn: strengthen, firm up, merge

ant: scatter, disperse, dissipate, separate

Ex. The two companies consolidated to give themselves stronger buying power.


3. counterfeit (n) an imitation designed to deceive

(adj) not genuine, fake

(v) to make an illegal copy

syn: (adj) false, phony, bogus

ant: (adj) genuine, real, authentic

Ex. The cubic zirconia is a counterfeit. It appears as a diamond but is not genuine.


4. docile (adj) easily taught, led, or managed; obedient

syn: manageable, teachable, pliant

ant: unruly, wayward, intractable, disobedient

Ex. The once wayward puppy was very intelligent and soon became a docile pet in the home.


5. dominate (v) to rule over by strength or power, control; to tower over, command due to height

syn: control, govern, overlook

Ex. The Steeler’s defense dominated the Brown’s offensive line and continually sacked their quarterback.


6. entreat (v) to beg, implore, ask earnestly

syn: plead, beseech

ant: clamor for

Ex. The animal in the shelter seemed to entreat me to rescue it.


7. fallible (adj) capable of being wrong, mistaken, or inaccurate

syn: imperfect, errant

ant: foolproof, unfailing, flawless

Ex. Humans are fallible creatures.


8. fickle (adj) liable to change very rapidly; erratic; marked by a lack of constancy or steadiness, inconsistent

syn: capricious, inconstant, faithless

ant: constant, steady, invariable

Ex. The boy was fickle and changed girlfriends as often as he changed socks.


9. fugitive (n) one who flees or runs away

(adj) fleeting, lasting a very short time; wandering, difficult to grasp

syn: (n) runaway, deserter (adj) elusive

ant: (adj) lasting, enduring, permanent

Ex. The fugitive dog once again broke its chain.


10. grimy (adj) very dirty; covered with dirt or soot

syn: filthy, sooty, soiled, dirt- encrusted

ant: spotless, spic-and-span, immaculate

Ex. The toddlers played in the mud and became instantly grimy.


11. iota (n)a very small part or quantity

syn: speck, dab, jot, bit, smidgen

ant: flood, deluge, avalanche, glut

Ex. There was not even an iota of paint left, so the artist resorted to markers to finish the project.


12. maul (v) to beat or knock about, handle roughly; to mangle

(n) a heavy hammer

syn: (v) rough up, manhandle, batter

Ex. The defenseless dog was mauled by the wild coyotes.


13. potential (adj) possible, able to happen

(n) something that can develop and become a reality

syn: (n) possibility, capability

ant: (adj) actual, real, unlikely, impossible

Ex. The potential of the student was obvious; her vocabulary indicated she was quite intelligent.


14. radiant (adj) shining, bright; giving forth light or energy

syn: glowing, brilliant, dazzling, resplendent

ant: dull, tarnished, lackluster

Ex. The girl’s radiant personality infected everyone else with energy.


15. rural (adj) relating to farm areas and life in the country

syn: countrified, rustic

ant: urban, metropolitan, citified

Ex. Lancaster, PA is home to many Pennsylvania Amish who raise livestock and grow vegetables in this rural location.


16. substantial (adj) large, important; major, significant, prosperous; not imaginary, material

syn: considerable, tangible, big

ant: minor, insignificant, negligible

Ex. The win was substantial since it catapulted the team into the playoffs.


17. tactful (adj) skilled in handling difficult situations or people; polite

syn: skillful, diplomatic, discreet

ant: clumsy, gauche, boorish, indiscreet

Ex. Even though the boy thought the girl’s new hairdo was horrid, he was tactful so as to not hurt her feelings.


18. tamper (v) to interfere with; to meddle rashly or foolishly with; to handle in a secret and improper way

syn: monkey with, fool with, mess with

Ex. Tampering with the computer’s wires could cause it to malfunction.


19. ultimate (adj) last, final; most important or extreme; eventual; basic, fundamental

syn: farthest, furthest, terminal

ant: first, initial, most immediate, nearest

Ex. The ultimate goal was to win the playoffs.


20. uncertainty (n) doubt, the state of being unsure

syn: doubtfulness, hesitation

ant: sureness, certainty, confidence

Ex. Since he hadn’t studied for the test, he felt uncertainty about most of his answers.