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Short films research PowerPoint Presentation
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Short films research

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Short films research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Short films research

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  1. Short films research By Dion Johnson

  2. 1. What is a short film? A short film can vary from 15 seconds up to 45 minutes this will be still known as a short film. In the early years of production short films was mostly common in the U.K as a result of not having cinema production that has been becoming increasingly popular with the public. Now that there are cinemas, films can stretch their lengths of films to make it longer.

  3. 2. Why make short films? Making short films can be done for the experience, partnership with other well-known production companies, for the money and to try out a new idea. Most film makers begin making short films to get the establishment that they need to ensure that they can have a successful critic review on any future films they are thinking about producing. Short films can also develop creativity and still be able to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end in a short period of time.

  4. 3. How can you get funding for a short film? Short films can be funded by the U.K film council but there are still some other sources that could help work around the film plan to make the film have the sufficient amount of money. Short films fund by script development, film production, cinemas, film festivals and audiences. This is all helps to make some sort of profit from the film.

  5. 4. What makes an effective short film? Making effective short films does not have a pattern of how to create a successful short film. Short films often have basic tips that they use to be certain that they have accomplished a short film, these include, an exciting, original idea, a strong script, good acting, high production values, making it short and to the point, strong beginning and new techniques and style.

  6. 5. How are short films distributed/exhibited? Short films can be distributed online, self-distributors, withholding tax on licensed films. Short films can be distributed to grab the audience’s attention by various ways. They can be distributed on television, at shorts night at an indie cinema and it can also over the internet like advertising and pop-ups. If it is advertised well it would encourage someone to want to screen the short film.

  7. 6. Who watches short films? The short film industry target audience is very specific compared to mainstream because their audience is larger due to the full length of films. The two groups of people who may be interested with short films are unemployed students who may be looking to pursue a career in the film industry and people who have already made success in the film industry.