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Title your paper: Unit 2 Vocabulary

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Title your paper: Unit 2 Vocabulary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Title your paper: Unit 2 Vocabulary Number your paper 1-7 with a good amount of space between each number. 1) Refute (v) 2) Latent ( adj ) 3) Malleable ( adj ) 4) Vacuous ( adj ) 5) Malign (v) 6) Diatribe (n) 7) Parity (n).

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Title your paper: Unit 2 Vocabulary

  • Number your paper 1-7 with a good amount of space between each number.

1) Refute (v)

2) Latent (adj)

3) Malleable (adj)

4) Vacuous (adj)

5) Malign (v)

6) Diatribe (n)

7) Parity (n)


--Next to each number, write down what you think the underlined word means. You should write the following: “I think that ______ means ______.”

1.) Sarah had to refute the charges filed against her so that she wouldn’t spend the next tenyears in jail.


2.) All of the coaches recognized Tom’s latent talents in football; however, because he was so lazy, Tom would never fulfill his potential to become a NFL star.


3.) Cindy has such a malleablepersonality: She changes her opinions and behavior depending on who she is around.


4.) The vacuous freshman still doesn’t know her class schedule even though school started three months ago.


5.) Bobby decided not to malign his opponent to the newspaper reports; consequently, the townspeople saw him as the better candidate and voted for him for mayor.


6.) When Ray lost the campaign for mayor, he said an angry diatribe about how the townspeople would eventually regret choosing Bobby for mayor.



Unit 2

refute v
Refute (v)
  • To prove wrong by argument or evidence
  • Synonyms: to argue against, to contradict, to reject
latent adj
Latent (adj)
  • Presentand capable of emerging but not now visible, obvious, or active
  • Synonyms: inactive, undeveloped, veiled, idle, dormant
malleable adj
Malleable (adj)
  • Capable of being changed (person or thing)
  • Synonyms: adaptable, flexible, impressionable
vacuous adj
Vacuous (adj)
  • Empty or lacking content (intelligence)
  • Synonyms: airheaded, dumb, inane
malign v
Malign (v)
  • to injure by speaking ill of
  • Synonyms: to slander, to defame, to smear
diatribe n
Diatribe (n)
  • Speech characterized by bitterness or malice
  • Synonyms: tirade, lecture, rant
parity n
Parity (n)
  • The quality or state of being equal or equivalent
  • Synonyms: balance, sameness, uniformity
classwork due today
Classwork- Due, Today!

Write an original sentence using each vocabulary word. Make sure each sentence contains context clues that hint at the word’s meaning. Please circle the vocabulary word and underline the context clue(s) in each sentence.