Oracle calendar etiquette a tea party
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Oracle Calendar Etiquette: A Tea Party - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oracle Calendar Etiquette: A Tea Party. Hosted by Shannon Malkowski & Nikki Massaro Kauffman. Using Correct Terminology. Dear Nikki, Whenever I ask about Oracle, some confusion usually follows. What’s the source of this miscommunication? Sincerely, Curious in Collection Maintenance.

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Presentation Transcript
Oracle calendar etiquette a tea party

Oracle Calendar Etiquette: A Tea Party

Hosted by

Shannon Malkowski &

Nikki Massaro Kauffman

Using correct terminology
Using Correct Terminology

Dear Nikki,

Whenever I ask about Oracle, some confusion usually follows. What’s the source of this miscommunication?


Curious in Collection Maintenance

Using correct terminology1
Using Correct Terminology

  • Make sure you say “Oracle Calendar” not “Oracle”. (We use other Oracle products.)

  • Use the terms Oracle Calendar uses for the items: Group Agenda, Resource, etc.

  • Be as specific as possible!

Scheduling resources
Scheduling Resources

Dear Shannon,

I have trouble finding equipment in Oracle Calendar. I usually just enter it manually into the details. Is this okay?


Troubled in Tech Services

Scheduling resources1
Scheduling Resources

  • In Oracle Calendar a resource refers to:

    • instruction rooms,

    • meeting rooms,

    • desk schedules,

    • equipment, etc.

  • Make events using resources public.

  • Don’t put confidential info in Title or Description.

Scheduling a location
Scheduling a Location

Dear Nikki,

I thought I scheduled an event in Mann only to find it was not reserved. What should I do?


Meandering in Mann

Scheduling a location1
Scheduling a Location

  • Don’t just write it in. Add it as a resource.

  • When changing resource, double-check location field.

  • Set meeting as public.

    • Don’t put confidential info in Title or Description.

  • Make sure resource is confirmed.

Setting email reminders
Setting Email Reminders

Dear Shannon,

I never know when a meeting was proposed to my calendar or when one I accepted is about to begin. Is there a way I can be reminded?


Mindful in MediaTech

Setting email reminders1
Setting Email Reminders

  • Library policy is to set email notifications on new and modified proposals.

  • Consider reminders for meetings as well.

Replying to proposals
Replying to Proposals

Dear Nikki,

People seem to be annoyed that I haven’t been showing up for meetings. It’s not like I ever said I could attend in the first place. Help!


AWOL from Access Services

Replying to proposals1
Replying to Proposals

  • Check your in-tray once/day for new proposals.

  • If you can’t attend:

    • Mark as Will Not Attend.

    • Contact the person proposing meeting.

    • Best Practice: Set email to automatically send when you decline.

Setting your hours
Setting Your Hours

Dear Shannon,

I work a part-time, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I keep getting meeting proposals for Mondays. What can I do to let people know my regular work schedule?


Pattee Part-Timer

Setting your hours1
Setting Your Hours

  • Set your normal hours in Oracle Calendar, especially if you do not work a standard Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM.

  • Consider adding extended hours as well.

  • Update your calendar if your regular shift changes.

Noting schedule changes
Noting Schedule Changes

Dear Nikki,

Due to unexpected circumstances, I will be out and away from my computer all day. How can I make sure my meetings are cancelled and new meetings are not proposed?


I-Tech Wreck

Noting schedule changes1
Noting Schedule Changes

  • Consider using a meeting to mark time as busy for the following:

    • Vacations

    • Extended Hours

    • Conferences

    • Sabbaticals, Etc.

  • You can mark personal items confidential.

  • Change (or have designate change) prior commitments in your calendar.

Keeping others informed
Keeping Others Informed

Dear Shannon,

I want to keep my supervisor and members of my team updated on my schedule. What’s the best way to do this?


Courteous in Cataloging

Keeping others informed1
Keeping Others Informed

  • Don’t reserve someone’s time on a calendar if they are not supposed to attend the event.

  • Configure the access rights so select people could view it.

  • Consider just informing by notes, email or print.

  • Consider making the event public.

  • Ask the people concerned for for their preferences.

Maximizing productivity
Maximizing Productivity

Dear Nikki,

I would like to be more efficient with my time. What can Oracle Calendar do for my personal productivity?


Productive in Preservation

Maximizing productivity1
Maximizing Productivity

  • Use daily notes, day events or tasks.

  • Schedule “dummy meetings” to allow yourself time to work on a task.

  • Schedule travel time before and after meetings outside of your building.


Dear Shannon,

I was recently made a designate. What advice to you have for using these rights to their fullest potential?


Dean’s Office Designate

Working with a designate
Working with a Designate

  • Consider giving at least one other person designate access to your meetings.

  • Discuss your calendar on a regular basis with your designate.

Working as a designate
Working as a Designate

  • Make sure you are working in the right Agenda. (Hint: Not yours!)

  • Use Save State to save your open windows.

  • Use Group Agenda:

    • for viewing several people

    • for scheduling several people

    • for printing schedule of several people

Getting help
Getting Help

Dear Nikki,

Where can I go for more information on Oracle Calendar?


Learner in LLS

Getting help1
Getting Help

  • Contact ITS HelpDesk for Help

  • Training available at ITS Training Services