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Department of Integrated Science and Technology

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Department of Integrated Science and Technology. Dr. Ronald G. Kander Professor & Department Head. Organizational Structure. Overview of ISAT. The Department What are the objectives of the program? The Curriculum What courses will I be taking? The Graduate What happens after graduation?.

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department of integrated science and technology

Department of Integrated Science and Technology

Dr. Ronald G. Kander

Professor & Department Head

overview of isat
Overview of ISAT
  • The Department
    • What are the objectives of the program?
  • The Curriculum
    • What courses will I be taking?
  • The Graduate
    • What happens after graduation?

isat mission
ISAT Mission

The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

isat mission1
ISAT Mission

The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problemsby integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

isat mission2
ISAT Mission

The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

isat mission3
ISAT Mission

The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

real world context
“Real World” Context
  • Interdisciplinary Problems
  • Integrated Approach
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Incorporate Societal Impact
  • Business and Economics
  • Creative Problem Solving
bachelors degree programs
Bachelors Degree Programs
  • ISAT

The ISAT Program prepares students to excel in a complex, technological world by empowering, inspiring, and motivating them to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners able to provide multi-disciplinary solutions to scientific and technological challenges with sensitivity to social, ethical and global considerations.

  • GS

The GS Program prepares students who are confident in their abilities as geographers, have skills to make a professional contribution in the field, and are able to compete in graduate programs and the job market. They are highly qualified for careers in research and development and are equipped for long term success in the field of geography.

the isat curriculum
The ISAT Curriculum
  • Foundation Courses(35 credits)
  • Strategic Sectors(19-21 credits)
  • Concentration Electives(18 credits)
  • Approved Electives(16-18 credits)
  • General Education (30 credits)

(120 total credits)

the gs curriculum
The GS Curriculum
  • Core Courses(11 credits)
  • Concentration(26-34 credits)
  • Capstone Experience (3-6 credits)
  • General Education (41 credits)
  • Electives (28-39 credits)

(120 total credits)

gs core courses
GS Core Courses
  • Physical Geography (4 credits)
  • Thematic Cartography (4 credits)
  • Cultural Geography (3 credits)
gs concentrations
GS Concentrations
  • Applied GIS
  • Environmental Studies
  • Global Studies
applied gis
Applied GIS
  • Geographic Information Systems (required)
  • Other courses as approved by the Applied GIS advisor:
    • Map Reading and Interpretation
    • Spatial Analysis
    • Introduction to Global Positioning Systems
    • Global Positioning Systems
    • Managing GIS & Geographic Databases
    • Advanced Thematic Cartography
    • Remote Sensing
    • Advanced Remote Sensing
    • Selected AGIS Topics
    • Internet GIS
    • Elementary Statistics
    • etc., etc., etc., …
environmental studies
Environmental Studies
  • Natural Resource Conservation (required)
  • Population Geography (required)
  • Field Studies: Physical Geography (required)
  • Research Design (required)
  • Other courses as approved by the Env. Studies advisor:
    • Agricultural Systems and Global Food Production
    • Management & Protection of Natural Resources
    • Economic Geography and Development Issues
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Global Positioning Systems
    • Wilderness Management
    • Endangered Environments
    • Political Geography
    • Climatology
    • etc., etc., etc., …
global studies
Global Studies
  • Population Geography (required)
  • Economic Geography and Development Issues (required)
  • Political Geography (required)
  • Research Design (required)
  • Other courses as approved by the Global Studies advisor:
    • Third World Societies
    • Culture and Ecology
    • Comparative Economic Systems
    • Economic Development
    • International Economic Systems
    • Comparative International Health
    • Latin American Politics
    • East Asian Politics
    • etc., etc., etc., …
gs capstone experience
GS Capstone Experience
  • Special Studies (e.g., research)
  • International Studies
  • Internship
  • Honors Thesis
the isat curriculum1
The ISAT Curriculum
  • Foundation Courses (35 credits)
    • Analytical Methods (17)
    • Issues in Science & Technology (13)
    • Connections (5)
course descriptions
Course Descriptions
  • Analytical Methods(17)
    • The base of math, physics, statistics, computer programming, systems modeling, instrumentation, and measurement.
    • A sequence of five courses during the freshman and sophomore years.
      • GISAT 151 & 251, and ISAT 152, 252, & 253.
course descriptions1
Course Descriptions
  • Issues(13)
    • Study of contemporary, stimulating issues designed to motivate by engaging the student in the practice of science.
      • The Environment
      • Living Systems
      • Modern Production
      • Energy Systems
    • A sequence of four courses during the freshman and sophomore years.
      • GISAT 112 & 113, and ISAT 211 & 212.
course descriptions2
Course Descriptions
  • Connections(5)
    • The ethical, economic, political, and socialcontext of science and technology
    • A sequence of two courses during the freshman and sophomore years.
      • ISAT 131 & 231
the isat curriculum2
The ISAT Curriculum
  • Strategic Sectors (19-21 credits)
    • Biotechnology (7)
    • Energy (7)
    • Engineering/Manufacturing (7)
    • Environment (7)
    • Health Systems (6)
    • Information/Knowledge Management (6)
    • Telecommunications (7)
the isat curriculum3
The ISAT Curriculum
  • Concentration Electives (18)
    • Upper-Level Courses (12)
    • Senior Thesis (6)
  • Co-Concentrations
    • e.g., Instrumentation & Meas.
  • Custom Concentrations
deploying your electives
Deploying Your Electives
  • Expanded Breadth
    • Double Concentration
    • ISAT/MBA Program
  • Expanded Depth
    • Minor or Double Major
    • Graduate School Prep.
isat mba program
ISAT/MBA Program
  • Combined program culminating in the granting of an ISAT BS degree and an MBA from the College of Business.
  • Highly selective, competitive program:
    • apply at the end of sophomore year
    • 10-12 applicants accepted per year
    • 6 undergraduate COB courses
    • GMAT exam in senior year
    • MBA courses completed in 3 semesters
example graduate schools
Duke University

George Mason University

George Washington University

Georgia Tech

Hershey Medical Center

Humboldt State University

James Madison University

Johns Hopkins University

Massachusetts Institute of Tech.

Medical University of S. Carolina

N. Carolina State University

Penn. State University

Stevens Institute of Technology

University of Colorado

University of Dayton

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

University of Maine

University of Maryland

University of N. Carolina

University of Pittsburgh

University of Virginia

Vanderbilt Law School

Virginia Commonwealth U.

Virginia Tech

Yale University

Example Graduate Schools
example graduate programs

Business Administration

Business Management

Computer Science

Engineering Mgmt.

Environmental Science

Health Administration

Industrial Management

Industrial Technology

Law School


Materials Science

Mechanical Engineering


Public Policy

Systems Engineering

Tech. Management


Example Graduate Programs
isat graduates
ISAT Graduates:
  • are highly valued by employers (~80%)
  • are prepared for a variety of grad school experiences (~15%)
  • possess a broad-based understanding of science and technology with application to businesses and marketplaces
  • work well in teams and are experienced in a collaborative approach to problem solving
  • understand the political, social, and ethical issues related to science and technology in today’s society
  • exhibit high levels of skill in the use of the computer as a problem-solving tool
  • demonstrate strong creativity and problem-solving skills
  • have the skills to become “life-long learners”
experiential learning
Experiential Learning

Senior Thesis

Research Experiences

Internships & Co-ops

Laboratory Courses

In-Class Active Learning

senior thesis experience
Senior Thesis Experience
  • Work with external sponsor, faculty mentor, and student team to bridge the gap between college experience and the world of work.
  • Three-course sequence:
    • ISAT 491 (1 credit - spring Junior Year)
    • ISAT 492 (2 credits - fall Senior Year)
    • ISAT 493 (3 credits - spring Senior Year)
  • Project objectives:
    • Select problem
    • Propose work tasks
    • Complete proposed work
    • Communicate results (oral and written reports)
research diversity



Data Visualization

Energy Systems

Engineering Manufacturing

Environmental Impact

Geographic Info. Systems

Hazardous Waste Mgmt.

Health Informatics

Health Systems

Infrastructure Assurance

Instructional Technology


Knowledge Management

Materials Science


Modeling & Simulation

Nanostructured Materials

Quality Assurance

Rapid Prototyping


Statistical Analysis

Technology Assessment

Technology Management


Transportation Systems

Water Quality Management

Research Diversity
senior thesis projects
Assessment of Wetlands forWater Purification

Biotechnology Database

Biotechnology Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

Brassica- Plant Transformation

CISAT Wind Turbine

Comparison of Wireless vs. Wire-based Computer Cluster

Data Collection System for RR Donnelly

Development of Gene Expression System

DNA Molecular Forensic Technology

Environmental Audit Protocol forPilgrim's Pride

Environmental Policy for Coal-Fired Power Plants in VA

Ethical Reasoning:A Co-Concentration for ISAT

Genetic Mapping

GIS for Shenandoah Watershed

GIS Model of Scott-Irish Immigration in the Shenandoah Valley

Incorporation of NarX Gene IntoCloning Vector

Interactive CD for PetersburgNational Battlefield

Interactive CD on History, Ethics,etc. of Eugenics

Lab Experiments for ISAT Biomanufacturing Facility

Lacritin Protein Production

Senior Thesis Projects
senior thesis projects1
Lambda Lysis Vector

Liquid Nitrogen Powered Vehicle

Manufacturing Improvement for Merillat Industries

Manufacturing Software Implementation

Material Specifications for Snowboards

Mercury Content in Clams

Molecular Modeling Lab

Monoclonal Antibodies for Affinity Chromatography

Multimedia Presentation:DNA Extraction & Protein Purification

NarX Gene Expression

Oyster Mushrooms for Soil Purification

PCR Thermal Cycling System

pH and Ammonia in Rainfall

Prosthetic Limb Design

Protein Crystallization

Protein Gene Mutation

Rapid Prototyping

Rational Drug Design

Refrigerant Replacement

Research at University of Maryland

Riparian Assessment- Botkin Farm

Riparian Assessment- Wertman Land

Riparian Buffer Map for Augusta County

RMH Emergency Department Simulation

Robotic Car Interface

DNA Sequencing Experiments

Senior Thesis Projects
senior thesis projects2
Simulation/ Modeling for Quiznos

Software for Lean Manufacturing

Solar Array Setup

Solar Tracking System

Space Heating Simulation

Stem Cell Research for Parkinson's Disease

Teacher Supply Depot

Teaching DNA Technology at High School

Transparent Conducting Film for Photovoltaic Cells

Using Dye Tracking to I.D.Leaking Septic Systems

VA Anemometer Loan Program

Virginia Wind Pattern Database

Virtual Reality Model of CISAT Building

Virtual Trail Guide for Shenandoah National Park

Visual Basic Tutorial

Watershed Evaluation

Web Accessible Data for NAVSEA

Web Accessible Database forProject Horizons

Web Accessible Motion Control Software

Web Based CS Course Scheduling

Website for High Tech Salon and Spa

Wind Farm Education and Economics

Wireless Network at JMU

Wisconsin Fast Plant Study

Senior Thesis Projects
internship opportunities
Internship Opportunities
  • Summer work experience after Junior (or Sophomore) year.
  • Typically paid, and not for credit.
  • We attempt to provide at least one interview to any student interested in pursuing an internship.
  • Approximately 70% of ISAT students have at least one internship experience.
example employers
American Management Systems


Ashworth Brothers, Inc.


Auric Corporation

Bio Science, Contract Production Corp.

BDM International

Booz-Allen and Hamilton

Business Impact Systems



CRESTONE International


Coopers and Lybrand

Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries

Dominion Semiconductor


Electronic Data Systems

Erol's Internet

ESSC, Enterprising Service Solutions

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Florida Power and Light

Ford Motor Company

George C. Marshall Center


Guilford Pharmaceuticals

Gulf Stream

Habitat for Humanity International

Hydro Geolectric

ICF Information Technologies

Example Employers
example employers1
JMU Facilities Management


Kraft Foods

MA Bioservices



National Institute of Health

National Park Service

New Jersey Natural Gas


Packaging Services Inc.


Project Performance Corporation

R.R. Donnelley & Sons

RWD Technologies



Smith-Bowman Distillery

S. Piedmont Agricultural Research Center


Stroud Water Research Center

Technology Forecasters

Tenneco Automotive

The Association for Women in Science

U.S. Department of Energy

U.S. Forest Service

UUNet Technologies

Wella Manufacturing

WLR Foods

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Example Employers
example position titles
Assistant Project Manager

Technology Manager

Systems Engineer

Production Control Supervisor

Plan/Programs Staff Specialist

Health Systems Analyst

System/Program Analyst

Technical Representative

Marketing Specialist

Environmental Specialist

Technical Consultant

Info. Systems Consultant

Example Position Titles