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Robust Vocabulary

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Robust Vocabulary
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  1. Robust Vocabulary Lesson 6

  2. skim • If a boat moves smoothly over the water, it skims the surface. • On calm days, Robert sees the sailboats gently skim the water. • What else might skim the water?

  3. Concept map

  4. span • If the bridge spans meet, they come together. • The span is the distance or space between two supports of a bridge. • The two boys saw two spans of the bridge being built together. • Share with your partner where you have seen a span.

  5. Shabby • Shabby things look old and worn out. • If you clothes were worn out, would they look shabby? • Which clothes are shabby?

  6. embarrass • If you embarrass someone, you make that person feel uncomfortable or ashamed. • Would it embarrass you if you forgot your lines in the school play? • Tell your partner about a time when you were embarrassed?

  7. midst • If you are in the midst of something, you are in the middle of it. • What if your pencil breaks in the midst of a test? • Share a sentence with the word midst.

  8. elevated • Something that is elevated is lifted up. • Why would a speaker be elevated on a platform? • The American flag is elevated every morning.

  9. dazed • If you are dazed, you are confused and cannot think properly. • Shannon was dazed when she fell from the tree and bumped her head. • Would you be dazed if you had five hours of homework? • Share a time when you felt dazed.

  10. When something collapses, it falls down because it was not supported well. Would you want to watch an old building as it collapses? Make a list of some things that can collapse. Things that can collapse collapses

  11. contribution • If you help your family reach its goal, you make a contribution to your family? • The boy makes a contribution to his family by earning money for vacation. • How have you made a contribution to your class?

  12. initiative • When you take initiative, you take the first step in doing something. • Larry took initiative to find a way to sell more newspapers. • How have you took initiative to do something?

  13. Read pages 158-159 • What might someone think about the child wearing a shabby shirt? • What could the child do not to embarrass his or her mom? • How do you think the narrator felt when in the midst of shopping he or she saw his or her favorite shirt? • Why was the shirt on an elevated platform? • Would you be dazed if you had five hours of homework? • Why is it a problem if a clothing rack collapses?