Expansionism or imperialism
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EXPANSIONISM or Imperialism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EXPANSIONISM or Imperialism. AMERICA IN THE WORLD. JUSTIFICATIONS OF IMPERIALISM. ECONOMIC INTELLECUTAL MILITARY. Big Business in support of foreign markets. ECONOMIC MOTIVATIONS. Financial motivation. Social Darwinism (Herbert Spencer) –Americans had completed inward

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Expansionism or imperialism

EXPANSIONISMor Imperialism


Justifications of imperialism




Intellectual justifications

Social Darwinism (Herbert Spencer) –Americans had completed inward

expansion to the West – so now it was time for overseas expansion.


Military justifications

Mahan’s – completed inwardThe Influence of Sea Power upon History (1890) detailed the importance of sea power:

Military Justifications

Expansionism or imperialism
CUBA completed inward

Cuba and war with spain
CUBA AND WAR WITH SPAIN completed inward

General Weyler

American involvement with cuba

Economic: Americans had 50 million $ invested in sugar. completed inward

American involvement with Cuba

Cuba destination honeymoon
Cuba: Destination Honeymoon completed inward

Mint julep anyone
Mint Julep anyone? completed inward

Business of making sugar
Business of making sugar completed inward

Importing wood
Importing Wood? completed inward

Jose martin
Jose Martin completed inward

Steps to cuban revolution
Steps to Cuban Revolution completed inward

  • Madrid promises reform

  • American Business men like J.P. Morgan “believed that further talk with Spain would accomplish nothing.

The maine
THE MAINE completed inward

What happened to the maine
What happened to the Maine? completed inward

Funeral in havana
Funeral in Havana completed inward

War to free cuba
War to Free Cuba completed inward

  • Mixed emotions about going to war

    • Anti-imperialists

    • Imperialist view

Npr excitement
NPR EXCITEMENT completed inward


Anti imperialists
Anti-Imperialists completed inward

Anti imperialism
Anti-Imperialism completed inward

Blood brothers
Blood Brothers completed inward

Today s connections
Today’s Connections completed inward

Imperialists? completed inward

Expansionism or imperialism

The labor union
THE LABOR UNION completed inward

  • Labor – concerned about imperialism/but when war broke out – AFL supported war

  • Not all Labor felt the same way . . .

Diplomatic relations with cuba
Diplomatic Relations with Cuba completed inward

  • TELLER AMENDMENT – Tell Her about it,

  • Platt Amendment – Serve Cuba on a platter

Guantanamo bay
Guantanamo Bay completed inward

Guantanamo bay1
Guantanamo Bay completed inward

Problems in philippines

Guerilla Warfare completed inward

Problems in Philippines

General arthur macarthur
General Arthur MacArthur completed inward

Emilo aguinaldo y famy
Emilo Aguinaldo y Famy completed inward

President mckinley
President McKinley completed inward

There was nothing left for us to do but to take them all [the Philippine Islands] and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift, and civilize, and Christianize them.

Mark twain
Mark Twain completed inward

“We have pacified some thousands of the islanders and buried them; destroyed their fields; burned their villages, and turned their widows and orphans out-of-doors; furnished heartbreak by exile so some dozens of disagreeable patriots; . . . And so, by these Providences of God – and the phrase is the government’s not mine – we are a World Power.”

Music of the 1890s
Music of the 1890s completed inward

  • http://www.pbs.org/crucible/frames/_music.html

HAWAII completed inward

  • Aloha!

Panama canal
Panama Canal completed inward

Panama canal1
PANAMA CANAL completed inward

  • Roosevelt desperately wanted a canal to connect the oceans.

  • Secretary of State Hay negotiated with Great Britain to let us do what we wanted w/out getting involved.

  • Colombia wanted a ton of money for us to go in there and make a canal.. Senate at first refused.

  • Panama conveniently staging a revolt against Columbia.

  • Roosevelt recognized Panama’s new government right away – refused to let Columbians back in.

Open door
Open Door completed inward

To china
To China completed inward

Roosevelt corollary
Roosevelt Corollary completed inward

  • Caribbean Countries – impoverished and beholden to European creditors.

  • U.S didn’t like this connection – thought it endangered the power of the Monroe Doctrine.

  • U.S. made it clear that it would come into troubled American nations and set them straight (did so with Dominican Republic)

  • Roosevelt Corollary – addition to Monroe Doctrine – U.S would be the international police power in the region.

Dollar diplomacy

A policy of influencing our American neighbors without physical control – but money control (Taft)

Dollar Diplomacy