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Bubble shooter games, from starting till today seeking its w

The legendary bubble shooter game. It's not too complicated. All you need to do is aim with mouse and try to shoot the bubble to the right direction towards a bubble from the same color. This game considers one of the most played online games ever. It can amuse you whenever, while you are at work, while you are bored or while you waiting. The game may look simple on first look, but only experienced users know how excite this game is. So go on, try to break new bubble shooter records. Great game. Have fun!

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Bubble shooter games, from starting till today seeking its w

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  1. Bubble shooter games, from starting till today seeking its way to development Before the past few years there was a very little concept of online games but in these past few years there was a huge stream in the development of online games. Puzzle bubble shooter is one of the old and most famous games. It has been played since 1980’s from now on till today but there is a main difference between this game in 80’s and in this age. In 1980’s this game was of low pixilated graphics and have very low level of complexity but today its graphics and its complexity has been totally changed, but the main thing its objective is still the same. We have to shoot the balls with ball of same color and to make a pair of 3 or more balls and pop them out.

  2. In 1980’s when this game was launched it was not as much attracting and visually good that it is today but at that time it was also played the most. As the time passed through it become more difficult and better visually. And after some time with the advent of internet it was first brought online as online bubble shooter. Now at this time people can play this game on the internet also and their high scores are submitted world wide. Now bubble shooter is one of the famous gamesand obviously the most played game.

  3. Online bubble shooter Game This is the Era of online gaming. There are thousand of websites in the internet whom had given this game online for there users to play. Online gaming has many features and has exiting new levels of difficulty. Online gaming has provided a feature of Multiplayer, now one can play online with his friends while sitting at different places. Bubble shooter can also be played online. Online bubble shooter is that game. An internet browser having flash player plug-in enabled in it can play online bubble shooter.

  4. Now the main question arises that how this game is played and how to gain high scores in online bubble shooter. Bubble shooter is a very simple game and one can easily gain high scores by just using strategy. We are given with some 30-40 bubbles with different colors and we have to pop up those bubbles by making pairs of 3 or more bubbles, by shooting bubbles of different colors with a bubble gun. Grater the popping pair higher will be the scores u gain. One can either deflect the bubble which he is shooting to a different angle with the help of side walls. As one move on to the higher level in it, its difficulty also increases. Bubble shooter is one of the most famous, old and well played flash games of the world. As the name says one have to shoot the bubbles and make a pair of three or more same colored bubbles to win the game to the next level.

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