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Active Shooter. Carl Rowan, Jr. Director of Special Services. Survival mindset Can sometimes prevent a situation from becoming violent Conditions/stressors which lead to violence Personality conflict (co-workers or supervisor/worker ) T ermination or disciplinary action

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active shooter

Active Shooter

Carl Rowan, Jr. Director of Special Services

look for wv signs
Survival mindset

Can sometimes prevent a situation from becoming violent

Conditions/stressors which lead to violence

Personality conflict (co-workers or supervisor/worker)

Termination or disciplinary action

Drug or alcohol use on the job

Look for WV Signs
behaviors of concern
Conditions/stressors which lead to violence (cont’d)

Grudge over a real or imagined grievance

Breakup of a marriage or relationship

Other family conflicts

Financial or legal problems

Mental health issues

Behaviors of Concern
there are many myths about active shooters
There are Many Myths About Active Shooters…

Although 19 year old Robert Hawkins penned a suicide note stating that he “just snapped” prior to killing 8 innocent people in an Omaha mall in 2007, the reality is that he had been ward of the state and spent four years in a series of treatment centers, group homes and foster care after threatening to kill his stepmother in 2002.

“Just snapped...”

“Out of the blue...”

“Just leave it alone, it will resolve itself...”

“I can’t do anything to stop it...”

“It could never happen here...”

what do we know about active shooters

154 active shooter events in the United States between 2002 and 2012

  • 4 percent of active shooters remain unidentified
  • The most common identified motivations were :
    • workplace retaliation: 21 percent
    • domestic disputes: 14 percent
    • academic retaliation (by a current or former student): 7 percent
  • 96 percent of shooters were male
  • 96 percent of the time the shooter acted alone
What Do We Know About Active Shooters?
what do we know about active shooters1

Most commonly occurred in a workplace environment (37 percent) or academic setting (17 percent)

  • 51 percent of these events end with the shooter’s death
  • Very few active shooters had previous arrests for violent crimes
What Do We Know About Active Shooters?
workplace violence is a real concern
Consequences are potentially catastrophic

Proper mindset and tools to react with purpose

Incidents over quickly (10-15 minutes)

First line of defense

Action taken by personnel on-site most effective way to stop the killing

Angry amateurs

Terrorists & Lone Wolves

Mentally Ill

Workplace Violence Is a Real Concern
perspective it s over quick
Perspective: It’s Over Quick

July 2012: Aurora, Co.

James Holmes

12 Dead/58 Wounded

14 minutes

April 2007: Virginia Tech

Sueng-Hui Cho

33 Dead/17 Wounded

12 minutes

Average police response:

12 minutes

trained vs untrained
Trained vs. Untrained

As active shooter situations progress, studies have shown that there is a significant difference in how trained and untrained individuals react.


Startle and Fear

Feel Anxious

Recall what they have learned

Prepare to act as rehearsed

Commit to action


Startle and Fear


Fall into disbelief

Lost in denial

Descend into helplessness

what is a survival mindset
Life-Threatening Risk

Any action taken, or not taken, during an active-shooter incident may involve life-threatening risk

Have a plan in advance!

Navy Yard: Is there a place to hide? Cubicle farms?

Survival Mindset

There is no single right or wrong decision. Just be decisive. (Luby’s Restaurant)

What is A Survival Mindset?
courses of action get out call out
Get Out

Move quickly; don’t wait for others to validate your decision

Leave belongings behind

Survival chances increase if not where shooter is or to go where he can’t see you

If you can still see your building, you are too close.

Call Out

Inform authorities

Call 9-1-1 and tell them name of shooter (if known), shooter description, location, number and type of weapons

Say “Active Shooter”

Don’t pull the fire alarm!

More attacks are possible.

Courses of Action – Get Out / Call Out
courses of action hide out
May not be able to get out

Shooter between you and the only exit

Would have to enter area where shooter is positioned

Hiding place

Well hidden and well protected

Avoid places that might trap you or restrict movement

Cover vs. concealment

Courses of Action – Hide Out
courses of action keep out
Find a room that can be locked with objects to hide behind

Blockade door with heavy furniture. Open only for law enforcement!

Navy Yard: Too many access controlled rooms can hinder shelter-in-place.

Turn out lights; become totally silent

Turn off noise-producing devices

Call 9-1-1 (If you can do so without alerting the shooter)

Courses of Action – Keep Out
courses of action spread out
If two or more of you, DO NOT huddle together

Gives you options and makes it harder for the shooter

Quietly develop a plan of action in the event the shooter enters

Remain calm

Can have a contagious effect on others

Keeps others focused on survival

3-5 minutes may be all you need

Courses of Action – Spread Out
courses of action take out
Assume shooter’s intentions are lethal

Shooter will succeed in killing all those with whom he comes in contact, UNLESS you stop him

Develop a survival mindset that you have “what it takes” to survive when your life is on the line

Courses of Action – Take Out
courses of action take out1
You must be prepared to do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat

Throw things, yell, use improvised weapons

If two or more of you, make a plan to overcome the shooter

Do the best that you can—choose to survive

You may be sheltered in place for hours.

Navy Yard: You may hear continuous gun fire. Could be LE vs shooter or LE breaching doors with shotguns.

What Could You Do in THIS Room???

Courses of Action – take Out
constantly re evaluate
As events unfold, you must continue to Figure Out using your personal assessment process

Adjust your actions accordingly

No two active shooter incidents are the same

Never quit

Keep your wits about you.

Keep digging.

Don’t give up on your survival efforts: Baker & McKenzie

Do what ever it takes to survive.


Constantly Re-Evaluate
business and individual continuity

If your building was the scene of such an event, you may be unable to re-enter it for three or four days. Does your company have a plan for continuing operations during that period?

  • As an individual, if you fled the building without your wallet, purse, and keys, have you given a residence key to a neighbor so that you don’t have to break into your home?
    • Do you have photo copies of your driver’s license at home that you can carry until you recover your wallet?
    • Do you have an emergency credit card at home that you can use until you can recover your purse? It can be an unnerving feeling to suddenly be out in the world without identification or an ATM card.
  • Do you have a friend who can pick up your kids at school and take care of them if you are in lockdown with no way of getting home?
Business and Individual Continuity
security equipment
Security Equipment
  • 1) Wedge-it Door Stop
  • Nitecore MT 40 : This was the full-size flashlight that I showed at the training class. It is available on for between $60-70.
  • Two smaller flashlights that are purse/pocket size are:
  • Nitecore MT2C: This is slightly larger than the Streamlight model listed below.It can be found on Amazon for $40-45. Otherwise, go to
  • Streamlight PT 2L: This was the small light that I displayed during the training session. It puts out 180 lumens (for comparison, a regular bulb flashlight only puts out approximately 50 lumens) and has high, low, and strobe settings. At it can be purchased for $50.99.