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Geothermal Comfort Systems

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Geothermal Comfort Systems. Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems. Geothermal Systems. Use the earth or well-water to provide heating, cooling and hot water for your home. Are also known as GeoExchange because the systems exchange energy with the earth.

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Geothermal Comfort Systems

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geothermal comfort systems
GeothermalComfort Systems

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

geothermal systems
Geothermal Systems
  • Use the earth or well-water to provide heating, cooling and hot water for your home.
  • Are also known as GeoExchange because the systems exchange energy with the earth.
  • Have been used successfully for decades. First patented in 1912.
how does it work
How does it work?
  • It simply moves heat energy from one place to another--(like your refrigerator).
definition of heat
Definition of Heat:
  • Heat: (1): A condition of being hot: warmth (2): A marked or notable degree of hotness (3) Added energy that causes substances to rise in temperature, fuse, expand, or undergo any of various related changes, that flows to a body by contact with or radiation from bodies at higher temperatures. (4) The energy associated with the random motions of the molecules, atoms, or smaller structural units of which matter is composed.- Webster’s Dictionary
how is heat energy transferred
How is heat energy transferred?
  • The earth has the ability to absorb and store heat energy
  • Heat transfer takes place by a liquid medium (water, antifreeze or well-water) that works as a conductor to carry the Heat Energy back and forth to your yard
how does the heat move from the earth to my home
How does the heat move from the earth to my home?
  • The heat moves through a liquid medium inside a loop system or through a well-water.
  • Temperature differences between materials or area cause heat to travel from areas of high heat (Hi temperature) to areas of lower heat (Lo temperature) Example: Your coffee always gets colder not warmer when you leave it set on the table.
what s a loop system
What’s a “loop system”?
  • Geothermal earth loops are a series of high density, polyethylene pipe buried in the ground and connected to your geothermal unit.
are there different kinds of loops
Are there different kinds of loops?
  • Closed loop systems-- circulate the same fluid (water or water & antifreeze) through the tubing.
  • Open loop systems-- use well water
are there different kinds of closed loop systems
Are there different kinds of closed loop systems?
  • Closed loops can be:
    • Horizontal-- placed in trenches
    • Vertical-- inserted into bore holes
    • Pond-- placed at the bottom of a pond or lake
how can it heat using earth temperatures
How can it heat using earth temperatures?
  • A few feet below the surface, earth temperatures remain relatively constant and moderate.
  • During the heating season, heat is extracted by the loop system and moved into the home.
  • The earth serves as a “heat source”.
how does it heat using cool earth temperatures
How does it heat using cool earth temperatures?
  • Although the temperature of the earth may feel cool to you and me, there is enough heat to cause the refrigerant inside the unit to change from a liquid into a gas.
  • The refrigerant gas is then compressed, making it very hot, and then it’s passed through an air coil. As air passes over the hot coil, it is warmed.
how does this heat my home
How does this heat my home?
  • The warm air is circulated throughout the home through your duct system.
  • Or, a geothemal system can make hot water that can be circulated through in-floor radiant tubing or other hydronic systems.
what about cooling
What about cooling?
  • A geothermal unit can also cool your home.
  • During the cooling season, heat is extracted from the home and transferred into the cool earth through the loop system or well-water.
  • The earth serves as a “heat sink”.
geothermal efficiency
Geothermal Efficiency

1 Unit of Energy

Used to Operate

4 Units of Energy Delivered Into Home

3 Units of “Free” Energy

From the Earth

ordinary furnace efficiency
Ordinary Furnace Efficiency

5 - 30% of Energy Lost (unusable energy)

To Outdoors Through the Chimmney

1 Unit

Of Fuel Used To

Generate Heat


Only 70 - 95% of Energy

Paid For

Gets Into Your Home

(usable energy)

do i need separate loops for heating and cooling
Do I need separate loops for heating and cooling?
  • No. The same loop works for both. All that happens when changing from heating to cooling, or vice versa, is that the flow of heat is reversed.
how much space do i need to install my loop
How much space do I need to install my loop?
  • Horizontal loops usually require about 1/3 of an acre of available space.
  • Vertical loops usually require an area about 15 feet by 15 feet.
  • Pond loops can be installed at the bottom of the pond if the pond has a surface area of at least 1/2 acre and a minimum of 8 feet deep.
if i use well water how much will i need
If I use well-water, how much will I need?
  • Geothermal units using well-water require about 5-9 gallons of water per minute, whenever the unit is running.
  • After the water runs through the unit, it is discharged into a ditch, field tile, stream, pond or another well.
  • The ONLY change to the water is a few degrees of temperature difference.
how do i know which loop is best for my house
How do I know which loop is best for my house?
  • Your ClimateMaster dealer has experience and training in selecting and designing the most appropriate and most effective loop for your home based on installation costs, digging and soil conditions, moisture, and the amount of space available.
how do i know that the loop is the right size
How do I know that the loop is the right size?
  • Scientific based computer software programs are used to calculate the size of the loop, based on the heating and cooling requirements of your home, soil conditions and your climate.
  • It’s a science… not a guessing game.
what are the major components in my unit
What are the major components in my unit?
  • The geothermal unit consists of a compressor, blower, heat exchangers, refrigerant piping and valves, electrical controls and a circulating system
  • The same type of components used in a conventional air conditioning or refrigeration system
major components
Major Components

Supply Air “Out”

Return Air


Fan & Blower

Air Coil

Return from Loop

Coaxial Heat Exchanger


Supply from Loop

how long does my unit warranty last
How long does my unit warranty last?
  • The standard warranty on all ClimateMaster residential units is 1 year on all parts, 1 year labor allowance and 4 additional years on the refrigeration circuit parts
  • The standard warranty on the loop flow center pump system is 1 yr labor allowance and 4 additional years on all parts
  • Extended 5 or 10 yr parts and labor warranty options are also available
what about the reliability of the pipe in my loop system
What about the reliability of the pipe in my loop system?
  • Pipe is specially formulated for geothermal installations.
  • Does not rust, rot, or corrode.
  • All connections are made by heat fusion.
  • Warranties vary on pipe from 20 - 55 years. Life expectancy is several hundred years.
what about hot water
What about hot water?
  • A geothermal unit can make hot water too!
  • An optional component called a “desuperheater or hot water generator” makes hot water when your unit is heating or cooling your home.
  • Free hot water during cooling
how much hot water will it make
How much hot water will it make?
  • The unit will generally make around 40-60% of the hot water required for your home, but the actual amount can vary significantly depending on how long the unit runs each day to heat and cool.
  • The rest of the hot water is generated by your conventional water heater.
what about hot water for radiant heating
What about hot water for radiant heating?
  • Some ClimateMaster units have the ability to generate hot water for use in radiant floor heating systems or other hydronic applications.
  • These Water to Water units generate hot water for heating plus, it has the ability to operate as a chiller for applications which need both hydronic heating and forced air cooling modes.
can a geothermal system be used in other applications
Can a geothermal system be used in other applications?
  • They can also be used for in-floor radiant heating, pools, spas, fan-coil systems, and snow melt systems.
  • In addition to residential applications geothermal systems are successfully installed in churches, offices, schools, apartments, manufacturing plants and other commercial applications.
how much will i save with my geothermal system
How much will I save with my geothermal system?
  • There are many variables that must be considered when calculating operating costs including: size of home, insulation, climate, fuel rates, etc.
  • Your ClimateMaster dealer can perform a Free Energy Analysis to tell you about your costs and savings.
in existing homes
In existing homes...
  • Replacing an existing system with a geothermal system can save you money in operating costs.
  • Your return on the added investment for a geothermal system can usually be achieved in 3-5 years.
in new homes
In new homes...
  • You’ll generally achieve a positive cash flow from the first day!
  • Generally, if you add the extra cost of the geothermal system into the mortgage, you’ll find your monthly energy savings will be greater than the added cost of the mortgage.
  • You start saving immediately!
your energy bill
Your energy bill...
  • If you’re a typical homeowner, about 70% of your total energy bill is for heating, cooling and hot water. The rest is for lighting, appliances and other usage.
  • Therefore, the biggest opportunity to save large amounts of money on your energy bill is to increase the efficiency of your heating, cooling, and hot water system.
how can i finance my geothermal system
How can I finance my geothermal system?
  • For new homes, it can be included in the cost of your mortgage…(remember positive cash flow from “day one”)
  • For existing homes, several financing programs are available, depending on your specific needs.
geothermal and the epa
Geothermal and the EPA...
  • Geothermal systems are recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) as the most efficient and environmentally-friendly system available.
  • Energy Star rated
geothermal systems and your electric utility
Geothermal systems and your electric utility...
  • Geothermal units are widely accepted by electric utilities because the systems have a level demand load, reducing the need to build expensive generating facilities, which ultimately, keeps our energy costs down.
it s a proven technology
It’s a proven technology...
  • Be assured that these systems have been successfully installed in many different types of applications and climates.
  • Geothermal systems have been used for decades.
  • Computer programs aid in proper unit and loop sizing.
what about customer satisfaction
What about customer satisfaction?
  • Several independent studies have shown that geothermal system owners are very satisfied with their systems.
  • 99% of geothermal system owners are so satisfied with their systems they would recommend one to a friend.
  • Excellent warranty programs provide you with years of operation.
summary of benefits
Summary of Benefits
  • Energy savings
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Quiet operation
  • No noisy outdoor unit
  • Less maintenance
  • Long equipment life
  • Excellent humidity control
  • Safety - its flameless!
summary of benefits continued
Summary of Benefits (continued)
  • No fumes or carbon monoxide possibilities
  • No unsightly and dangerous outdoor fuel tanks
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean operation
  • Adds value to your home for resale
more benefits
More benefits...
  • Warmer supply air temperature than air source heat pumps during cold weather.
  • No short, hot blasts of air associated with gas, propane, or oil furnaces.
  • Long “run cycles” of geothermal systems provide consistent comfort throughout your home.
  • Refrigeration system is factory charged and sealed.
are all geothermal systems created equal
Are all geothermal systems created equal?
  • No. While all geothermal systems are more efficient than ordinary systems, there are differences between various brands.
  • You should consider factors like rated efficiency, value, quality, warranty, training, technical support, dealer expertise and customer satisfaction.
why should i choose a climatemaster
Why should I choose a ClimateMaster?
  • Industry leader in Water Source Heat Pumps since 1952
  • Tens of thousands of successful installations World Wide.
  • Excellent training for dealers and loop installers ensures proper installations
  • GeoDesigner Computer program for calculating sizing and operating costs
more reasons to choose climatemaster
More reasons to choose ClimateMaster...
  • Quality components like Copeland Scroll compressors, GE Blower Motors, CXM control boards with ClimateMasters exclusive Unit Performance Sentinel feature that warns the homeowner when the unit is operating inefficiently as well as provides troubleshooting diagnostics for the service technician
  • Every unit is computer run-tested at the factory to ensure proper operation, and a report card is shipped with the unit.
  • Many configurations to fit different applications and price ranges.
  • Choice of Warranties up to 10 Years!
why choose insert dealer name here
Why choose (insert dealer name here)?
  • Reason #1
  • Reason #2
  • Reason #3
  • Reason #4
  • Reason #5
  • etc. etc.
  • The MOST Energy Efficient system available-- They deliver 3 to 4 units of energy into the home for every 1 unit of energy consumed to operate the system. Benefit-- reduced energy costs.
  • Enhanced comfort and safety
  • Reliable with long equipment life.
summary continued
Summary (continued):
  • Cost effective-- Instant positive cash flow for new homes, quick return on investment for existing homes.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible to meet many demands
  • Proven technology
geothermal systems1
Geothermal Systems...

Unsurpassed comfort and efficiency that’sFree from the Earth by

Since 1952