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Building a culture of communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Building a culture of communication

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Building a culture of communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a culture of communication . My world The King Report The current reputation of corporations Living in our time My role as a communicator How do we work? New communication frontiers. My world…. Governing stakeholder relationships

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My world

The King Report

The current reputation of corporations

Living in our time

My role as a communicator

How do we work?

New communication frontiers

My world…

Governing stakeholder relationships

Transparent and effective communication with stakeholders is essential forbuilding and maintaining their trust and confidence(P 8.5). The board should proactively deal with stakeholder relationships, and should appreciate thatstakeholders’ perceptions affect a company’s reputation (P 8.1).

Integrated reporting and disclosure

The purpose of integrated reporting is to effectively communicate to stakeholders on all material matters and not only financial matters. This would enable stakeholders tobetter assess the value of the company.

The King Report

Ethical leadership and corporate citizenship ; Boards and directors Audit committees

The governance of risk ; The governance of information technology ; Compliance with laws, rules, codes and standards ;Internal audit ;Governing stakeholder relationships; Integrated reporting and disclosures


My world…

Current reputation of corporations

Chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers Richard Fuld Jnr.

Contrite and


British Bankers

“When top management at Sasko Bakery discovered that their senior managers were involved in price-fixing, the were told not to do it again. And that’s where it ended.”

Cape Times,

Living in my time…

Role of communicators

With any given incident either good or bad the role of communication is not to make the decision rather it is to ensure that the decision and its implications are understood by and elicit the proper response from the audience. (BP’s nightmare was not bad communication it was oil spilling out to lovely beaches)

Process owners make decisions about incidents and audiences make up their own minds about these and choose their responses. So we exist to close the gap between the two worlds. (we don’t create perceptions or make reputations we manage them).

Audiences stakeholders


How do I do this?...

The Active Support from stakeholders…

It is highly unlikely that your supporters are actively sharing their positive impressions (only 11% do so at their own initiative).

The only real driver of this active support is the degree to which they feel an "emotional connection" (a sense of shared values, identity, and ownership) with the company.

Communication Executive Council


How do I do this?...


to learn about our stakeholders across many different channels

2. Analytics:

to derive insights from the stakeholder data we collect

3. Project Management:

to manage to key outcomes, yet be nimble about getting there

4.Training and Coaching:

to make others more effective at communicating directly with stakeholders

5.Social Media Aptitude:

to capitalize on new communication tools and behaviors in building stakeholder relationships

Audiences stakeholders

Communication Executive Council


How do I do this?...

The way to win - Emotions matter

Why:Companies need a precise understanding of what really matters to stakeholders in order tocreate resonant communications.

How:listen to stakeholders on their terms to identifyareas of shared relevance.

Help Stakeholders "Discover" a Connection to the Company

Why: Stakeholders are 30% more likely to share something if they feel they have discovered it on their own. Communications must aid that discovery by identifyingthe right place and the right moment to engage with stakeholders, on their terms.

How: sharing information that influential stakeholders are likely to “discover,” appreciate, and share.

Tap into People's Natural Motivations to Share with Others

Communication Executive Council


Our world…

New communication frontiers

New communication frontiers

Twitt Twitt Quit, WET Wet Wet star Graeme Clark has sensationally quit the Scots group - after announcing his departure on TWITTER


Personal scars…

The way to win – Building muscle

The new communicator needs to do more than turn a phrase, we need consultative skills, creative problem solving and intimacy with our subjects. We have to exhibit genuine empathy for our subjects and their stakeholders. Well crafted communication that deals with issues half does the job.

Laying the table is going to be our best skill going forward. Creating places and opportunities for stakeholders to have the necessary conversations is key. People are capable of seeing problems and coming up with solutions what they need is a platform to share these, the communicator who gives them the platform earns their trust and gets them on side.

The truth does not hurt. Integrity is the new sexy. If it is not true it is not worth crafting into a great read. If it is not going to happen, however pretty the model will not change the fact.