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Building A Culture

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Building A Culture. [ mahr - ki -ting]. noun 1. the act of buying or selling in a market . 2. the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

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mahr ki ting


noun1. the act of buying or selling in a market. 2. the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

[mahr-ki-ting kuhl-cher]



  • If we can’t define it.....why is it so important?
  • Culture is what defines us
  • Rules can be broken
  • Policies can be forgotten
  • Culture is in your corporate DNA.
  • Culture = consistency
who is this guy

Who is this guy?

  • Why I’m the guy speaking
  • LuxorCRM
  • Industry success
  • 0% Casualty rate
does this feel familar

You decide to market so you...

  • Hire a marketer
  • Equip and outfit them
  • Turn them loose

Does this feel familar?

does this feel familar1

Wonder if they’re producing

  • Struggle to figure out if they’re paying for themselves
  • What you’ve actually done....

Does this feel familar?


You’ve joined a race already in progress!

  • Picture yourself in the NYC Marathon
  • Start by making a decision...
  • No more being “Order Takers”
  • Start with the foundations of a
  • marketing culture
4 cornerstones of a marketing culture

4 Cornerstonesof a marketing culture

  • Data
  • Basics
  • Strategy
    • HAVE A PLAN!
  • Accountability
1 data

#1 Data

  • How many people send you business?
  • Who is your #27?
  • We’re humans...
  • we’re emotional
  • Data is fact
  • Fact equips you to build strategy
  • If your data is in is your strategy!
1 data1

#1 Data

  • Data integrity is NEVER optional
  • Not even during a CAT
  • If you don’t make it a priority....neither will your staff
  • If it’s not a’s not part of your culture
  • Develop a marketing culture – get the facts!
  • Data integrity is EVERYTHING
  • Who asks more questions than you?
1 data2

#1 Data

  • What percent of your work is program work?
  • How many jobs did Agent Jim Smith send you this year?
  • How much of your business do you have influence over?
  • Adjuster Ted Jones hasn’t sent you work in 94 that normal?
  • How many different people have referred you work this quarter?
  • How much revenue does your Yellow Pages ad generate?
  • Who is your #27 referrer?
2 basics

#2 Basics

  • Too many companies start by jumping into the deep end.
  • They believe they have to make a big splash in order to win big.
  • They chase lots of new business
  • They invest time and money in pursuing it
  • Can this work? Yes.
  • It completely misses foundational basics:
      • Secure the business you already have
      • Do it with a simple phone call
2 basics1

#2 Basics

  • Everyone wants more clients
  • What they should want (first) is more business from their best clients
  • The next 10k?
  • A’s before C1’s
  • Getting it doesn’t have to be an expensive or time consuming proposition either
  • Route marketing? Lunch & learns? CE classes? Golf outings?
  • Pick up the phone
2 basics2

#2 Basics

  • There are companies in attendance here who have tried this.....and succeeded!
  • Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be
3 strategy

#3 Strategy

  • Restoration Company owners are
  • entrepreneurs
  • Many of you built your company
  • So why do so many of them hire marketers with no plan of action?
  • Before you hire, set the strategic goals
  • Route marketing can succeed.....but is it strategic?
  • Do you want them to be busy.....or productive?
  • How will you know?
3 strategy1

#3 Strategy

  • How often should they call on adjusters? Agents or Brokers? Property Managers?
  • Will they host CE classes? Do they have a budget for sporting events? Will there be a plumber program or something similar for them to build?
  • Pick the core pieces and put them in place
  • Don’t add new pieces until the core pieces have become cultural
  • Remember that anything that isn’t foundational probably won’t happen anyways!
3 strategy2

#3 Strategy

  • How far should strategy go?
  • Compensation
  • If you’re going to incentify people...incentify them to buy into your culture!
  • If your marketing culture says that doing the basics is who you are.....why are so many marketers focused elsewhere?
  • Higher for maintenance & growth of existing business
  • Lower for creation of new business
3 strategy3

#3 Strategy

  • What will inform your strategy?
4 accountability

What gets measured.....gets done!

  • Accountability runs throughout the organization
  • Accountability means ensuring that everyone is doing what needs to get done
  • The introduction of tools provides the vehicle for some accountability
  • Use of that vehicle helps remove emotional decision making

#4 Accountability

4 accountability1

While we measure performance for marketers we must also be accountable as leaders

  • Be accountable to make marketing a priority
  • Hold your marketing meetings
  • Know what is going on
  • Lead the development of a marketing culture

#4 Accountability









“Luxor’s dashboards allow us to see patterns and trends forming. We can see who our good clients are and who we need to focus on, to bring in future business. By utilizing a grading system for each client, Luxor shows you specifically your “A”, “B” and “C” clients, how much business they gave you and when you should be contacting them again.

Luxor is a powerful tool and it has brought focus back into our office. Our weekly 1 hour meeting using the dashboards has brought back accountability and clarity. It has also started a friendly competition between the project managers to see who can make B’s and C’s into A’s.”

~Mike Foley, Foley Restoration

“Luxor has given us the ability to see the exactly where we should focus our time and it has given us the ability to properly track our marketing efforts. As a marketing professional, we sometimes have a hard time prioritizing where we should invest our time. Luxor makes it 100% clear on where we need to prioritize and it removes all the guess work.”

~Waylon Smith, Southeast Restoration

“Luxor was able to show us how we can best focus our efforts and really know who is providing us work to and who isn’t! More importantly we are finding out who we want to target and who our best referrers are.

Luxor is more than a software company. They are our business development partner!”

~Douglas Burton, Skyline DKI

“As a VP of Business development Luxor gave me the tools to take the guessing out of what we were doing and why we were doing it. It allowed me to take a look at our route marketing system and the direction of the business development division and validate or correct the amount of time and resources we were spending with various clients.

My staff and I accomplish this with one quick, direct, and strategic meeting per week. We sift through where we are trending, where we are getting our business, how our individual KPI goals are doing, and finally who we are going to see this week and why. This meeting takes a whopping 45 minutes and since we’ve implemented this process 2 months ago our list of A level clients as increase almost 30%.”

 ~Brent Werner, Werner Restoration Services

“Utilizing LuxorCRM has streamlined our Marketing Department which in turn has made our business better and stronger and more effectively able to communicate with our customers.

We love the software and the accountability that it has created in our business. Being able to see which clients are actually paying is allowing us to focus on the top 20 percent that are creating our business results. This would be next to impossible without your software.”

~Jeremy Davidson, Monroe Restoration And Cleaning