2010 the medical team n.
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2010 The Medical Team PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 The Medical Team

2010 The Medical Team

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2010 The Medical Team

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  1. 2010 The Medical Team • Bambi, Cherokee,Gordy, and Kelsey

  2. Briefing Room • The first thing we had to do when we got there was go to the Briefing Room. They told us which teams we were on and where we were supposed to sit. They also told us were we going to be like the Space Station or Mission Control. Gordy and Bambi were the first ones up in space for the Medical Team. Cherokee and Kelsey were in Mission Control. We talked to Commander Scott Altman about how we were going to fly the mission. Then Space Station went into space, while Mission Control stayed on Earth.

  3. Space Station • The first thing Bambi and Gordy had to do was follow Commander Libby into the space shuttle. She told them to remain seated. When we got to space we had to go to our stations and turn the computers on. We had task cards to tell us what we needed to do. Our first task was to go around to other Astronauts and ask them if they get sick on spinning rides. If they didn’t we put them in the barany chair and spun them around to see if they had adapted to the microgravity. Then after we tested them all we had to get a couple of Astronauts to take the eye test. Then there was a CODE RED. We had to abort the mission and go back to Earth.

  4. Mission Control • We got to switch places and Gordy and Bambi got to go to mission control. When we were in Mission Control the Space Station had a CODE RED and had to switch their Oxygen around with only 3 minutes remaining. Gordy was looking up answer’s in the books, while Bambi was waiting for E-mails from the Space Station. Also in Mission Control we got to watch what our team members were doing in the Space Station.