high end restaurants around the world l.
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High-End Restaurants Around the World

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High-End Restaurants Around the World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High-End Restaurants Around the World. Shelly Aggarwal Jin Liang Nate Harmann BADM 381 – Professor Aguilera October 7, 2008. Outline of our Presentation. I. Successful restaurant franchises from the U.S. II. Successful Indian international restaurants

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High-End Restaurants Around the World

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high end restaurants around the world

High-End Restaurants Around the World

Shelly Aggarwal

Jin Liang

Nate Harmann

BADM 381 – Professor Aguilera

October 7, 2008

outline of our presentation
Outline of our Presentation

I. Successful restaurant franchises from the U.S.

II. Successful Indian international restaurants

III. Difficulty for Chinese restaurants

IV. Successful Japanese international restaurants

V. Opportunities for expanding internationally

successes from the u s
Successes from the U.S.

Brinker International

  • Operate Romano's Macaroni Grill, On the Border Mexican Grill, Maggiano's Little Italy, and Chili's
  • Diversified foods that creates a multicultural portfolio with global brands 
  • "Our philosophy is based on the belief that when diverse thoughts and perspectives are integrated into daily operations, we can all enjoy the fruits of our success." – Ron Kirk, Board of Directors
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k69oA6lUQeE&NR=1
brinker international
Brinker International
  • 1 million+ people dine at Brinker restaurants daily worldwide 

Annual Sales per restaurant:

  • #2 Maggiano's ($9.4 million)
  • #7 Romano's Macaroni Grill ($3.3 million)
  • #8 Chili's Bar and Grill ($3.2 million)
  • #10 On the Border ($3.1 million)
reasons for success
Reasons for Success
  • An expanding middle class and faster growing economies overseas have made international expansion an ongoing focus  
  • Brands are highly popular with guests seeking higher quality food and American hospitality
  • Competition in the casual dining segment is not well- developed
  • Foreign markets provide for competitive advantage in terms of cost of food, facilities, and labor
  • Lower dining costs makes brands more accessible to broader segment of population
future opportunities
Future Opportunities
  • Mainly franchise now (which provides for lower economic risks) but are looking into joint ventures that would increase financial opportunities for the company 
  • In Mexico, looking to increase from 53 to more than 100 restaurants in the next few years
successes from india
Successes from India

Saravana Bhavan

  • 25 locations in India and 16 other locations in 7 countries (Canada, U.S., England, U.A.E., Oman, Malaysia, Singapore)
  • Full-service restaurants, fast food, carry-out, delivery, catering
  • 1981 – founded by Mr. P Rajagopal aka Annachi
  • First branch opened in Chennai, India

– Hotel Saravana Bhavan

  • Menu includes both North and

South Indian food, Chinese food,

Desserts, Beverages, Baked goods,

and Ice cream

expanding internationally
Expanding Internationally
  • Generally, real estate in India is too expensive and encourages entrepreneurs to look at destinations, such as the UK, the US, and the Middle East
  • Higher rate of return in those areas
  • Customers in India are more price sensitive – concept of specialty restaurants not as popular
constant growth
Constant growth
  • Study by McKinsey shows that Indian food market will grow two-fold 2025 (in India)
  • In urban areas, snacks are more popular
    • snacks specifically grow 15-20% annually
  • Great potential for India to become a reliable outsourcing partner in food sector
  • Becoming increasingly popular in the US and the UK
    • Large populations, great variety, and increased exposure


chinese restaurants
Chinese Restaurants
  • Chinese food is too common
  • Too many different types of

Chinese dishes exist

  • Too often fast food and takeout Chinese restaurants serve “Americanized” Chinese foods
  • Real authentic Chinese might not fit the tastes of that specific country
top japanese restaurant
Top Japanese Restaurant

Benihana Inc (meaning “red flower”)

  • First restaurant opened in 1964 in

New York

  • Founded by Rocky Aoki
  • Employs 5,000 Employees world wide
  • 90 Locations in the US, 19 international


  • One of the company’s main selling point are “teppanyaki”, which is grill meat in an iron plate
  • Another main selling point is the chef cooks the food in front of the customers
  • Benehana is the founder of this type of style in the US
reasons for success12
Reasons for Success
  • Adapted American style of cooking and serving authentic Japanese food
  • Unique dining experience

(the first Japanese restaurant

to cook in front of customers

in the US)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-mgolJ5t00
opportunities for all markets
Opportunities for all Markets
  • Open the franchise in new or existing high quality hotels
    • Make deals with certain high quality international hotel franchises
    • Can guarantee a steady flow of customers and customers from all over the world
    • Can help gain recognition through international customers
    • Positive word-of-mouth through satisfied customers
  • Many high-end, full-service restaurants have been able to expand by opening up new locations internationally
  • These restaurants are further popularized by media exposure and high ratings (Michelin rating system)
  • International expansion is easier in some markets than others and only certain types of restaurants succeed
  • http://www.indianrealtynews.com/real-estate-india/indian-restaurants-expanding-overseas.html
  • http://www.ibef.org/artdisplay.aspx?tdy=1&art_id=19844&cat_id=60
  • http://www.saravanabhavan.com/
  • http://www.benihana.com/