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C Y cyle Safe. Visit our site: The Team – May1211. Team Leader John Sedig Communications / Documentation Kevin Nennig Webmaster / Software Design Matt Graves. Hardware / Electrical Design Josh Mandich Software Design Alex Wesenberg

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CYcyle Safe

Visit our site:

The Team – May1211

Team Leader

John Sedig

Communications / Documentation

Kevin Nennig

Webmaster / Software Design

Matt Graves

Hardware / Electrical Design

Josh Mandich

Software Design

Alex Wesenberg

Team Advisor


Visit our site:

Problem Statement

Many bicyclists are injured due to car related accidents on the road each year.

If a bicyclist could be warned of rear approaching vehicles, this could greatly reduce number of bicyclist involved in accidents.

Primary Goal - To design and develop a low cost vehicle alert accessory for cyclists

Functional Specs

The device must communicate via the ANT+ protocol to an Edge 500 Garmin head unit

Must be able to detect cars going from speeds 10mph-70mph

Must detect vehicles within 100m behind the rear of the bicycle

Non-Functional Specs

The device should be mounted under the bicycle seat

The device will reduce accidents for both cyclists and vehicles by promoting awareness of road conditions to the cyclist

The enclosure hosts the device and batteries behind the bicycle

Market Survey


Basic solution for viewing cars behind bicycle

Not aerodynamic

Requires user to orient correctly

Cerevellum Digital Bike Camera

Rear-facing digital video camera

Does not detect vehicles, only displays them

Allows user to record what is behind them

Useful for determining faults of vehicle accidents

Laser radar sonar image processing

General Sensors

Laser Radar Sonar Image Processing

Our Design



ANT+ Transceiver

1000mAh 7.4 V Li-Po battery

Edge 500 Head Unit

Beagleboard -XM

Logitech WebCam

Power Module

  • BeagleBoard voltage input: 5V

  • Average current Draw : 700mA

  • Power Consumption : 3.5 W

  • Rechargeable and mobile system

Power Module

  • 1000mAh Lithium-ion polymer 2S 7.4V battery

  • Switching Voltage Regulator

  • Minimum 1.25 hour life cycle

Capture Module

  • Went from 5M Aptinacamera board to Logitech c310

  • Emphasis changed later on in semester to focus on algorithms and car detection

5M MT9P031 Camera Board

Logitech WebCam

Previous sobel hough pca optical flow

Algorithm Module





Optical Flow

Sobel Edge Detection

Sobel Edge Detection

Actual optical flow haar object detection haartraining

Algorithm Module


Optical Flow

Haar Object Detection


Haar Object Detection

  • Uses a precompiled cascade classifier

  • Scans the ROI for the object


  • Communicate with ANT+ Transceiver over USB, using USB Serial LKM

  • Use of high Heart Rate signal due to lack of programming interface on the head unit

Defining Success

  • Be able to successfully detect a car in our worst case (car going 70mph, detection distance of 100m)

    • Be able to detect each car at least once within this interval

Test Results

  • Cyclist Performance

  • Module

  • Platform

  • System

  • Requirements

Test Results

  • First Detection

  • Worst Case Detection Time

  • Algorithm Time

Test Results

  • Reaction Time

  • ANT+ High Heart Rate Time

  • Total Time

    .459 + 2.07 + 2.2 = 4.7 seconds < 5.07 seconds

Product Profitability

  • Gross margin : 33%

  • Does not account for increase in inventory, capital, staff, or marketing

Lessons Learned

  • Know your team’s abilities

  • Bottlenecks in the development process

  • Ask the right questions