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M y C ircle

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M y C ircle
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  1. MyCircle http://www.mycircleworks.com

  2. If you have used MyCircle before, login with your Email & Password under Registered User. To retrieve a forgotten password, click “Can’t remember your password?”. New! If you are new to the site, register by submitting the requested information under New User. NEW!

  3. Once logged in, select a Company from your list of Companies. New! The Dashboard provides Account Manager contact information and a quick view of Orders needing attention for the selected Company. NEW!

  4. Begin a new order by entering the Billing & Proof Info. Click “Continue” to start adding line items to your order. New! The Sales Contact can now be chosen from a list of Contacts for the selected Company. New! There are several new Order Reference fields available. NEW! NEW!

  5. Input Product & Shipping Info. prior to adding a Line Item. New! There are now more Products to choose from. Talk to your AM about customizing a list of Favorites! New! There are two new Line Item Reference fields. New! Enter your Post Date to see a recommended Receipt Date and Ship Method. NEW! NEW! NEW!

  6. Review a summary of your pending Line Items before placing your Order. New!You can now Copy Line Items! NEW!

  7. Once your order is complete, you can directly upload your art using the “Upload” link.

  8. New!You can also Reorder an entire Order or just a single Line. NEW!

  9. Track your orders on the “Dashboard” or by using the various options under “Existing Orders”. New! To review proof(s), click “Select All Proofs Awaiting Approval” or check the box next to the order(s) lines and click “Review Proofs for Checked Orders”. NEW! You can also email or download proofs.

  10. View your Company Pricing Plan by selecting “Pricing”.

  11. View the Next Available Ship Date for the different product families by clicking “Ship Date”.

  12. Edit your Profile, Change your Password or Make a Suggestion under "My Account”.

  13. The End!