gregg t warburton of canton ma a result oriented n.
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Gregg T. Warburton Canton MA PowerPoint Presentation
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Gregg T. Warburton Canton MA

Gregg T. Warburton Canton MA

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Gregg T. Warburton Canton MA

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  1. Gregg T. Warburton Of Canton, MA – A Result-Oriented And Dynamic Professional

  2. Gregg T. Warburton who lives in Canton, MA, is a result-oriented, dynamic professional with numerous years of experience in the telecommunications industry. • He worked at Verizon (Massachusetts), formerly known as New England Telephone/NYNEX/Belll Atlantic. • His forte in Project Management, Client Relations, Financial Management, Telecommunications, Strategic Planning, Logistics, Employee Training, Budgeting/Scheduling, and Network Design has enabled him to contribute to the growth and profitability of the organization where he worked.

  3. He served Verizon as an Outside Plant Engineer in the South Division, and Boston Market. • He has served Verizon for a period of 25 years, and during his tenure-ship, he developed strategic plans that were required for designing and building outside plant networks for prospective and existing clientele. • This was done by identifying the areas that needed to be improved, and by creating the most suitable solutions in a prompt and timely manner.

  4. While working at Verizon, a leading technology provider, Gregg T. Warburton of Canton, MA, oversaw the aspects of some of the major projects. • He provided materials where applicable, and made sure that the construction projects are being completed within the determined time frame, within resource budget, and as per the specifications of the plan. • He was also responsible for defining deliverables, and monitoring progress, expenses, and scheduling. • In order to conduct complex business analyses, he utilized financial expertise that also helped him in preparing as well as maintaining financial documentation, and developing charts, graphs, etc. to track data flow.

  5. Gregg T. Warburton of Canton, MA, worked at many positions in the Outside Plant Engineering Department, and he was also responsible for pole line design that included poles, cable (fiber optic and copper as well) conduit, manholes, high speed terminating multiplexors, etc. Designing and building an innovative next generation high capacity circuitry and first office application by utilizing his exceptional technical expertise was one of his key accomplishments. • He was honored with the prestigious “Spirit of Service Award” for his consistent and outstanding contributions to the organization.

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