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gregg t warburton canton ma a telecommunications n.
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Gregg T Warburton (Canton MA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Gregg T Warburton (Canton MA)

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Gregg T Warburton (Canton MA)
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Gregg T Warburton (Canton MA)

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  1. Gregg T Warburton (Canton MA) – A Telecommunications Technical Expert

  2. Gregg T Warburton of Canton MA is a multi-faceted individual with advanced communication and interpersonal skills. He was employed with Verizon/Bell Atlantic for 22 years, and worked his way from the Business Customer Service Center to an Outside Plant Engineer. His computer and technical knowledge includes the following: Windows 2000 / XP, Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Notes, Visio, Internet, Word, Outlook, Excel, web-based applications, Microsoft Access, Siebel etc.

  3. His most recent position with Verizon was as an Outside Plant Engineer, where he facilitated the designing and building of high capacity circuits. His strong technical background along with his proven analytical/problem solving skills allowed him to guide the strategic planning, and laying out of an outside plant network for both new and existing customers. Being a skilled team builder and an effective motivator, he was recognized by the management as a proactive manager providing consistent quality performance.

  4. As a Project Manager for the Central Artery, Third Harbor Tunnel, Gregg T Warburton from Canton MA took the sole responsibility of transferring 2.5 million lines from copper to fiber fed facilities. He played an integral role in structuring the project, performing detailed planning, and managing project execution and completion. Some of his important skills include defining the phase deliverables, tracking milestones and incurred expenses versus planned expenses, scheduling roles and resources, evaluating risks and recommending contingency plans.

  5. His areas of expertise include project management, client relations, financial management, telecommunications, strategic planning, logistics, employee training, and network design. He has additional training in Alpha IV, Hill Associates, and has also taken additional courses in data communication. Also, he is a JH Carr Alzheimer’s Foundation Committee Member and a member of Pioneer’s of America Organization.

  6. During his free time, he enjoys lifting free weights and attending spin classes. He played basketball for 40 years, golf 35 years, and tennis 35 years. In addition, he likes reading, going to movies, and going for walks.

  7. Thank you !