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Preparing a Post Bid Report

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Preparing a Post Bid Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing a Post Bid Report. NYS OGS Design & Construction Group Cost Control. Agenda. 15% Timing What it is & Why we need it Questions/ I nformation Post Bid Report and Results Forms Sample Comments. 15% Rule. Post Bid Report is required if:

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Preparing a Post Bid Report

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preparing a post bid report

Preparing a Post Bid Report


Design & Construction Group

Cost Control




What it is & Why we need it


Post Bid Report and Results Forms

Sample Comments

15 rule
15% Rule
  • Post Bid Report is required if:
    • The low bidder is over or under 15% from your estimate.
    • The difference between the 1st and 2nd low bidders is more than 15%.
    • Division of Construction holds a Pre-Award Meeting with the low bidder.
    • The low bidder is the sole bidder.
    • Or if you receive specific notification from us that we require additional information from the low bidder.
  • Reports are to be completed within three days of the bid date.
    • Keep in mind that mistakes by the low bidder are sometimes found when reviewing their estimate. The low bidder has only five business days from the bid opening to withdraw their bid when a mistake is found, so timeliness is important!
      • Refer bidder to Spec section 00201

- Instruction to Bidders Item 8, Withdrawal of Bid

      • Instruct Bidder to contact Frank Peris @ 518-474-2000
    • The Division of Construction’s field staff may call a pre-award meeting with the low bidder. The Engineer In-Charge needs at least a draft of the Post Bid report before the pre-award meeting in order to help him assess if the low bidder is qualified to perform the work of the contract.
    • Note Spec section 00217 – Qualifications of Bidders item 18.2 which requires bidders to furnish OGS with information including a detailed estimate of their bid.
what it is why we need it
What it is & Why we need it
  • A report that summarizes a detailed review and investigation of the low bidder’s estimate vs. the government estimate and includes:
      • A comparison of our estimated costs against the low bidders.
      • Explanations of the major differences identified.
      • An indication that the low bidder understands the scope of work and that they can perform the work satisfactorily at the price bid.
      • A recommendation to award or re-bid the project.
  • This report is sent to the OGS Team Leader, client agency, construction staff and the contract award unit. It is then forwarded to the Office of State Comptroller to assist them in awarding the contract.
questions information
  • Contact only the low bidder, their phone number will be listed on the report page. Note whom you spoke to and when.
  • Has the low bidder included all items of the scope of work?
  • Where are the major differences between your estimate and the bid?
    • Explain in detail each of the major differences
    • Include the description, quantities, unit prices and total cost for the main items of work.
  • Has the low bidder visited the site?
  • Has the low bidder worked for OGS before?
    • If the low bidder has not worked on OGS projects, then list similar projects they have worked on
  • E-mail completed report to
sample post bid report
Sample Post Bid Report

Answer these questions

List the major items of work from your estimate.

And compare to the low

bidders costs

Explain the differences

Make a


sample comments
Sample Comments…
  • The low bidder has reviewed his bid and has included all items of the scope of work.
  • The_____was (added/increased/decreased/deleted) on the final contract documents after the final estimate was completed.
  • The low bidder is comfortable with their bid and their ability to perform the work of the contract.
  • The differences between the contractor’s estimate and OGS’s were found to be reasonable following discussions with the low bidder.
  • The low bidder is experienced with this type of work and is satisfied with their estimate.
  • The contractor owns his equipment and has not included these costs in the bid. The OGS estimate used rental costs for equipment required.
sample comments cont d
Sample Comments Cont’d….
  • The low bidder is already on site with another ongoing project and would be realizing cost savings in supervision, equipment, ______, _______.
  • The low bidder has worked at this facility previously and has adjusted his labor based on his experience there.
  • The OGS estimate based it’s cost for_____from a similar project, however________
  • The higher costs for _____appear reasonable, based on recent bid results.
  • The unit cost for _____differ because of competitive quotes from suppliers.
  • The low bidder will use a working foreman and therefore has included no supervision costs.
  • The contractor has his own disposal site thus reducing demo and disposal costs.

For Further Assistance…Bureau of Cost ControlNYS OGS Design & Construction GroupScott Downing, CCC 518-474-6604 Ph518-474-6120