Music Journal Topics
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Music Journal Topics For Grades 7 and 8. Music Journal Topics Week 1. In order to create music, a composer has to be aware of emotions and how music conveys them. Describe what kinds of sounds can suggest peace and serenity. What kinds of sounds can suggest excitement?.

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Music Journal Topics


Grades 7 and 8

Music Journal Topics

Week 1

In order to create music, a composer has to be aware of emotions and how music conveys them. Describe what kinds of sounds can suggest peace and serenity. What kinds of sounds can suggest excitement?

Music Journal Topics

Week 2

People tend to prefer one type of music over another. Choose one of the following types of music, and tell why you might prefer to listen to it: country and western, rock and roll, jazz, pop, religious, classical, rap, others(?)……

Music Journal Topics

Week 3

Identify and describe three sounds that you think would be very difficult to describe to someone who has never heard sounds.

Music Journal Topics

Week 4

Why do you think many stores play recorded music while the customers shop? How might the music played in a grocery store differ from the music played in a store that sells clothes for teenagers?

Music Journal Topics

Week 5

Write a short poem that could be set to music. (If you use a familiar song to help you, then list the name of the song.)

Music Journal Topics

Week 6

Composers use many different instruments to create works of music. List some of the instruments whose sounds you can identify. Choose your favorite of these instruments, and tell why you like it best.

Music Journal Topics

Week 7

Most great musicians began studying music at an early age. However, a few started later in life and developed into fine musicians. What could be some reasons for the success of a person who begins to study music later in life?

Music Journal Topics

Week 8

The use of words whose sounds suggest their meanings, such as buzz, gurgle, tweet, and beep, is called onomatopoeia. Include at least three examples of onomatopoeia in a paragraph describing the sound of a marching band.

Music Journal Topics

Week 9

List at least five careers that involve music. Give a brief description of each career.

Music Journal Topics

Week 10

What does the music that is popular with people your age say about your generation?

Music Journal Topics

Week 11

Classical music is sometimes referred to as “art music.” Create a term for your favorite type of music, and explain why that term is appropriate.

Music Journal Topics

Week 12

What is the difference between a symphony orchestra and a marching band? Refer to their sounds and their instruments.

Music Journal Topics

Week 13

Sometimes composers and their music do not become famous until after the composers have died. Why do you think this might happen?

Music Journal Topics

Week 14

Ludwig van Beethoven composed nine great symphonies and many other works. He gradually became hard of hearing, and while he composed his last symphony he was totally dear. How do you think he was able to write such a complicated work while he was unable to hear?

Music Journal Topics

Week 15

“The Star-Spangled Banner” was named our national anthem in 1931. Some people think “America, The Beautiful” would be a better national anthem. List possible reasons “The Star-Spangled Banner” was selected.

Music Journal Topics

Week 16

Do you think it is fair for a famous pop artist to lip-synch during a performance? Explain your viewpoint.

Music Journal Topics

Week 17

Think about scary movies you have seen. Music often helps to make scary scenes even more frightening. What elements of music can make it sound scary? What music sounds most frightening to you?

Music Journal Topics

Week 18

Imagine that you are at a concert. Describe the differences in the way each of the following people might enjoy the music: the composer, a performer, and a listener.

National and State Standards for Music

Grades 7/8

Standard #7 Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.