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A journey of CHANGE……….

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A journey of CHANGE………. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A journey of CHANGE………. Awake Inspire and Engage Positive Energy to Promote Quality Education in Flood Affected Schools. Introduction.

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A journey of CHANGE……….

Awake Inspire and Engage Positive Energy to Promote Quality Education in Flood Affected Schools

  •  In July 28th 2010, Pakistan experienced an emergency of epic proportions with heavy flash floods affecting the entire country, inclusive of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Southern Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, GilgitBaltistan, FATA and AJK. Many districts are the worst hit such as Nowshera, Charsadda, Muzaffarabad, Mianwali, Jafferabad, Sukkur and Neelum have also been badly affected.
province wise estimated destruction
Province wise estimated destruction

The total affected estimated at 14028396 are geographically distributed as follows:

  • In response to support the flood affected schools Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aaghi (ITA), Surf Excel Unilever Pakistan and Rafi Peer has designed an advocacy campaign to engage positive energy of Pakistani citizens to promote quality education in remote areas district RahimYar Khan, Muzzafargarh and Ghotki. The children of elite schools i.e City, Beacon house and Cathedral has been engaged in making different types of art work and teaching learning materials for flood affected schools.
three stages campaign awake inspire and engage positive energy
Three stages Campaign Awake Inspire and Engage Positive Energy
  • The first phase, Awake is based on building networking and education expertise. We are looking at holding talk shows & morning shows with prominent educationist and distinguished panel of teachers to talk about the importance of early child hood learning in the holistic development of people and how people (like the flood victims) who couldn’t experience ECE might lack essential skills of early years learning in coming future. We want to create awareness of the gap which is present in these flood affected districts and land the point hard.
  • In the Inspire stage we break the news of what we plan on doing and why surf excel & ITA is embarking on this epic journey and how they need help from everyone. 
  • Engage stage highlights all the good work done on ground and will cover the transformation of the recipient schools from what they were to what they have become.
case studies achievements
Case studies/achievements
  • Behavior changed after Maela
  • Nadia Bashir D/O Bashir Ahmad is a class 3rd student in GGPS AarbiWala. Nadia’s family consists of four brothers and four sisters. Both father and mother are alive. Nadia’s father has no role in family matters due to old age and illness. Decision making is in the hands of her brothers. One brother is educated and doing his duty in police force. Others are labourers.Nadia’s brothers were not interested in her studies. While Nadia is a bright student and she wants to continue her studies. Her Teachers wanted that Nadia must continue her studies. Teachers again and again met Nadia’s family members to convince them for Nadia’s education but in vane. However a tools for schools maela was arranged by ITA where families were awared about the importance of literacy.
  • Electronic & Print Media covered the function. Local stake holders, elected representatives and Govt. officials not only participated but also told community members that to gain education is the right of every child religiously, ethically and we are responsible to provide them their rights. MalikKabir Ahmad Ex- EDOE highlighted the importance of girl’s education and literacy. All the participants promised to play their effective role for the betterment of society.


  • Furniture and other necessities in the school identified by teachers, students and members of SMC were provided by ITA. Due to this, school became most attractive and charming. Community impressed and promised to send their children into schools especially girls.
  • Seeing this Nadia’s brothers were inspired and convinced to send Nadia to school. So by continuous visits of teachers, ITA’s activities and community participation, Nadia has begun her studies and she is a bright student in the class.
  • Outcome:
  • Convincing community for education by keeping close liaison.
  • Demonstrating benefits of education by carrying public gathering.
  • Beneficiaries:
  • Nadia’s family members
  • Relatives of Nadia
  • All the community members of that particular village
views of children1
Views of Children
  • Ours was a flood trodden school. All the furniture was dashed to board and so was the condition of the classrooms and other infrastructure. One day I watched on TV that Surf Excel developing some tools for flood hit schools. This gave me hope and wished so for my school as well. Luckily my dream came true and the team of Surf Excel and ITA visited us. They arranged a huge community Mela and gifted us lots of colourful materials for our school. All the community members, children, teachers and our beloved head teachers promised that we will use this material with great care. I really want to say THANK YOU SURF EXCEL !!!!!!!!!!
  • Iram from GPS Kot Shah
expressions of community
Expressions of Community
  • On behalf of community, I do commend the role of Unilever Surf Excel and ITA. I pay thanks to them for their cooperation in providing furniture, charts and especially PARA teachers. Due to better facilities and improved study conditions, the number of students is increasing rapidly. Now the students take more interest in learning through different activities.
  • All the inhabitants of village are thankful to Surf Excel and ITA for their great cooperation. Now our school is on the way of progress.


views of teachers school heads1
Views of Teachers & School Heads
  • My name isFarzana, I am from Govt school BastiMajeedRaheemYaar Khan. I had to face a lot of difficulties in running that school. Children were not willing to come to school. I used to knock at door by door in order to convince the parents to send their children to school. The feudal and landowners of the village created many hurdles to my efforts but I didn’t lose my hope and kept my passion and efforts working. Gradually, the number of students started increasing. Above all in this dark hour, cooperation of Surf Excel and ITA proved boon from heaven. They provided us furniture, teaching material, learning tool kits and a PARA teacher. This help has given us a great strength. I m highly grateful to Surf Excel and ITA for their viable cooperation.
case studies achievements1
Case studies/achievements
  • My name is Mrs. Najma Praveen. I have been performing my duties here as a teacher and then as a headmistress for almost 32 years. There have been just 2 teachers in our school till 2010.Montessori section needs more care and attention but two teachers were not enough to keep the ball rolling. Now most of our problems have sought solution and the credit goes to Unilever Surf Excel Team and ITA. They have provided us PARA teachers, necessary furniture, classroom decoration material and ECE kit (aao mil kerseekhen). Decorated classrooms present more engaging environment to the students, especially nursery classes these activities a lot. The number of students is also increasing day by day.
  • We are really thankful to Unilever Surf Excel and ITA for minimizing our problems to a great extent.
story of chak no 28 p sadiqabad
Story of Chak no 28/P Sadiqabad
  • My name is Mrs. SajidaBano. I was transferred in this Primary school Chak No 28/P Sadiq Abad in 2008. Now I am working here as a primary school teacher. At the time when I joined the school, Miss Najma had alone been teaching here. Things were, of course, difficult to manage. My joining gave her a helping hand in handling the school activities. We divided the students into three groups as is done in multigrade teaching. That strategy worked well for the betterment of study situation.
  • But with the introduction of English medium in 2010, we faced many difficulties in; teaching the students into new ways, handling three classes simultaneously etc. The cooperation of Unilever Surf Excel ITA has lessened our problems. Besides providing a teacher for nursery classes, they have given us furniture, teaching material and learning tool kits as well, that how to teach the kids effectively.
  • Unilever Surf Excel and ITA deserve our heartiest gratitude for their great job.
learning through play
Learning through Play
  • I am SanviaAzam. I have been appointed by ITA as a teacher. Unilever Surf Excel and ITA has done a lot for our school. Before this, Montessori section of this school was not much developed, only five year old kids could be admitted in school. But now Unilever Surf Excel and ITA have given us books, furniture for nursery classes and a PARA teacher. Being three teachers here, now students are given more attention, so three year old kids can be admitted in school and could enjoy the opportunity of learning through play. School s’ environment seems changed now. The children enjoy to come in school and study there.