fact and opinion including inference n.
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Fact and Opinion Including Inference

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Fact and Opinion Including Inference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fact and Opinion Including Inference. Murdock/White. Is What I am Reading a FACT?. Ask yourself these questions. Is it true? Can it be proven? If you can answer yes, then it is a FACT!. Examples/Sources to Prove Facts. George Bush was president in 2007.

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is what i am reading a fact
Is What I am Reading a FACT?
  • Ask yourself these questions.
    • Is it true?
    • Can it be proven?

If you can answer yes, then it is a FACT!

examples sources to prove facts
Examples/Sources to Prove Facts
  • George Bush was president in 2007.

By using : History Book, Encyclopedia or Reliable Internet Site

  • The adult human body has 206 bones.

By using : Science Book or Reliable Internet Site

  • 56% of US gun deaths are suicides.

By using : Statistics or an Almanac

  • 16 is the legal driving age in Mississippi

By using : Governmental Law

observations are facts
Observations are Facts!
  • Because they can be proven by the senses!


Some books are larger than others.

Observe books of various sizes.

The bracelet is pink.

Observe the color of the bracelet.

is what i am reading an opinion
Is What I am Reading an OPINION?
  • Ask yourself these questions.
    • Does this statement tell a thought or feeling?
    • Would the statement be true all the time?
opinion signal words
OPINION Signal Words
  • Think
  • Perhaps
  • Believe
  • Suggest
  • Probably
  • Usually
  • Beautiful
  • Best
  • Worst
  • Bad
  • Good
  • Most
  • Agreeing with a statement doesn’t make it true!

For example:

Dairy Queen ice cream tastes better than ice cream you buy from the grocery store.

Why is this statement an OPINION?


opinion again
  • Though you may be able to use facts to add credibility to an opinion, it is still an opinion!
  • Though an opinion may be widely accepted, that does not make it a fact!
practice practice practice
Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • George W. Bush was an _______________President.
  • It is ________ that the US suicide rate will decrease in this next year.
  • It is _______ for the legal driving age to be 16.




You can see Fact and Opinion in all types of media…BillboardsTelevision AdsMagazine AdsNewspaper AdsRadio Commercials

Look for Fact and Opinion in the following examples!


TV or Radio Commercials

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  • To deduce from evidence or conclude

Leonardo left copious (plentiful) notes.

From these we can state that he used the scientific method in understanding the world.