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SCILOV10 - Final Presentation SCILOV10 Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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SCILOV10 - Final Presentation SCILOV10 Overview

SCILOV10 - Final Presentation SCILOV10 Overview

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SCILOV10 - Final Presentation SCILOV10 Overview

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  1. SCILOV10 - Final PresentationSCILOV10 Overview M. Weber Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP) University of Bremen Frascati, 26/27 February, 2014

  2. SCILOV FP/FM Agenda Meeting Agenda • Location: ESA/ESRIN, Room F, Frascati, Italy • 1st day: February 26, 2014, 14:00h-18:00h • 2nd day: February 27, 2014, 08:30h-12:00h • Participants in Frascati: B. Bojkov, G. Brizzi, S. Cassado, A. Dehn, T. Fehr (all ESA), F. Azam, M. Weber (all U. Bremen) , … • Participants per Webex: S. Bötel, L. Lelli, N. Rahpoe, A. Richter, K. Weigel (all U. Bremen), … • Wednesday, Feb. 26 (U. Bremen WEBEX participants in room NW1/U2115): 14:00h-14:30h: Setup ofWebexconference, Approvalof Agenda, Introductionofparticipants 14:30h-15:00h: SCILOV overview  /Weber 15:00h-15:30h: Irradiance Validation /Weber 15:30h-16:00h: Reflectancevalidation/ Lelli (on behalf ofSchlundt) 16:00h-16:30h: UV radiancevalidation /Bötel 16:30h-17:00h: Cloud validation / Lelli 17:00h-17:30h: Total ozonevalidation /Weber 17:30h-18:00h: NO2 nadirvalidation /Azam • Thursday, Feb. 27 (U. Bremen WEBEX participants in roomNW1/U2110): 08:30h-09:00h: Setup ofWebexconference 09:00h-09:30h: Validation strategyforminortracegases /Richter 09:30h:10:00h: Limbozonevalidation /Rahpoe 10:00h-10:30h: Limb NO2 validation /Azam 10:30h-11:00h: LimbBrOvalidation /Azam 11:00h-12:00h: Project & managementissues, futureactivities, AOB /Weber

  3. SCILOV „history“ SCILOV = SCIAMACHY Long-term Validation • SCILOV Phase A/B/C/D (ESRIN ContractNo. 18809/05-I-LG) • Phase A: 2005/02 to 2006/02 • Phase B: 2006/02 to 2007/02 • Phase C: 2007/02 to 2008/02 • Phase D: 2008/06 to 2009/05 • 2010/11: Request for Quotation and SOW from ESA/ESRIN • 2010/12: SCILOV10 proposalsubmitted • 2011/03: Contractsigned • Official startaccordingtocontract: 2011/02 • 2011/06: Kick-Off Telecon • Change in time plan agreed • 2012/10: MTR in Frascati • 2013/10: applicationforcost-neutral contractextension • 2014/02: FP in Frascati

  4. Goals of SCILOV10 validation of operational SCIAMACHY Level 2 data version 5 (and higher) from 2002 to present (now 2012) using available correlative data from satellites and ground network SCIAMACHY solar irradiance and reflectance/cloudvalidation Inter-comparison of limb data products with GOMOS and MIPAS (O3 and NO2) SQWG support by validation of verification data sets multi-year comparison of scientific IUP SCIAMACHY retrievals to operational data products

  5. Goals of SCILOV10 (2) • documenting of validation results on a designated web page with particular emphasis on demonstration of improvements in operational data version upgrades • Operational validation (regular bi-annual updates) • Non-operational validation (~annual update) • Adhoc-validation (in response to SQWG needs) • establishing a validation strategy plan for nadir minor trace gases where suitable reference measurements are lacking  preparation for Sentinel 4, 5P, and 5

  6. Shiftoffocus in SCILOV 10 • ENVISAT missionended in April 2012 • more relevant: validationfor SQWG verificationand after dataversionupgrades & reprocessing • ACVE-3 meeting (March 2013) • Valdiationactivitiesfrom ENVISAT toSentinels • See „valdiationstrategyforminortracegases“ • SCIAMACHY as a climatedatarecord: O3 limb • SPARC Data Initiative (DI) • ESA Ozone cci • • SI2N (SPARC/IGACO-O3/IOC/NDCC) initiative: „Activity on Past changes in the Vertical Distribution of Ozone” •

  7. List ofdataproductstobevalidated (1) -Level 1 -Limb

  8. List ofmoleculestobevalidated (2) -nadir -clouds b

  9. Adjustedwork plan FP MTR ACVE-3 • 2011/06: Extension oftheprojectuntil end 2013/09 • 2013/11: extensionto 2014/02

  10. Delivery time table (after KO meeting) Status √ √ web-portal (1st draft) AG _Italypaper ACVE-3 papers/MTR 9 papers/ Management rep. ?

  11. Obsolete actions • Web-portal: • 1st draftinstalled • No IT capacityforthis • Obsolete as ENVISAT misionended • Only a final documentationwebsite • CEOS EO Calvalsitecorrelated SCIA reflectances • Poor statistics/lcoudcontamination • MERIS providesbestcollocationsandstabletenyearrecord majorfocusforcloud/reflectancevalidation • Addon: UV reflectanceverification (Bötel)

  12. Personnel • Personnelinvolved: • Sebastian Dikty Faiza Azam (nadirvalidation, paidby SCILOV) • Katja Weigel  Faiza Azam (limbvalidation, postdoc, paidby SCILOV) • Luca Lelli (1 yearpostdoc, radiance/clouds, paidby SCILOV) • Cornelia Schlundt (6 months,postdoc, MERIS comparisons,paidby SCILOV) • Stefan Bötel (PhD), UV reflectancevalidation • Andreas Richter (validationstrategyreportforminortracegases, advisor NO2 nadir) • Joseph Pagaran (irradiancevalidation) • NabizRahpoe (ozone-cci: O3 limbvalidation) • Mark Weber (projectmanagement, TO3/irradiancevalidation) • Patricia Liebing, Stefan Noel, Heinrich Bovensmann (support level1 issues/SQWG/SOST) • Wolfgang Gurlit(web implementation)

  13. Papers as final reports Azam, F., K. Weigel, A. Rozanov, M. Weber, H. Bovensmann, and J. P. Burrows, Validation of SCIAMACHY ESA/DLR NO2 limb stratospheric profiles version 5.02, to be submitted to AMT. Azam, A., K. Weigel, A. Rozanov, M. Weber, H. Bovensmann, and J. P. Burrows Validation of SCIAMACHY ESA/DLR BrO limb stratospheric profiles version 5.02, to be submitted to AMT. Azam F., A. Richter, M, Weber, H. Bovensmann, and J.P. Burrows, Validation of SCIAMACHY ESA/DLR NO2 total columnversion 5.02 Boetel S., M. Weber, A. Rozanov, and J. P. Burrows, An Instrument Independent Soft Calibration for UV Nadir Radiances for the Radiance Validation and Improvement of Ozone-profile Retrievals for Multi-Instrument Datasets, to be submitted to AMT. Lelli, L., M. Weber, J.P. Burrows, Evaluation of SCIAMACHY ESA/DLR cloud parameters version 5.02 by comparison to ground-based and other atellitedata, to be submitted to AMT. Rahpoe, N., K. Weigel, A. Rozanov, M. Weber, Validation of SCIAMACHY ESA/DLR limb ozone product version 5.02 by comparisons to other satellite data, to be submitted to AMT Richter, A., M. Weber, J. P. Burrows, J.-C. Lambert, A. van Gijsel, Validation strategy for satellite observations of tropospheric reactive gases, Ann. Geophys. - Italy, 56, 1-10, doi:10.4401/ag-6335, 2013. Schlundt, C., S. Noel, and M. Weber, Intercomparison study of top-of-atmosphere reflectances measured by SCIAMACHY and MERIS onboard ENVISAT from August 2002 to March 2012, to be submitted to AMT. Weber, M., Dikty, S., V. E. Fioletov, M. Coldewey, M. Coldewey-Egbers, S. M. Frith, D.Loyola, Validation of two SCIAMACHY total ozone column data products (SGP 5.02 and WFDOAS V2) by comparisons to groundbased and other satellite data Weber, M., S. Noel, J, P. Burrows, Comparison of SCIAMACHY solarirradiancedata with other solar data, to be submitted to Sol. Phys.

  14. Documentationdeliverables • 10 scientificpapers • 1st draftsufficientforprojectclosure • 1 managementreport • documentationcollection on a dedicatedwebsite (either at ESA CALVAL or link to IUP) • plottingdatamadeavailableto ESA (not public) • CEOS EO calvalsite • onlyreferenceto Meris validationwith CEOS EO sitedata

  15. IssuesandRecommendations • Solar irradiance: • Still someissueswith NIR channels in V8 (quick icing a problem, 850 nm)  needsfurtherevaluation • Improvingdegradation (opticalthroughputmodel) byallowingfornatural SSI variability (EU Solid, BMBF ROMIC) • Correctionsfrompre-flightconditionis still not complete (WLS correction • UV/NIR reflectance • Trace back SCIAMACHY validationto MERIS validationusingCEOS EO Calvalsites • LOS dependence • UV reflectance (soft calibration) • LOS dependence • Clouds • CTP- CTH conversion (AATSR): standardatmospherevs ECMWF • Surface: snow, coastalline, aerosol • Further improvements in algorithms (ice/waterclouds, improved OCRA thresholds) • Total ozone • GODFIT betterthan SGP5 • NO2 total columns • LOS dependence • Groundvalidation

  16. IssuesandRecommendations • Limb ozone • ESA/DLR algorithm needs to add Hartley/Huggins band (IUP algorithm needs to add Huggins band) • Drop after 2011 • Cloud filtering • Bump in differences at 30 km (Huggins wavelengths) • Limb NO2 • Too strong regularization in ESS/DLR (L-curve) • Large polar bias between ESA and IUP (nut NO2 is very low in polar night, IUP shows seasonality) • Optimization of photochemical correction • Limb BrO • Use variable BrO climatology in ESA/DLR retrievals • Improve SNR by integrating 4 azimuth angles before retrieval • Improve regularisation (see NO2)

  17. IssuesandRecommendations • Minor trace gas validationstrategy (towards S5P) • Good and adaptive spatial (temporal) coverage (specific events) • lightweight and mobile instrumentation, • continuous measurements (reference) • Establishment of a reference/standard • Standardisation procedures/tools/data format/apriori/input data, e.g. albedo, aerosol, climatologies, … • data assimilation • A combination of long-term observations and dedicated campaigns • “mobile” and flexible reference network (e.g. commercial platforms) “crowd” validation (high number instruments more important than few very accurate instruments but both needed) • Capacity building • Need forsurfaceproberties: NO2, albedo

  18. Future activities • Validation of SCIA L1-V8 (V9) and L2-V6 (V7) (collaborationwith SQWG) • Whattocover? Limited resources, verificationsupport, links toothervaldiationactivities (SCIAVALIG), carry overto S5P • Formation ofan airqualityvalidationnetworkwithinstrumentationsfrom simple (many, movable) tosophisticated (supersites, stationary) forminortrace gas validation • Dedicatedmeasurementsites, mobile instrumentations, commercialpiggybacks, dedicatedcampaigns, standardisationbyintercomparisoncampaigns, tools, auxiliaryinput,… • PreparationforSentinel