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Final Presentation Tom Priest in Zombie Holocaust by The 340 Gamers Paul Trzyna Sound Editor, Programming, Image Development, Displays Niral Shukla Project Manager, Web Developer, Programming, Displays Cristian Velasquez Lead Programmer, Artificial Intelligence, Chris Urso

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final presentation
Final Presentation

Tom Priest in

Zombie Holocaust


the 340 gamers
The 340 Gamers

Paul Trzyna

Sound Editor,


Image Development,


Niral Shukla

Project Manager,

Web Developer,



Cristian Velasquez

Lead Programmer,

Artificial Intelligence,

Chris Urso

Art Designer, Models, Textures,


Quality Assurance

game play description
Game Play - Description
  • Main Hero – Tom Priest, special agent of The Vatican
  • Mission – To dispel all evil in the deserted town
  • Enemies– Hordes of mindless zombies, Giant mutated zombie bugs, and The Zombie Lord
game play controls
Game Play - Controls
  • Two different choices:
    • Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to fire
    • Use Up Arrow and Down Arrow for forward and backward movement, Space to shoot, and the right and left arrows keys to turn

Other helpful keys like M to display a map, H for help, and P for pause

  • We used Blitz 3d to build our game,, Learning the blitz language was a bit of a learning curve.
  • We used Milkshape 3d for our models , texture and animation.
  • We started by getting Niral, Cristian and Paul familiar with Basic and Blitz 3d and Chris with Milkshape 3d.
  • Since then we started looking at examples of code to start making our game and finally got it working.
  • Why 3rd person Shooter?We wanted a game with a lot of action and to be able show our character. we couldn’t use a 1st person shooter and show the character
  • Why Zombie Game? We all loves killing zombies
  • Why Horror over Comedy? Because our first ‘lil john’s lil adventure’ was funny, but comedy wouldn’t work.
  • Why Dark over Bright? Because its scarier and it hides the simple models
new features
New Features
  • The new Features we added were:
  • Map
  • Pause
  • Lot of sounds-
  • Growing experience by Levels.
  • Zombie Lord
  • Zombie Kid
  • Limited Ammo and Ammo packs
  • Lamps
  • Dim Lights
  • Health bars , ammo bars , zombie lord bar
  • Zombies spawning everywhere and coming out from the ground
  • Having regular meetings for brainstorming new and different ideas for the game.
  • Making a task and models list and allocating tasks to everyone.
  • Making a strict schedule for the execution of the required tasks
  • Dividing tasks between everyoneand assigning weekly deadlines for the different assignments
  • After the basic game working and midterm presentation we decided to put in all the extra featured that would make our game “ Fun “ to play.
  • Started to short list the features that were do-able by the deadline.
  • assigned strong deadlines for completing the new features.
game fsm
Game FSM










zombie fsm
Zombie FSM
  • Zombies spawn from underground in a radius around the hero
  • Zombies follow hero and try to surround him
  • When player is some distance away zombies ignore him
  • Too far away, go underground





zombie lord fsm
Zombie Lord FSM
  • Spawn at the most remote graveyard
  • When he is within striking range, randomly chooses next state
  • Can only be harmed in Roar State






main hero
Main Hero
  • Action
    • Sprint forward
    • Sprint backward
    • Fire
    • Turn Left or Right
  • Regain Health
    • Killing earns you more life
  • Increase Killing Power
    • Killing gives you more power to make damage
  • Increase difficulty by levels
  • Shooting sound
  • Game music
  • Zombies Screaming
  • Zombies Spawning
  • Walking
  • Player getting hit
  • Picking up ammo
  • Power up
  • Zombie lord roaring
  • Zombie lord walking
  • Soundtrack is a mixture of new age sounds and whale mating songs
  • We had lots of problems with looping of music.
  • Main problem PlayMusic function
  • Solution PlaySound with creative coding
  • Suitable footstep sound found
  • Animation sequence checked for footstep frames
  • Sound attached to frame

Frame 21

Left leg

Right leg

Frame 36

art buildings and scenery
Art – Buildings and Scenery
  • Buildings are simple in design to allow for a huge city
  • Trees and Haystacks are added for diversity
art characters
Art - Characters
  • The hero is made mostly by manually placing vertices
  • The zombies were made from cylinders
  • Getting the arms to look smooth and the textures mapped correctly was the hardest part
art town
Art - Town
  • How to design a realistic city?
  • Cross-sections
  • Multiple choices for the player but not too maze-like
  • The purpose of the game is not puzzle solving
art zombie lord
Art – Zombie Lord
  • The hardest part was the animation
  • Six arms had to be controlled realistically
  • All the screens, help, map, exit, win, lose, story, start, options.
  • Hero health bar
  • Zombie lord health bar
  • Ammo Bar
  • Hero level display
  • Display when he transitions from one level to the other.
web development
Web Development
  • We had a website.
  • Used PHP and HTML for website development
  • We have 4 pages on the website viz. About us, News, Download, Game Features
  • I kept updating the website regularly with news, photos, the executable game and midterm presentation.
  • Originally two levels were planned but the first one was huge and took too long.
  • Five guns were planned. That number went down to three, then two, then one.
  • Zombies were going to spawn from the graveyards only, but due to path finding problems we spawned them everywhere.
  • Hundreds of zombies made the game play too slow. Now they only exist close to the character.
  • Putting up the Bars
  • Collisions were a big challenge
  • Getting the walking for the zombie lord to look right.
  • All Sounds
  • Making the game difficult to play , and then we made it too difficult.
  • To get the animations to match the actual state.
  • Approaching game development in the future
  • The experience changed our view of commercial games
  • For more information please visit our website: