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Babe. Post Viewing Quiz. Question One:. What do pigs believe happens to them when they get fat/are taken away?. Question Two:. What is a runt worth?. Question Three:. What breed of pig is Babe?. Question Four:. What would the puppies like to do to Ferdinand?. Question Five:.

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question one
Question One:

What do pigs believe happens to them when they get fat/are taken away?

question two
Question Two:

What is a runt worth?

question three
Question Three:

What breed of pig is Babe?

question four
Question Four:

What would the puppies like to do to Ferdinand?

question five
Question Five:

Why do sheep call dogs wolves?

question six
Question Six:

What are Ferdinand’s problems?

question seven
Question Seven:

Give 2 reasons why Ferdinand chose Babe to help steal the alarm clock

question eight
Question Eight:

What do they call the alarm clock?

question nine
Question Nine:

What is the main purpose of Rex’s meeting?

question ten
Question Ten:

Where did the puppies chase Babe into?

question eleven
Question Eleven:

Describe how Fly feels towards Babe (and why?)

question twelve
Question Twelve:

What are two signs that Babe is settled on the farm?

question thirteen
Question Thirteen:

Who arrives for Christmas?

question fourteen
Question Fourteen:

How does Farmer Hoggett change Mrs Hoggett’s mind about the meat for Christmas dinner?

question fifteen
Question Fifteen:

What is the group Mrs Hoggett goes away with?

question sixteen
Question Sixteen:

Finish this quote from Ferdinand: “I don’t want to be_____”

question seventeen
Question Seventeen:

Which animal likes the slaughter house?

question eighteen
Question Eighteen:

What does Babe call Ferdinand that he’s never been called before?

question nineteen
Question Nineteen:

What’s wrong with the doll’s house?

question twenty
Question Twenty:

What does Mrs Hoggett want to do with the fax?

question twenty one
Question Twenty One:

Which sheep was killed by the dogs?

question twenty two
Question Twenty Two:

Why was Babe ‘filled with rage’?

question twenty three
Question Twenty Three:

What did Fly think would happen to Babe?

question twenty four
Question Twenty Four:

How is tension created at this time?

question twenty five
Question Twenty Five:

Who relieves the tension and how?

question twenty six
Question Twenty Six:

What does Babe try to do with Duchess?

question twenty seven
Question Twenty Seven:

Compare Babe and Fly’s attitude towards sheep

question twenty eight
Question Twenty Eight:

Why is Rex ashamed?

question twenty nine
Question Twenty Nine:

What is the atmosphere on the farm like after Rex bit Farmer Hoggett?

question thirty
Question Thirty:

Fly describes the sheepdog trial as an _______? course

question thirty one
Question Thirty One:

Give 3 events in the story behind Rex’s deafness

question thirty two
Question Thirty Two:

Who calls Babe Young-un?

question thirty three
Question Thirty Three:

What does Duchess think her purpose is? (2 things)

question thirty four
Question Thirty Four:

What room number is Mrs Hoggett in?

question thirty five
Question Thirty Five:

What topic does Babe try to discuss with the sheep while Fly is gone?

question thirty six
Question Thirty Six:

What does Mrs Hoggett realise and why?

question thirty seven
Question Thirty Seven:

Give Mrs Hoggett’s 3 reactions to Babe being on television

question thirty eight
Question Thirty Eight:

Why do they allow Farmer Hoggett to enter?

question thirty nine
Question Thirty Nine:

What do the commentators say during Babe’s performance?

question forty
Question Forty:

Describe Babe’s ‘style’ with the sheep

question forty one
Question Forty One:

What does Farmer Hoggett say to Babe after the trial is over?

question forty two
Question Forty Two:

How many times does Farmer Hoggett say this throughout the film?

question forty three
Question Forty Three:

What are the first three words of the Sheep code?

question forty four
Question Forty Four:

What was the boss’ first name?

question forty five
Question Forty Five:

What was the name of the duck the family killed for Christmas dinner?


b) Rosetta



question forty six
Question Forty Six:

Who said ‘Christmas means carnage’?

question forty seven
Question Forty Seven:

What is the name of the cat?





question forty eight
Question Forty Eight:

How many puppies did Fly have?

bonus question
Bonus Question:

What is Mrs Hoggett’s name?