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qtp training in chennai PowerPoint Presentation
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qtp training in chennai

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qtp training in chennai
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qtp training in chennai

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  1. QTP Training in Chennai Many people want to have QTP training, but it is difficult to find a good institute of QTP Training in Chennai and still more difficult to find is the knowledge of real world training QTP Training in Chennai QTP is an acronym for fast experiment reliable. It's an automation trying out software which supports visible normal script to scan a system and to manage the purposes which is beneath test. It was once at the beginning released by way of Mercury Interactive in the yr 2006 which operates on Microsoft home windows. http://chennaioracledbatraining.in/qtptraining.php

  2. QTP Training in Chennai is an automation checking out tool which executes each functional and regression trying out through consumer interface. Regularly rapid scan reputable is used for user Interface experiment case automation and moreover it will possibly additionally automate on non consumer interface experiment circumstances which incorporate checking out for net services, database and process operations. Quick test professionals can modify two views of experiment script reminiscent of keyword and trained view. This view allows QTP to perform integrated progress environment for the period of checking out approach. Keyword view is arranged in table layout where every row signifies a step that may be modified. In knowledgeable view consumer can add or edit the coding section utilizing visual common Script and transformation of test scripts can be altered by way of keyword view. No: 5/181 E,Moorthy Enclave, #j4,3rd Floor Periyar Street Medavakkam, Chennai 600100 Phone: (+91) 8489848461 Email: info@vkvtechnologies.com