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Oracle training - Oracle Training in Chennai - Best Oracle training In Chennai PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle training - Oracle Training in Chennai - Best Oracle training In Chennai

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Oracle training - Oracle Training in Chennai - Best Oracle training In Chennai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rated as No 1 Oracle training institute in Chennai for certification and Assured Placements. Our Job Oriented Oracle training in chennai courses are taught by experienced certified professionals with extensive real-world experience. All our Best Oracle training in Chennai focuses on practical than theory model.

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Presentation Transcript
what is oracle
  • In 1979, Oracle Corp. was the first company to commercialize an RDBMS platform, and it's still the leading database vendor by a wide margin in terms of revenue.
  • Decades after launching the RDBMS technology, Oracle greatly expanded its product portfolio through internal development and numerous acquisitions.
  • It now also sells several other databases, multiple line of business applications, Data analytics software, middleware, computer systems, data storage equipment, development tools and other technologies. 
oracle database s architecture
Oracle Database's architecture
  • The Oracle software is tied to PL/SQL, an implementation developed by Oracle that adds a set of proprietary programming extensions to standard SQL.
oracle s current versions 20 s
Oracle's current versions (20’s)
  • Oracle8i Database Release 3:– (patchset as of August 2000)
  • Oracle9i Database Release 1:– (patchset as of December 2003)
  • Oracle9i Database Release 2:– (patchset as of April 2007)
  • Oracle Database 10g Release 1:– (patchset as of February 2006)
  • Oracle Database 10g Release 2:– (patchset as of April 2010)
  • Oracle Database 11g Release 1:– (patchset as of September 2008)
  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2:– (patchset as of August 2013)
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1: (patchset as of June 2013)
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1: (patchset as of July 2014)
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 2: (patchset as of March 2017)
oracle database editions
Oracle Database editions
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition includes all of the software's features and is designed for use by large organizations running high-volume transaction processing, data warehousing, analytics and internet applications.
error handling
Error Handling
  • Error Handling Function
  • Provide developers full control when an error occurs
  • Capabilities include:
      • Log all errors
      • Map errors raised by the Oracle Database (like “Unique constraint XYZ violated”) to friendlier error messages
      • Display all errors “Inline in Notification”
      • Increase security by masking internal APEX errors
data upload
Data Upload
  • Provide the ability for end-users to update spreadsheet data into tables
    • Developer uses wizard to specify parameters
    • Following pages created:
      • Data Load Source
      • Data / Table Mapping
      • Data Validation
      • Data Load Results
  • Added “Drag and Drop” functionality
    • Change Date and Time of records
  • Added ability to create “Edit” page as part of calendar wizard
    • “Edit” Page types of:
      • Existing page
      • Pop-up page
      • New page
plug in enhancements
Plug-In Enhancements
  • Increased Number of Custom Attributes to 15
  • New Attribute Type - ‘Checkboxes’
  • Add plug-in Support for
    • Authentication Schemes
    • Authorization Schemes
  • Attribute Usability Enhancements in Application Builder
dynamic list
Dynamic List
  • Base list on SQL or PL/SQL functions
    • Dynamically create styled list items
  • Especially important for mobile based applications
mobile applications
Mobile Applications
  • Provide themes & HTML templates suitable for smart phones and mobile devices
    • jQuery Mobile*
    • Dynamic List Support
    • Improved HTML out of the box
    • We plan to bundle jQuery Mobile into a future release of Application Express
database software conclusion
Database Software Conclusion
  • while working with Oracle, you learned how to adjust the SQL*Plus environment using the FLAGGER to mark queries that contain Oracle extensions.
  • In this module, you learned how to:
  • Identify the primary components of an Oracle database
  • Name several data dictionary views and their purpose
  • Log into the database with SQL*Plus
  • Distinguish between standard SQL and Oracle's SQL extensions and describe when to use each Oracle Database 11g SQL