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Crowdfunding. Why Crowdfund ?. Online, community-based fundraising Small donors band together for big impact—billions raised to date. To help fund CEM as it grows More educators, more countries, more stakeholders, more platforms

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why crowdfund
Why Crowdfund?
  • Online, community-based fundraising
    • Small donors band together for big impact—billions raised to date.
  • To help fund CEM as it grows
    • More educators, more countries, more stakeholders, more platforms
    • Put the event on a permanent footing, allow us to support connected education year-round
  • Needs to become something we get really good at—and not just for CEM
    • A natural use of our skill set--requires many of the same qualities that made educators pioneers in online community-building
    • Can be used to pull resources from well beyond our community, effect change—beyond CEM
    • Opportunity for us (orgs, individuals) to learn these skills together, from each other and from Crowdrise…
why crowdrise
Why Crowdrise?
  • Founder (Edward Norton) a strong supporter of educational causes
  • Built exclusively for non-profits
    • With a specialty in successfully supporting events
  • Lead backer the original investor in Kickstarter
    • Number of users/month has more than doubled in the last year
  • Provides the most support for campaigns
    • Working with us, sharing their knowledge every step of the way (b/c they believe in our cause & community)
    • Allows for flexible goals, provides contest support, automatically generates receipts (for tax deductions), etc.
why crowdrise1
Why Crowdrise?
  • Has a team-based fundraising structure
    • Ideal for a community-based event like ours
    • Also means donors hear from groups and individuals they know and trust about the cause
    • Interface is simple, up-to-date, and fun
  • Relationship is non-exclusive
    • We’ll likely be running campaigns on other platforms over time as we seek to help you develop a full range of skills in this area
how to help raise money
How To Help Raise Money

Here’s a typical Crowdrise event home page

Here are some of the teams raising money for this event…

Check out this example live here

how to help raise money1
How To Help Raise Money

To help raise money, you just click this button (ours says Help Fundraise)

Check out this example live here

starting a crowdrise team
Starting A Crowdrise Team

Users can either join an existing team or start their own

To start a team for your org, you click “start your own fundraiser”

how to help raise money3
How To Help Raise Money

You give your team a name, typically the name of your org + the cause

A team URL is automatically generated, which you can modify. This URL allows you to direct your org’s members directly to your team’s page so they donate to your team

how to help raise money4
How To Help Raise Money

You describe what you’re raising money for and why—we’ll give you starter text you can use, but again, we think you’ll get better results if at least some of the description is in your own words. Crowdrise also recommends you keep it short, or at least have 1-2 lead sentences that make the case in a nutshell

You set a fundraising goal, which you can increase or decrease at any time— everything is editable except the team title)

how to help raise money5
How To Help Raise Money

You add a picture—375x375 or larger, e.g. your logo or a people photo, or a combination of the two—any image you’ve found compelling/clicky in your online work in the past

You can also just skip this step and come back to it later (though we’d recommend you add a picture as soon as you can)

how to help raise money6
How To Help Raise Money

If any of this seems daunting, you can always just give us your info and we’ll set your team up for you (but we’re almost done)

how to help raise money7
How To Help Raise Money

You choose a charity the money is going to..

In our case, the charity will be defaulted to the American Institutes of Research (the non-profit collecting the money for CEM) and won’t be editable (this insures no one can pretend to be raising money for CEM, but really be raising it for themselves)

starting a crowdrise team1
Starting A Crowdrise Team

If you haven’t logged in or you don’t have a Crowdrise account, you’ll be asked to login or create one…

Like everything else, sign up is really simple…

Note: if you’re creating a team for an organization, you’ll want to put your group’s name in the first name/last name fields rather than your own name (so your team’s fundraiser is identified as your org’s fundraiser, not just yours)

how to help raise money8
How To Help Raise Money

So let’s take a look at a completed team page, e.g. Brigham & Women’s Hospital…

how to help raise money10
How To Help Raise Money

Here’s a typical team page, the URL you’d be sending your members to

A Donate button is prominent, as is the amount you’ve raised so far vs. your goal and an honor scroll of donors

Your members are also encouraged in multiple places to join your team, and if you scroll down this page..

how to help raise money11
How To Help Raise Money

…your team members get recognized (in order of how much they’ve raised), each with their own page

how to help raise money12
How To Help Raise Money

At any point, and from multiple locations on your team page, your members can join your team (as well as join directly from the overall event page…

how to help raise money13
How To Help Raise Money

…If this were your team’s page, you’d see the same set of editing and management buttons here that individuals get when they join your team—but with more powerful capabilities…

donating in 30 seconds
Donating (in 30 seconds)

To donate, all your friends and colleagues have to do is click the Donate button on your team or individual page…

donating in 30 seconds2
Donating (in 30 seconds)

The donation automatically gets credited to you (w/no option for donor to change this)

They choose how their name appears in donor scroll –by default they’re included, but can also give anonymously…

donating in 30 seconds3
Donating (in 30 seconds)

They can also add comments to their donation, e.g. if it’s in memory or in tribute…

donating in 30 seconds4
Donating (in 30 seconds)

…and they can indicate if it’s a gift (and send a free eCard) or opt-in to email updates from you…

donating in 30 seconds5
Donating (in 30 seconds)

…then typical billing info is collected…

…they’re given the option to bump their donation up a little to cover the processing fees so that their original full donation goes to the cause—and they’re done (in 30 seconds). Crowdrise sends them a receipt for their tax records

ideas for your fundraiser
Ideas For Your Fundraiser

A lot of folks get creative on Crowdrise in order to raise even more money than a great cause and their good name can bring in alone…

You could ask for donations for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. If your team is for an organization—organizations have birthdays, too!


Ideas For Your Fundraiser

Maybe there’s an activity that your whole team can participate in, like running a race, climbing a mountain, even eating pancakes, and use to get pledges based on their performance…


Ideas For Your Fundraiser

…Consider getting your company, organization, or local businesses in your area to match some or all of what you raise—a very time-tested technique…


Ideas For Your Fundraiser

…contests are a great way to motivate your team and donors, and Crowdrise has found them so powerful they’ll run yours for you…

…prizes that are creative, unique, and especially experiential (deliver a great experience of some kind) are usually the most effective. Here are some ideas…

other tips tricks
Other Tips/Tricks

From Crowdrise…

  • Social media is great, but email is king
    • Email better for driving donations b/c it’s more likely to be seen, read, and taken seriously
  • Use Crowdrise tools
    • Message your team multiple times/week; update your donors at least once a week
    • Put the Crowdrise widget on your site
  • Focus on building your team, not just on getting donations
    • In fact, team-building should be a higher priority early on
  • Get a couple of big donations early, to set the tone
    • Most actual fundraising takes place in the last weeks of the campaign, after lots of seeding and pump-priming
  • Use physical events as fundraising opportunities whenever you can
  • Be passionate and have fun
join us1
Join Us?

Our home page URL is

Interested in starting a team with us? Let us know!

Got prizes you can offer to help raise money for the cause? Let us know!