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the muscular system n.
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The Muscular System PowerPoint Presentation
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The Muscular System

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The Muscular System
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The Muscular System

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  1. The Muscular System By: Tyler A. Vlad G. and Lyndsey W.

  2. Main Function of the Muscular System We are the muscular system, and our main function is to help the human body to move around in their daily life.

  3. Picture of the muscular system

  4. Muscular System Organs • Tyler A:Voluntary muscles • Vlad G:Involuntary muscles • Lyndsey W:Tendon

  5. Voluntary Muscles I am the Voluntary muscular system.

  6. The Job of the Voluntary Muscles The Voluntary muscles let you move. They make you move by your intentions.

  7. How I Work With Other Organs One of the systems I work with is the skeletal system. The way I work with this system is I will pull on the bones and that is what makes you move around.

  8. Tendons I am the tendons

  9. The job of tendons I hold the muscles to the bone

  10. How I work with other organs I attach myself to the muscles/bones and help them hold them in place.

  11. Involuntary muscle I’m the involuntary muscle

  12. The job of the involuntary muscles I help the human body to Breathing, blinking and pumping your heart, etc. When I am used you don’t need to think about me I just help you.

  13. How I work with other organs I work with the circulatory, respiratory, and the digestive system.

  14. Why the H.B.C. is dependent on us The H.B.C. needs to keep us because without us humans would die, because they would not be able to breath, eat, walk, etc. So with out us you would not be able to live your life.

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  16. The End