climate change and human health n.
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Climate Change and Human Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Climate Change and Human Health

Climate Change and Human Health

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Climate Change and Human Health

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  1. Climate Change and Human Health

  2. A changing climate affects the population health: • Air Quality • Clean water • Sufficient food • Control of infectious disease • Availability of shelter

  3. A warmer and more variable climate leads to higher levels of some air pollutants and more frequent extreme weather events.

  4. Global warming, can indirectly cause increases in a range of adverse health outcomes, including malnutrition, diarrhea, respiratory diseases, water-borne and insect-transmitted diseases.

  5. Changes in temperature and rainfall compromise agricultural production in many regions, including the least developed countries, thus jeopardizing health and growth.

  6. The rates and ranges of transmission of infectious diseases through unclean water and contaminated food increases.

  7. Human Shelter destroyed by Flooding and Extreme Weather.

  8. What you can do…….

  9. Stop Climate Change affecting the Worlds Health by reducing CO2 Emissions!

  10. Drive lessWalk, bike, carpool, take mass transit. All these can help reduce gas consumption and one pound of carbon dioxide for each mile you do not drive.

  11. Recycle more and buy recycled • Save up to 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year just by recycling half of your household waste. By recycling and buying products with recycled content you also save energy, resources and landfill space.

  12. Check your tyres • Properly inflated tires mean good gas mileage. For each gallon of gas saved, 20 lbs of carbon dioxide are also never produced.

  13. Use less Hot water It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Reducing the amount used means big savings in energy bills and also in carbon dioxide emissions. Using cold water for your wash saves 500 lbs of carbon dioxide a year, and using a low flow showerhead reduces 350 pounds of carbon dioxide.

  14. Plant a Tree! A single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

  15. Change a light!Replacing a regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent one saves 150 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

  16. And if we do nothing………