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Bell-work 1/28/14 PowerPoint Presentation
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Bell-work 1/28/14

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Bell-work 1/28/14
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Bell-work 1/28/14

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  1. Bell-work 1/28/14 Complete a circle map for TJ’s first administration at the bottom of page 67 EQ: How did westward expansion impact the us? TSWBAT evaluate the significance of the LA purchase

  2. Objective: The student will be able to describe the effects of the Louisiana Purchase on the United States and the expedition of Lewis and Clark Where does this objective fit into our EARLY REPUBLIC learning goal scale? What do you need to be able to do with this objective to SCALE Everest?

  3. Napoleon Going once, twice, SOLD for 3 cents an acre!

  4. Corps of Discovery Goals: Make contact with Natives Discover a waterway connecting the Miss. R and the Atlantic

  5. Tree Maps “Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase” Summary on back of map: What was the importance of the purchase and exploration of the Louisiana Territory? Complete progress chart for objective K and L

  6. Bell-work 1/29/14 Look at the list of expedition supplies from the Lewis and Clark Expedition and determine or hypothesize why each was valuable or what it was used for: 2 Horses 3 Bushels (106 liters) of salt Tourniquets Woolen pants 420 Pounds (191 kilograms) of sheet lead for bullets 1 Chronometer (needed to calculate longitude; at $250 it was the most expensive item) 12 Dozen pocket mirrors Linnaeus (2-volume edition), the Latin classification of plants EQ: What knowledge did Lewis and Clark bring back from the expedition? TSWBAT evaluate the details of the Corps of Discovery

  7. Objective and Scale: The student will be able to evaluate the details and goals of the Lewis and Clark expedition as evidenced by a completed authentic writing assignment with 80% accuracy Using today’s objective, what goals are we working toward mastery of? What is mastery?

  8. Today we are going to follow Lewis and Clark along their expedition…. We: follow Lewis and Clark along their exploration trail We: Evaluate new animal and plant life You: Complete a diary entry from the POV of either Lewis, Clark or Sacajawea.

  9. Diary Staring Guide: August 8th, 1805 or another historically accurate trail date Today was an eventful day and one to remember…. You might discuss details of the trip, new findings, encounters(bad or good), key figures, goals, new rivers, geography, land masses. You can also include illustrations of new plant of animal life that you have been introduced to! In class writing assignment grade and you will need to fill out both columns of the diary template! When you are done writing add an illustration of a new animal or plant you have found!

  10. Complete progress chart for K