we asked our grade convenors to put together some highlights this is what we received n.
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We asked our grade convenors to put together some highlights – This is what we received PowerPoint Presentation
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We asked our grade convenors to put together some highlights – This is what we received

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We asked our grade convenors to put together some highlights – This is what we received - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We asked our grade convenors to put together some highlights – This is what we received
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  1. We asked our grade convenors to put together some highlights – This is what we received

  2. Warning Some of the facts and figures don’t completely align with the principles of WOF So please don’t take them home or use them in any, way, shape or form that could be construed as competitive  But, seriously:

  3. PDP Grade 8; 66 players Grade 7; 75 players Grade 6; 55 players During the hours of 8.30 – 11.30 am on a Saturday the team trained 196 players  In-house programme at Karori Park Every 3rd week it was festival week

  4. Sonic Sixers (PDP) • Starting the season having never played a game of football, our Grade 6 kids can now dribble, pass, shoot, tackle, trick and turn. It’s been great to watch as players learn to make use of space, pass to team mates (although only after they realise they are part of a team!) and even beat other players with a deft step over!

  5. Super Sevens and 8th Grade (PDP) • Grades 7 and 8 picked up where they left off last season, adding clever tactical thinking, formidable teamwork and athletic prowess to their already impressive range of skills and tricks - Barcelona watch out! Our teams - from the Lions to the Gazelles and the Jaguars - had the chance to strut their stuff against and along side other Karori teams each week, in preparation for Festival Week - our opportunity to test ourselves against other clubs

  6. Overheard during Festival Week • Another team, having just scored were celebrating that they were ‘actually beating a Karori team’ • It’s great to see our teams set the benchmark for talent, skill and ability!

  7. 9th Grade • Grade Nine had 7 teams play the season with a total of 63 players • All up the teams won 38% of their games and lost 44%.  Our top performing team was the Fire in the top division that won 25 of its 36 games and was unbeaten in July and August.  • Whilst teams from other clubs moved up and down the divisions; our teams stayed in the place they started

  8. Probably the best statistic • is that in the second half of the season our teams collectively did twice as well as they did in the first half.  Of the seven teams only one did less well in the second half - so clearly as they trained and played together they were actually getting better - BRILLIANT!

  9. Thanking • Teams across the grade had expert help and on behalf of all the parents we'd like to thank Tayo, Conor, Jamie and Binney whose patience and understanding always out did all of ours. • Also of course I'd like to thank my lead coaches for our ungraded teams - Richard, Phil, Peter, David and Andrew.  • For our graded teams parent support was always strong with parents taking on all kind of rolls including coaching, refereeing, bag carrying, videoing, photographer and a whole lot else beside - thank you to you all, you know who you are and why you are important.

  10. our biggest thanks go to • Greg Kerr • who has brought us as a Grade all the way to this point and whose constant enthusiasm to take it further is going to be sorely missed – • Greg there is still time to change your mind - we don't care that you've bought a house in Tauranga!  • Greg we will carry on.... See you in Manchester - Greg knows what this means......

  11. 10th Grade Zofia WisniewskiGrade 10 convenor

  12. "Wham", "bam", "boof"... • That’s the sound of Grade 10 balls flying into the nets • 371 times this season!! • Plenty of action from 8 teams. Coaches to be celebrated are Paul Madigan, Tayo, Chris Sperring, Martin Foye, David Carrigan, Hanno Schupp, John Grimwood, William Knight and Mike Williams. Thanks to all their assistants and managers also. • 2 teams in the travel league, Bertos and Reid, and had good results from them. Great commitment from the team members and their parents. • Looking forward to next season and moving up to 7 aside.

  13. 11th Grade - by the numbers • 6 football teams; FURY, GALAXY, PHOENIX, ROAR, SPURS and UNITED • 59 bags of jelly snakes eaten. • 4 burst footballs. • 2 bad refereeing decisions. • 21 cross bars hit. • 4 penalties saved. • One broken pair of glasses. • 13 bent pump needles. • Virtually no mud. • And 65 happy kids!!

  14. Ken’s comments • The trials brought 6 new kids up from lower division teams into our top 2 teams. • Our coaches have been breeding new blood every season for our elite teams. • Our coach pool has picked up one new coach who brought life to the Galaxy with the cry off pass passpass from the sideline. Their team goal was to string passes together during the game not just score and it worked. • Our top 11th grade team qualified for the Travelling League A section and held their own during the season in an extremely competitive environment. • MANY THANKS to the coaches of G11 who have been supporting our club and kid’s for a few years’ now. • It makes the life of a coordinator easy when the coaches don’t cause you any trouble!

  15. Grade 12: The Numbers • 5 teams • 56 players • 52 boys • 4 girls • 45 different goal scorers • 13 players scored 4 or more goals • Sam Adams (Ninjas): 11 • Conor Dewhurst (Vikings): 5 • Antony Wong (Warriors): 7 • Tom Colson (Pirates): 8 • Carl Jeffries (Samurai): 6 STATISTICS ARE LIKE BIKINIS—THEY SHOW A LOT BUT NOT EVERYTHING

  16. Grade 12: A Season of 2 Halves • Ninjas start in Travel League West finish in Travel League B • Vikings start in Travel League C stay there all season • Warriors start in Combined Black move up to Combined Yellow • Pirates start in Combined Red move down to Combined Green • Samurai start in Combined Green stay there all season 22 June: Junior football cancelled due to Polar Blast

  17. Grade 12: Highlights • THE BARCELONA EFFECT Unsolicited praise from opposition coaches for the Ninjas attractive style of football • YOU ARE NEVER A LOSER UNTIL YOU QUIT TRYING Strong finishes to the season by Ninjas, Pirates and Samurai • IT AIN’T OVER ‘TIL THE FAT LADY SINGS Vikings doubling their win tally with a victory in their final match of the season • IF WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING, WHY DO THEY KEEP SCORE?Warriors keep scoring at the same rate (2 goals per game) after promotion

  18. Grade 12: Highlights • THOSE BRIGHTLY COLOURED BOOTS FINALLY PAY OFF Pirates, Ninjas and Samurai finding their scoring touch in the second half of the season • OUR EMPHASIS IS ON EXECUTION, NOT WINNINGPirates certainly executed the latter part of their season (7 wins, 1 draw) • ALL COACHING IS, IS TAKING A PLAYER WHERE HE CAN'T TAKE HIMSELF • Fantastic coaching right through the Grade helping the players to develop their football skills and awareness • THERE’S NO “I” IN TEAM A great group of team managers and parents providing tremendous support to the teams and players throughout the season

  19. 13th Grade • Approximately 80 players for 6 teams; • Minimal defections to WgtnCollege; • Stu Connolly’s United big improvers after suffering early season thrashings; • Ainsley Simmond’s Wanderers a dramatic turnaround with 3 wins and a draw after 3 prior seasons of constant development/rebuilding; • Simon Woolf’s Hawks a fairly successful (apart from the Wanderers match ambush) happy team that could springboard Woolf’s political career;

  20. 13th Grade • Chris Moore’s Phoenix started slowly but developed well to finish with more wins than losses; • Gareth & Mike’s Promo team the best G13 2nd team in Wellington.  Both deserve contract renewals to achieve the long term plan; • Kevin & Tony’s JPL team dominating league and cup champions with 14 wins, 2 draws & no losses.  Both already reappointed for next season with upgraded contracts (new jackets please Heather); • FTC Districts, FTC Gold and NTC reps.  

  21. 14th Grade

  22. 14th Grade • 14 Promo – Home final in Super Seven Bowl competition this Saturday v Miramar. • Coaches Jamon (16) and Liam (14). • 14 JPL – second in JPL (due to goal difference!) • Home final in Super Seven Cup this Saturday v Wests. • Coaches John Masseurs and Tony Straugheir coached for nine years. • Have three originals – Jacob, Ellery, Jackson.

  23. Grade 14 Vipers – Combined league • Vipers finish second. 8 wins, 3 losses.50 goals for; 18 against. • Coaches Stephen Perrott and Steve Hughes. • Stephen P has coached same team for nine years • Has four of his original – Johnny, Tristan, Alex, Declan.

  24. U17 • Coach, Guy Smith, Manager, Bec Belchambers • Highlights: • Won first round with only one loss • Won second round with no losses 14th grade players helped out also during the season Some players also played in first and second men’s team

  25. RHFA Update Partnership with Ricki Herbert expanded in 2013 to incorporate: • Term 2 & 3 in-house 8 week development courses • 3 School holiday 3 day courses ran in association with WKAFC (May, July and October holidays) • TayoAqunlejika our junior coach co-ordinatoris now part of the RHFA coaching staff for the holiday programmes • Several Karori Junior boys selected by RHFA to travel to Texas in 2014 • ConorButler • Jacob Masseurs • Jackson Straghier • Oliver Whyte • NOW taking enrollments for October holiday programme - October 2-4, at TeWhaea