Spain builds an empire
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Spain Builds an Empire. Vocabulary. Conquistador. Spanish conquerors who came to the Americas to conquer and get rich. Vasco Nunez de Balboa. Spanish explorer who was the 1 st European to reach the Pacific Ocean. Landed on the isthmus of Panama. Ferdinand Magellan.

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  • Spanish conquerors who came to the Americas to conquer and get rich.

Vasco nunez de balboa
Vasco Nunez de Balboa

  • Spanish explorer who was the 1st European to reach the Pacific Ocean.

  • Landed on the isthmus of Panama

Ferdinand magellan
Ferdinand Magellan

  • Portuguese explorer sailed for Spain.

  • His crew sailed all the way around the world.


  • Aztec Emperor ruled over Mexico.

  • He was conquered by the Spanish Conquistador, Hernando Cortes.

Hernando cortes
Hernando Cortes

  • Spanish conquistador who held Montezuma prisoner.

  • He and his army took down the Aztec empire.

Francisco pizarro
Francisco Pizarro

  • Another Spanish conquistador who captured the mighty Inca Empire in Peru.

Spanish borderlands
Spanish Borderlands

  • Area of the Spanish Empire that spanned from Florida to California.

Laws of the indies
Laws of the Indies

  • The code of laws that stated how the Spanish colonies should be organized and ruled.


  • Towns in the Spanish empire that were centers of farming and trade.

Juan de onate
Juan de Onate

  • Founded the colony of New Mexico.

  • Used brutal force to conquer the Native Americans of the region.


  • Forts where soldiers lived in the Spanish empire.

  • 1st Presidio was built in 1565 in St. Augustine, Florida.


  • Religious settlements run by Catholic priests and friars.

  • Used to convert Native Americans.

Father eusedbio francisco kino
Father Eusedbio Francisco Kino

  • Spanish priest went to present-day Arizona and set up missions in the area.


  • Top of the social class in the Spanish colonies.

  • Held the biggest jobs in gov’t.

  • Owned huge tracts of land and gold/silver mines.


  • Class below Peninsulares.

  • Born in Americas to Spanish parents.

  • Were wealthy and well-educated.

  • Also owned land


  • 3rd social class

  • People of mixed Spanish and Native American background.

  • Worked on farms owned by Peninsulares and Creoles.


  • The right to demand labor or taxes from the Native Americans living on the land.