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Medical Marijuana Establishment Compliance Permit Application Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Marijuana Establishment Compliance Permit Application Process

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Medical Marijuana Establishment Compliance Permit Application Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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City of Las Vegas Business Licensing. Medical Marijuana Establishment Compliance Permit Application Process. Workshop . This workshop is to inform you of the required paperwork to be submitted with each application.

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City of Las Vegas

Business Licensing

Medical Marijuana Establishment Compliance Permit Application Process



  • This workshop is to inform you of the required paperwork to be submitted with each application.
  • We will not and can not answer policy, or procedural questions regarding the establishments themselves, nor can we answer questions regarding any laws or happenings in other jurisdictions.
  • We will cover the checklist items only.

What is a Compliance Permit?

  • IT IS a permit that demonstrates that the business has met the minimum requirements to be considered for a license.
  • It is not the approval of a Business License.
  • It does not allow a business to operate.
  • The permit process will be opened for a 10 day window July 8th through July 17th at 3:00pm. No applications will be accepted prior to or past the deadline.
  • All applications must be submitted in person. No online nor mailed applications will be accepted.

Preparation Requirements

  • You must submit the application and additional documents tabbed and bound (as per checklist instructions) in a labeled banker box.
  • You must include a flash drive with a scanned PDF version of your completed application packet. (keep a copy)
  • Ensure you have read and answered every question.

(Go back through to make sure you didn’t skip anything)

  • Ensure you have signed/initialed every line and document as required.
  • Plans and renderings can not be larger than 11x17 and must be included in tabbed section of the packet.


Each type of MM establishment will require a separate application packet:

    • Dispensary
    • Cultivation
    • Production
  • Laboratory– are a separate process. They will be accepted through the standard privilege license process. State approval is required and no temporary request will be accepted.


  • Ensure, if an additional documents has been requested, that you have attached it.
  • Be HONEST!

Ownership Interests

  • Ownership interest means any principal, person, beneficial owner as defined by Title 6.50.020, and individual persons holding any ownership or financial interest for each business entity including all business associations organized under or governed by Title 7 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, including but not limited to
    • private corporations
    • close corporations
    • foreign corporations
    • limited liability companies
    • partnerships
    • limited partnerships
    • professional corporations
    • publicly traded corporations shall include all Corporate Officers and Board of Directors including individuals with ten percent or more ownership or financial interest or both.

Ownership Supplemental Docs

  • Current list of all natural persons with an ownership interest in the business
  • Current list of management companies or management employees under contract
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Articles of Organization
  • Current list of officers (SOS)
  • Organizational Chart
  • State Business License / State Tax ID
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Profit Sharing Agreements

Personal History Form

  • NO WAIVERS and NO SUBSTITUTE forms will be accepted.
  • Original Police letter (10 years) or FBI Criminal History (Fingerprint) Background Report
  • Each person with an ownership interest AND any management employees must complete their own PHF and submit:
    • Birth certificate
    • Naturalization Certificate / Employment Authorization Card / VISA
    • Passport size photo
    • Copy of driver license or state issued ID

Personal Financial Questionnaire

  • Each person with an ownership interest must complete their own form.
  • Spouses or domestic partners may be required to submit suitability documentation if personal funds are the source of investment for the business and are shared.

Business Financial Questionnaire

  • This is to be completed for the business entity applying for the Compliance Permit.
  • Documents to support the source of funding:
    • Bank Statements
    • Personal Loans
    • Tax Returns
    • Financial Statements
    • Etc.
  • Any person who contributes funding to the business, whether they are an official owner or not, must be identified and must come forward for suitability.

State Application Information

  • Even if you have not yet submitted your State application, you need to submit the required documents in a tabbed section to the City.
  • The State will accept their application after we have closed our deadline. You need to be aware that if there is a discrepancy between what is submitted to the City vs what is submitted to the State, the application is at risk of denial.

Operations and Contracting

  • Provide all contracts related to the business operations (does not include contracts with vendors such as alarm co or pen supplier) includes contracts directly related to operations
  • Proposed or executed contracts/agreements for consulting or management
  • Complete description of products and services
  • A narrative that details an accounting plan, sales, and inventory
  • A narrative of proposed destruction of any unused product
  • A description of the proposed documentation to track and verify destruction

Security & Property Documents

  • A proposed security plan and all accompanying diagrams
    • Depiction of security cameras
      • Narrative how the applicant intends to comply with monitoring and securing the premises
  • An interior signage plan (size and full color rendering)
  • An advertising plan
  • A copy of the deed or contingency lease for the proposed space
    • Lease must identify proposed use (mm)

Compliance Permit Fees

      • $5000 permit application fee
  • Cash
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Money Order

Additional Information

  • Application forms are available online
  • Checklists will need to be submitted with the application packet
  • Common reasons for denial:
    • Incomplete applications
    • Missed documentation
    • Unsigned applications or acknowledgments
    • Missing ownership/hidden ownership