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an urban volunteer project … for the care of Florence

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an urban volunteer project … for the care of Florence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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an urban volunteer project … for the care of Florence. Angeli del Bello.

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angeli del bello
Angeli del Bello

Angeli del Bello are now very well known. They represent a landmark in the city for everything related to the care of common areas. There are 1500 volunteers, in 2010 they have allowed the appeal of the institutions to take care of the city. More than 50 people every day are in the street, parks and gardens. They are individuals, associations, organizations, communities and schools but also foreign schools and high schools sharing a passion for Florence. They also are companies that thrive on tourism and that they found in the Foundation the way to take care of the primary object of their business.

angeli del bello1
Angeli del Bello

Angeli del Bello are volunteers. They spend some of their free time taking care of the city, through many activities arranged in cooperation with the promoters of the project.

Angeli del Bello volunteers carry out the activities

without any kind of discrimination concerning race,

religion, sex , or politics, and they respect all

cultural differences.

What Angels do:

  • Remove graffiti and clean the city’s walls
  • Remove the stickers
  • Take care of a street or square
  • Take care of gardens and flowers
  • Look out and control
  • Provide information and awareness campaigns
  • Fund raise
the foundation of partecipation
The Foundation ofPartecipation

Angeli del Bello is a Foundation of Participation sponsored by the City of Florence and recognized by the Region of Tuscany in September 2010. His goal is to bring together volunteers, build a network of relationships and collaborate with other associations and organizations in the area.

The Founding Members are:

Company of Environmental Services Quadrifoglio S.p.A.

Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi

President of the BoardofDirectors: Giorgio Moretti

Vice President of the BoardofDirectors: Marco Bassilichi

Statutoryauditors: Prof. Roberto GiacintiMarco Lombardi Dr. Sara Nuzzaci Bison Industriale Srl www.ilbisonte.comBassmart SRL www.bassmart.itBrandini Spa

Bassilichi Spa


Thanks to: City of Florence Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze

how to become angelo del bello
How to become Angelo del Bello

Simply sign up using the website ( or by contacting the organizing secretary

Every group of Angels arranges the places they volunteer and the activities they do, using the equipment and the uniform provided by the organization.

Angeli del Bello operate on behalf of the Foundation Angeli del Bello using information according to the values of the organization, without alteration, in order to respect the Italian low on the issue of privacy

The Foundation provides group insurance for the volunteers

Angel is as Angel does*

Being an Angel means being in love with Firenze

It means respecting yourself and others, it means helping the city, it means leaving a mark, something immediately recognizable

Beauty is RESPECT, HARMONY and LOVE: this is our challenge and our purpose

* Freely inspired to Forrest Gump

  • FIRENZE PER BENE ( Florence the Right Way)

Project funded by MIBAC with the Municipality of Florence, UNESCO, and the University of Florence to promote “good use of the city”. Two cargo bikes stay in the historical center and provide handbooks and information about all the services in the city.


Project funded by EnteCassa Florence under the patronage of the City of Florence to cover the graffiti on the walls and buildings of Florence

  • INNAMORATI DI FIRENZE (In Love With Florence)

Project associated with the Chamber of Commerce to promote the active participation of business in taking care of different parts of the city

  • ANGIOLETTI DEL BELLO (Angel Child of Beauty)

Project aimed at primary school children to increase the sense of ownership and responsibility of their actions and the public school


care and maintenance of green areas, parks and public gardens (Parco Stibbert, Giardino di Boboli, Villa Reale di Castello, Giardinodelle Rose, Giardinodell’Orticoltura, Giardinodell’Iris, Giardino di Borgo Allegri e Parco delleCascine).


Fondazione Angeli del Bello [email protected] 7339 347340 000 4806[email protected]

Press officeAndreina D’Attolico 331 [email protected]