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Sugar Rush

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Sugar Rush. Matthew Jourard, Kamaldeep Sandhu, Aver Gill, Freya Lewis. About the Business. Sell Mixed candy bags to students Price is based on Weight, doesn’t change based on candy Selection. Background Information. North Park Secondary School was Founded in 1978

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sugar rush

Sugar Rush

Matthew Jourard, Kamaldeep Sandhu, Aver Gill, Freya Lewis

about the business
About the Business
  • Sell Mixed candy bags to students
  • Price is based on Weight, doesn’t change based on candy Selection
background information
Background Information
  • North Park Secondary School was Founded in 1978
  • Is a high school for grades 9 through 12
  • Principal is Pat Geale, VP is AbedeenRemtula
  • Population of 106 teachers and 1374 students
  • Hosts the IBT program
    • Students in IBT have separate classes from regular students. They also have laptops
goal of business
Goal of Business
  • The goal of the business is to make money by selling candy to students.
target market
Target Market
  • Target market is student body at North park Secondary School
  • Teenagers have the highest amount of disposable income
  • They also like Candy
  • Primary survey conducted
  • The students were selected at random
  • Hosted by
  • Questions were created
  • Determined what candy will be sold, the price and how much we will order.
organizational and ownership structure
Organizational and Ownership Structure
  • Four person partnership
    • More start-up capital
    • Split work load
    • Unlimited liability
  • Functional Organization
    • Everyone knows their job
    • Can create a narrow focus for the workers
    • Makes them think what they do is all they can do
leadership and motivation
Leadership and Motivation
  • Have a good Workplace
  • Internal Motivation and External Motivation
    • Setting goals (internal)
    • Recognition (external)
  • Development to build Leadership and Motivation
    • Seminars
    • Worker to Worker
  • Variety of Candy to choose from includes
    • sour keys
    • Smarties
    • chocolate coins
    • double bubble
    • nerds
    • Mentoes
    • tootsie rolls
  • Sold in a small, brown paper bag
    • Customer chooses what they want when they order it, then it is put into a bag and weighed
  • Restock every Friday
  • wash your hands before starting your shift
  • wash all surfaces being used before and after your shift
  • Keep your station organized
  • cough or sneeze into your sleeve
  • have long hair tied at the back
  • Be prepared to do your job.
  • Price is determined by weight (actually put down price per gram)


  • Sold in the Commons Corner Store
    • Located in the Commons area at North Park Secondary School
  • Channel of Distribution is from a wholesaler, then to us the retailer, then to the consumer
  • Advertising our product by posters and announcements
  • Requirement include:
    • North Park Student
    • grades 11 and 12 (16, 17, 18 of age)
    • No experience required
  • Advertisment:
    • Posted around school and on website
    • Allows for the best reach to target audience
  • Expected Documents:
    • Application
    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
  • Process:
    • Cover Letter, Resume, and Application reviewed
    • Interview Conducted
    • Notice of Hiring set out
  • Expectations:
    • Casual and Professional Appearance
    • Ontime
    • Mannerly
    • No outside work to be done during work (homework, texting etc.)
    • Flexible
training and orienting
Training and Orienting
  • Orienting:
    • Completed on the first day
    • Storage, Set Up and Close Down, Inventory
  • Training and Development
    • Seminars, Overseeing other workers
    • Management, Motivation, Technological, Leadership, Communication etc. skills
keeping employees positive
Keeping Employees Positive
  • Comfortable Workplace
  • Biannual Conferences to Share Discomfort
  • Creating Goals
  • Recognition of High Standards
  • Payment by Hourly (any discomfort can be discussed)
departures and dismissals
Departures and Dismissals
  • Departures Process:
    • Exit interview
    • Informing other Employees
    • Discuss if there is a need for Replacement
  • Dismissals Process:
    • Verbal Discussion
    • Written Notice
    • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Final Dismissal Notice
risk assessment
Risk Assessment
  • Challenges
    • Paying rent
    • Making payroll
    • Paying for inventory
    • Constant improvement
  • Competitors
    • School cafeteria
    • Hasty Market
    • Jug City
    • Vending Machines
  • Paying rent
    • Must make at least $250.00 to keep the space for the store
  • Making Payroll
    • We pay our employees $384.00 a month
  • Inventory
    • The actual candy we are selling and the bags it will come in cost a total of $1145.00
  • Constant Improvement
    • Any complaints can be submitted to a suggestion box. An E-mail can also be sent to
    • Complaints will be reviewed at the end of each week
  • Cafeteria Servery
    • Located in the Cafeteria beside the Commons Area
    • Serves low quality fast food
    • Intended to be lunch and not a snack
    • Not a serious threat
  • Hasty Market
    • Located at 375 Howden Boulevard, a small walk from the school
    • Sells drinks and Brand name candy bars
    • Someone could choose to buy from them instead of us
  • Vending Machines
    • Have candy as a product
    • Candy is packaged and different to store product
  • Jug city
    • Located in Mackay Plaza, approximately 1.5 km away
    • Sells small snacks, another option instead of us
first year financial projections
First Year Financial Projections


We are making it!!

Growth is promising!!!

future financial projections and analysis
Future Financial Projections and Analysis

We are still making money and are expanding!!

Growth is steady with increasing profits!!!

in conclusion
In Conclusion
  • We have a product that is both in demand and cheap to buy
  • We will hire more employees as the need arises
  • We are making about $1500.00 a year