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Offshore Electronics Manufacturing Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Offshore Electronics Manufacturing Services

Offshore Electronics Manufacturing Services

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Offshore Electronics Manufacturing Services

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  1. Offshore Electronics Manufacturing Services CORPORATE PRESENTATION

  2. Global Electronics Manufacturing Services ISO 9002 Certified State of the art production facilities located in Taiwan, China, and Thailand

  3. Qintar Technologies is a medium to large scale production contract manufacturing company, with a wide range of product capabilities from connectors to sub-assemblies to full box-builds & final packaging.

  4. Have your Custom Part or Turnkey Assembly delivered within 60 days:from order acceptance and raw material purchase, to assembly production, functional testing, and final packaging, and arrival on dock in the United States, ready to use or to ship to your end-customer. • Full Turnkey electronic PCBA`s and Box-Build Assemblies • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB`s): SMT, Thru-hole, & Fine Pitch • Custom Cable Assemblies: Molded, Fiber Optic, Cat5e Patch Cords, Audio/Video Cables, USB, & Power Cords • Plastic Injection Molding (incl. Wall Plates & Cases) • Amplifiers: CATV, Satellite, & RF • Switches: Cable, Satellite, and RF • Cat 5e/6 Patch Panels and Cables • Connectors: PCB, RF, Brass, Fiber Optic, Phone Jacks, & Custom Parts • Cases: Die-cast Zinc, Aluminum, and Stamped Metal • Extrusions & Heat Sinks • Drop & High-Freq. Splitters, & Directional Couplers • ADSL, HDSL, SDSL, and VDSLs

  5. Over 39 Years of Experience as a Contract Manufacturerof OEM and Private-Label components,Custom PCBA’s, Sub-Assemblies, & Finished Products. We manufacture over 1000 different items for use in Broadband Cable TV, DBS, DSL, MMDS, Satellite TV, RF, Networking, Computer, and Telecom installations.

  6. Get Enhanced with Qintar Technologies’ “EE”: Experience Expertise We will give you the competitive edge by coordinating international production and timely delivery of high-quality products at a competitive price to protect your margin.

  7. We use the latest SMT, Thru-Hole, Die-Cast, Injection Molding, & Testing technologies to build your quality product to your unique specifications. PCB Fabrication Surface-Mt. Assembly Optical Inspection Metal Stamping Functional Testing

  8. Qintar`s knowledgeable Purchasing and Material Control staff in Asia will manage all of your Raw Material & Inventory needs: Centralized Purchasing in Asia • PCB`s • Active Components: Memory, IC`s, Controllers, Programmable devices, Logic, Regulators, etc. • Passive Components: Connectors, Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, LED’s, Crystals/Oscillators, Switches, etc. • Custom Components & Sub-Assemblies • Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses(+ Fiber Optics) • Power Supplies, Fans, Heat Sinks & Extrusions • Fab items, Sheet Metal & Plastic: Chassis, housings, brackets, molded plastics, handles, & bezels • Final Packaging: custom printed OEM boxes

  9. Building your products in house? Qintar can provide the components and sub-assemblies to support your in-house manufacturing needs. Our services are designed to complement, not compete with, your manufacturing processes, and to bring you the competitive cost benefit of our Asian production. • Cable Assemblies • PCB`s (Printed Circuit Boards) • Connectors • Extrusions • Plastic Injection Molded housings, cases, and face/wall plates • Custom Components and Sub-Assemblies 220V Power Supply VDSL Wall Plate

  10. Qintar’s Custom OEM Services: Our Services include private labeling and custom products. We can manufacture your entire product, or a sub-assembly, and OEM it under your company’s name. If you need a modification to a Standard item, then give us a call, and we can build it to your unique specifications. • All we need to quote on your project is: • Bill of Materials with Component Description (including Multi-Level BOM’s for Box Builds) • Any pertinent Assembly Drawings (accept Gerber Files, Pro-E, & electronic transmissions) • Quantity • Full description of your Test Procedures

  11. If you choose a Full Turnkey Manufacturing Solution, then our in-house Asian facility can produce your PCB’s under ONE roof! Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) Surface-Mount, Through-hole, Double-sided, & Fine Pitch

  12. We also offer Full Testing capabilities on PCBA’s: In-Circuit Testing (ICT) Functional Testing Burn-In

  13. 5 Year Warranty All Equipment manufactured by Qintar is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a Period of five years from date of shipment. (excluding acts of God, misuse, or abuse damage)

  14. Our U.S. warehouse and Sales and Administration office is located in sunny Southern California, in Westlake Village(outside of Los Angeles, CA),Owned & operated by Randy Tishkoff

  15. Contact us for a Cost-Competitive Quotation at: 5530 Little Fawn Court Westlake Village, CA 91362-5269 USA Phone: (818) 991-7300 Fax: (818) 889-7400 Email: