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Discussion Topic HR Planning

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Discussion Topic HR Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 Electric T&D Benchmarking. Discussion Topic HR Planning. Community Insights Conference August 21-23, 2013 Madison, WI. Agenda. Objective of Discussion Topic Insights from Webinars Presentations: CNP: Phased Retirement and Staffing Analysis KCP&L: Career Awareness. Objectives.

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discussion topic hr planning

2013 Electric T&D Benchmarking

Discussion TopicHR Planning

Community Insights Conference

August 21-23, 2013

Madison, WI

  • Objective of Discussion Topic
  • Insights from Webinars
  • Presentations:
    • CNP: Phased Retirement and Staffing Analysis
    • KCP&L: Career Awareness
  • Get a perspective and understanding of the issues that are driving resource planning and how those issues are being tackled
    • Discuss strategic resource planning so that we have a baseline for understanding the differences in companies at a high level
    • Share concerns about available resources
    • Share programs and initiatives that are being used for recruiting
    • Share retention and satisfaction efforts
webinar insights strategic resource plan
Webinar Insights: Strategic Resource Plan
  • Utilities are facing a few overarching problems:
    • Competition from other industries and utility contractors for the available staffing resources for both craft and non-craft positions
    • Lack of funds to spend on recruiting or retention efforts
    • Lack of awareness that a utility is a good place to work
    • Finite population from which to draw utility employees
  • Solutions being tried:
    • Several utilities are going beyond the colleges and universities in their recruiting efforts. They are looking at grade and high schools to start encouraging younger people to think about working for the utility as a career whether in craft or degreed positions.
    • They are also working on developing curriculums so that people coming out of school are more prepared to work for a utility, not only meeting the utilities needs, but also having a better understanding of they type of work they will be doing.
    • Apprenticeships is a typical way of knowledge transfer. In addition, companies are working on getting junior people on projects so that they can contribute to the project while learning from the senior people
    • Technology is playing a role in knowledge transfer with the use of e-learnings, videos, etc.
    • Retention initiatives aren’t big, but companies are interested in keeping employees satisfied at work and in their career
high level summary specific plans for craft and degreed staff
High level summary: Specific plans for Craft and Degreed Staff
  • Retirees
    • For this group of companies at least bringing in retirees to fill positions isn’t a big initiative. It’s more likely that they’ll go to work for contractors
  • Skilled Craft
    • Recruiting/Retention
      • There isn’t a lot of emphasis on recruiting and it isn’t a problem for the utilities on the webinar
      • Retention focuses around employee satisfaction and making sure there are actionable plans to address any issues that show up on the surveys
    • Knowledge Transfer
      • Most of the utilities have apprentice programs, but there is some constraint around having senior people (journeymen) available to train
    • Outsourcing
      • Most utilities aren’t seeing any problems getting the resources they need, although they agree that this could change in the future. At least one utility is currently resource constrained and having to plan work around their available resources.
high level summary cont specific plans for craft and degreed staff
High level summary: (Cont.)Specific plans for Craft and Degreed Staff
  • Degreed Staff
    • Recruiting
      • Most utilities have an intern and/or coop program
      • For some utilities diversity is a problem and they’re actively working to engage the interest of women and minorities
      • Most agreed that there is a scarcity of power and electrical engineers coming out of schools and competition for those that are available
    • Retention
      • At least one company is working to change the way new engineers view working for a utility
    • Knowledge Transfer
      • Most agree that this is a challenge both in making the resources available to train and making sure those people both appreciate the opportunity to train and are appreciated for doing the training
thank you for your input and participation
Thank you for your Input and Participation!

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