chad audi has received numerous awards during n.
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Chad Audi

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Chad Audi

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  1. Chad Audi has received numerous awards during the course of his humanitarian career in meditation and non-profit management. For his work with the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, some of Chad Audi’s notable awards include the Executive Achievement Award, the Martin Luther King Award, and the Spirit of Detroit Award. Chad Audi has also received awards in many other professional areas. Dr.Chad Audi Award Winner Chad Audi

  2. Experienced Writer: Chad Audi As a supplement to his humanitarian career, Chad Audi has written numerous publications about his work. Chad Audi’s publications center on inspirational topics such as how to create community change, tips for successful leadership, giving back to one’s community, helping the unemployed, and the non-profit’s commitment to change. Chad Audi has written over eight publications and plans to keep writing.

  3. CEO/President - Chad Audi Chad Audi is the current Chief Executive Officer and President of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries in Detroit, Michigan. In 1997, Chad Audi accepted a position at DRMM in the finance department, and gradually worked his way to the top of the organization. In 2005, Chad Audi was promoted to CEO and President after eight impressive years of service with DRMM.

  4. Faith is Important to Chad Audi Chad Audi places great value on faith, and is proud to call himself a Christian. Chad Audi feels that his career in non-profit management and humanitarian work has been strongly influenced by his faith. Many of Chad Audi’s personal and professional values have been influenced by Christianity, including his work ethic, his modesty, and his continual drive to help others.

  5. Address: 150 Stimson Detroit MI USA 48201 +1 313-993-4700