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Poetry. ENG4C1. What kind of writing do you see every day? . Why do people write???. What is the function of written communication in our society ? Why is it important to know why you are writing?. People write: To teach, to entertain, to inform, to sway opinion, etc.

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Why do people write
Why do people write???

  • What is the function of written communication in our society?

  • Why is it important to know why you are writing?

  • People write:

    • To teach,

    • to entertain,

    • to inform,

    • to sway opinion, etc.

  • We will focus on various forms of written communication and examine the style and technique involved in each


  • Let’s review poetic terms from grade 11.


  • A comparison between two very different things using like or as.

  • He was as white as a sheet.

  • Metaphor

    • A comparison which states that two very different things are alike without using like or as.

    • The wheat field is a golden sea.


    • The act of giving human attributes (such as anger) to non-human objects (such as clouds).

    • The treetops danced. The wind whistled.


    • A stylistic device in which successive words all begin with the same consonant sound or letter.

    • The green goat giggled.

    • The shivering sheep shone its shoes.

    • Snawsnitteredfulsneep.


    • Any poetic reference to the five senses (sight, touch, smell hearing and taste).

    • A group of words that creates a mental image by using figures of speech such as similes, metaphors and personification.

    Why do we have poetry
    Why do we have poetry?

    • Poems often give us vivid pictures and feelings through these poetic devices

    • This is one of the main functions of poetry, creating a mood or mental image

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

    • http://www.bartleby.com/145/ww260.html

    • Identify poetic devices used?

    • What techniques has he used?

    • What is the rhyme scheme?

    • What mood has he created?

    London you re a lady
    London You’re a Lady

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNsCf12eyyU

    • What image of London is he trying to depict?

    Letter of intent
    Letter of Intent

    • Continue working on your letter from yesterday.

    • When you are done your rough copy, it is editing time!


    • Read it out loud! It helps to read it to someone, a friend or family member… even your dog or cat! If you stumble while reading it, something is wrong!

    • Ask someone else to read it.

    • Make sure your points are clearly explained

    • Review Paragraph Structure: Intro, body points, conclusion.

    • Make sure you hand in your rough copy AND good copy tomorrow.