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Venod Sharma Family PowerPoint Presentation
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Venod Sharma Family

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Venod Sharma Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Venod Sharma Family.

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Venod Sharma Family

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venod sharma family

Venod Sharma Family

Venod Sharma is a good Indian politician in Haryana, he always thinks about Haryana development and want to change the life style of peoples. He has interested in politics, after completing his education he joined politics. He married with Smt. ShaktiRani Sharma and has three children one daughter and two sons.

non jat leader haryana
Non Jat Leader Haryana
  • Now, he is fighting against corruption in Job, human rights and education. So he launched his party as Jan Chetna Party for work together of peoples. Haryana is facing many problems related to water, electricity etc, It is only Venod Sharma who understands all the problems and give solution.
  • The state often gets divided on the lines of jaat/ non jaat groups. Win ability of candidates depends on their caste rather than on their past performance. This emphasis on caste is having a very bad impacting on the growth of Haryana. Caste based politics is promoting regionalism and caste appeasement politics.

Haryana Leader

  • Venod Sharma is a true futurist Haryana leader. Venod Sharma wants to be each person educated in Haryana so that every person can take own decision and differentiate between right and wrong. So he is fighting for education development.