Journal time september 4 2013
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Journal Time September 4, 2013. Journal. Should outsiders go into areas where this virus is active? What responsibility do Americans and other countries with advanced medicine have to world health?. Ebola Outbreak Uganda.

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Journal time september 4 2013

Journal Time

September 4, 2013


Should outsiders go into areas where this virus is active?

What responsibility do Americans and other countries with advanced medicine have to world health?

Ebola outbreak uganda

Ebola Outbreak Uganda

Layered look book
Layered Look Book

~ Step One: Use four plain white pieces of paper. Line them up with each sheet 1 inch lower than the next sheet.

~ Step Two: Turn the sheets around near your tummy. Then fold the top of the sheets down leaving the 1 inch margin between all layers.

~ Step Three: When all the layers are even, crease the top and staple across the crease.

Layer 1 what is a virus
Layer # 1:What is a Virus?

~ A small, nonliving particle that invades and then reproduces inside a living cell.

~ Biologists consider viruses to be nonliving because viruses are not cells. Do not meet all characteristics of living organism.

Journal time september 4 2013

~ Only living characteristic is their ability to multiple.

~ This process is special because it requires a host cell.

~ A host is a living thing that provides a source of energy for a virus or an organism.

~ Organisms that live on/in a host causing harm are parasites.

~Viruses are like parasite because they destroy their host cell to multiply.

Journal time september 4 2013

~ No organisms are safe from viruses.

~ Viruses are special in the specific cells they infect.

Cold viruses typically infect cells of the nose and throat.

Layer 2 naming viruses
Layer #2Naming Viruses

  • Since viruses are nonliving, normal names are not assigned.

  • They are named after the disease they cause, founder or the organism they infect.

  • The Ebola Virus was named after the location in Africa where it was discovered.

Layer 3 shapes and sizes of viruses
Layer #3Shapes and Sizes of Viruses

Rod Shaped: linear

Spherical Shaped: actually 20 sided polygons.

  • These are the smaller virus types.

  • Smaller in animals and plants.

  • Virtually undetectable under even the most powerful of microscopes.

  • 20 – 250 nanometers

  • Average 50 – 60 nanometers


  • With its six legs, the bacteriophage attaches to the surface of the much larger bacteria

  • Once attached, the bacteriophage injects DNA into the bacterium. The DNA instructs the bacterium to produce masses of new viruses.

Layer 4 structure of viruses
Layer #4Structure of Viruses

All viruses have two basic parts: an outer coat that protects the virus and an inner core made of genetic material.

Journal time september 4 2013

  • Outer coat made of certain proteins that allow it to fit into certain host cells.

  • Because this is so specific a virus will only attach to one or a few types of cells.

  • Example: HIV can only attach to one kind of human white blood cell.