tap line cleaning
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Tap line cleaning

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Tap line cleaning . MDP. Safety and Safety Gear. Do not use hot water to clean your beer lines. This will cause the lines to misshape and break, and could cause clamps to loosen and fall off. The water you use to wash the lines should be comfortable to the touch (warm).

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safety and safety gear
Safety and Safety Gear
  • Do not use hot water to clean your beer lines. This will cause the lines to misshape and break, and could cause clamps to loosen and fall off. The water you use to wash the lines should be comfortable to the touch (warm).
  • Do not use desana Max or Cell R Master to clean the stout line. Use Cir Q Late (Caustic) only.
chemicals in use
Chemicals in Use
  • Once a Quarter you will perform an Acid Wash using Ultra Niter and Desana Max
    • Ultra Niter is 1 oz per 5 gallons of H2O
    • Desana Max – varies on package. Check the back of the packet. It is usually 4 packets to 5 gallons or 5 packets to 5 gallons
chemicals in use1
Chemicals in Use
  • Every 14 days you will perform a beer line cleaning with the following.
    • CIR-Q-LATE (Caustic) 4 oz per 5 Gallons H2O
    • CELL – R – MASTER 5 oz per 5 Gallons H2O
    • You will need 2 stainless steel pitchers for this. 25oz of Caustic and 40oz of Cell R Master
viking unit
  • Unplug your beer line chiller refrigeration unit (VIKING SYSTEM) usually located in the mezzanine. Some stores may have to turn off the breaker.
assembling your loop
Assembling your Loop
  • Disconnect Serving lines from you TDV’s. Using a hose connector, connect the lines in order as they appear left to right at your tower. You will skip one of your lines every time. Make sure you remember which one and clean it the next time.
  • The Stout line gets cleaned separately. And you only use Caustic for Stout.
visual set up
Visual Set Up
  • Turn FOBS up to the RED
  • Top picture shows that the FOB is set for serving with the arrow pointing down toward the green.
  • Bottom shows arrow pointing up.
  • This needs to be done before you start your pump.





visual set up1
Visual Set Up
  • Top picture illustrates how the cooler set up looks
  • Bottom picture shows how the tower will look.
  • See that the far left is the pump going in.
  • The far right is for your release. You must always have a release when your pump is on.


Hose connector

tap line cleaning1
Tap Line Cleaning
  • Fill a 5 gallon bucket with luke warm water and stir in 4oz of caustic. Pump this through to rinse all beer from the lines. Keep your back-up bucket full at all times. Never let your pump run dry. Turn off the pump and close the outlet faucet once all beer is rinsed from both beer towers. Let the caustic sit for 15 minutes. Take apart the faucets from the tower you are hooked up too, brush clean and soak in caustic before beginning to run the Cell R Master.
tap line cleaning2
Tap Line Cleaning
  • Two 5 Gallons buckets one for your pump the other as your fill bucket
  • Picture of your pump set up
  • Picture of your faucet broken down and clean
tap line cleaning3
Tap Line Cleaning
  • -After 15 minutes rinse your caustic bucket and fill with warm water and 5oz of CELL R MASTER. Stir with whisk. Again always have your backup bucket full of warm water.
  • Make sure to pull 3-4 buckets through the tower you are hooked up to and the rest should be pulled through the opposite tower one faucet at a time. Should be about 8 buckets total
tap line cleaning4
Tap Line Cleaning
  • -If using Desana Max on a deep clean. Push chemical through until you get a good color change ( most likely greenish ) Hold the chemical in the lines for 3 minutes then push more through and check the color. Purple = Clean Lines!
the rinse
The Rinse
  • After Cell R Master has sat for 20 min rinse with cold water.
  • Pull through each line and make sure you check the PH of the tap water and that it matches when you pull through.
  • You should have water in your tap lines at this point no chemical at all left in your lines.

Check PH of Water

  • Fill the bucket with ICE water. Run this ice cold water through the cleaning loop and into the drain. Pull ice cold water through each faucet on the other tower until the water runs ice cold. The colder we get the lines the less foaming we will see when we hook the beer back up!
viking unit on
  • Turn the beer line (VIKING UNIT) back on.

Check PH of Water

putting it back together
Putting it back together
  • Pull faucets from caustic rinse and soak in sanitizer for 3 minutes. Put faucets back together and back on serving tower.
  • Disconnect serving lines from hose connectors. Rinse and sanitize valves on the TDV’s.
  • Connect the beer lines to the TDV’s. Go to bar and run beer through the beer lines. If you did not sufficiently cool down the system with cold water after cleaning you will get a lot of foam.
stout line w cellar stream
Stout Line w/ Cellar Stream
  • Disconnect the stout line from the TDV
  • Fill a Bucket with warm caustic from the dispenser. Place the end of the beer line in the bucket. Don’t let it suction to the bottom of the bucket.
  • Go to the bar and pour the beer one 25oz Mug at a time, until you start getting chemical instead of beer coming through the lines.
stout line w cellar stream1
Stout Line w/ Cellar Stream
  • Allow the chemical to sit in the lines for at least 20 minutes.
  • Once a quarter use Ultra Niter instead of caustic.
  • After 20 minutes rinse bucket clean. Run cold water through until all chemical is gone.
  • Check water with PH strip
stout faucet
Stout Faucet
  • Turn the Nitrogen pressure gauge on the cellar stream box off. Remove both stout faucets and clean them.
  • Once clean put back together and back on tower.
  • Connect the beer line back to the Stout Line, run the beer through one mug at a time until the beer starts coming out the faucet.
clean up
Clean Up
  • Clean up any mess left at the bar
  • Clean the floors in the brewery
  • Put all equipment away
  • Taste the beer!