welcome to your abc company ltd group rrsp n.
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Welcome to your <ABC Company Ltd.> Group RRSP PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to your <ABC Company Ltd.> Group RRSP

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Welcome to your <ABC Company Ltd.> Group RRSP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to your <ABC Company Ltd.> Group RRSP. Agenda. Why plan for retirement? The benefits of a Group RRSP Investment options Steps to get you started Service and support available. Who is Manulife?. A Canadian company operating worldwide More than 115 years of strength and stability

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Why plan for retirement?

The benefits of a Group RRSP

Investment options

Steps to get you started

Service and support available

who is manulife
Who is Manulife?

A Canadian company operating worldwide

More than 115 years of strength and stability

Consistently receives top ratings from various rating agencies

Strong and Secure!



Take Control of Your Retirement

why save for retirement
Why save for retirement?

One third of Canadians age 60 or older are worried they’ll outlive their retirement savings1

Two thirds of Canadian households expecting to retire in 2030 are not saving enough to meet necessary living expenses2

1 2007 Decima Research Poll

2 2007 Study by University of Waterloo and Canadian Institute of Actuaries

why save for retirement now
Why save for retirement now?

To ensure you have enough money for the lifestyle you want to enjoy

Saving in your sock drawer may not be enough

The longer you save, the more you can accumulate

sources of retirement income
Sources of retirement income
  • Canadians generally rely on three distinct sources of income:

1. Government Pensions

      • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
      • Old Age Security (OAS)
    • 2. <ABC Company Ltd.> Group RRSP
    • 3. Personal Savings
      • RRSPs, GICs, Mutual Funds
      • Home equity
      • Other investments
starting early pays more
Starting early pays more
  • Starting 10 years earlier gives Terry $35,000 more than Chris – even though he saved for only 10 years

Assumptions: Contributions made at the beginning of each year, compounded annually, at an 8% rate of return.

advantages of your group rrsp
Advantages of your Group RRSP

<Contributions from the Employer>

A convenient way to save

Immediate tax reduction

Tax-deferred growth

Leading fund managers

Lower investment management fees

A way to consolidate your savings

tax advantage your contributions
Tax Advantage – Your contributions
  • Employee earning $40,000 per year:

Your net pay only changes by $31.85

investment management fees imf s
Investment Management Fees (IMF’s)

Take advantage of your group’s purchasing power

Potential fee savings for a $5,000 investment over 20 years = $1,353

  • Lower fees leave more of your money in your account to grow for your retirement
decide how to enroll
Decide how to enroll

Two choices:


Go to www.manulife.ca/GRO/enroll

Enter policy number and access code

Remember to print, complete and sign your Beneficiary Confirmation – then return it to Manulife


Tear out the Application Form on page 3 of your Enrolment Guide.

<delete web if e-enrolment codes are not yet available>

paper application form
Paper application form

January 1, 1998

January 1, 1998

Not Applicable

Not Applicable






123 Any Street




N7T 2M0


May 25, 1970

123 456 789




<Insert Number>

<Company Name>

name your beneficiary
Name your beneficiary

Martha Sawyer



spousal rrsps
Spousal RRSPs

Tax planning – before and after retirement

How it works

Contributor – you

Spousal member – your spouse or common-law partner

Tax receipt – sent to you

Contribution room used - yours

decide how to invest
Decide how to invest

Series of nine Manulife Retirement Date funds:

Each fund:

Provides a well-balanced investment portfolio inside a single fund

Represents a future retirement date

Automatically rebalances to become more conservative as retirement date approaches

Eight funds available, with dates of 2015, 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, 2050.

Retirement Date Funds


Retirement Date Funds

Hypothetical portfolios. Example is for illustration purposes only.

Automatic rebalancing; “Gentle Slope” approach

asset allocation funds and build your own portfolio
Asset Allocation Funds and‘Build your own’ portfolio

Complete the 8-question Investor Style Questionnaire

Tally your score to learn your investor style


Asset Allocation Funds

  • Ready-made portfolios in a single fund
    • Simple and easy – little homework
    • Diversified by asset class, style, manager
    • Manulife is responsible for monitoring and periodic re-balancing
Match your investor style to the corresponding Asset Allocation Fund

Asset Allocation Funds

17 Market Based Funds and 3 Guaranteed Investments

‘Build your own’ portfolio

Follow the suggested investment mix


‘Build your own’ portfolio

  • Match the coloured segment of the pie to the colour of the corresponding fund page
investment information
Investment information
  • Individual information sheets for each fund available in your group retirement program
default investment
Default investment

If you do not choose fund(s) for your contributions, your money will be invested in the ‘plan default’ until you provide instructions.

  • Your plan’s default investment:
  • 1st – A Retirement Date Fund (if your birth date is on file)
  • 2nd – Manulife Moderate Asset Allocation (if no birth date on file)
step 4 transfer assets to your group rrsp
Step 4 – Transfer Assets to your Group RRSP

Consider transferring your existing registered assets to your Group RRSP


Low fees help your retirement savings grow faster

Member Reward Program

IMFs reduced and GIA rates increased by…

$25 – 40,000 – 0.10%

$40 – 60,000 – 0.20%

$60,000+ - 0.25%

Transfer form included on page 21 of your enrolment guide

education and communication
Education and Communication
  • Secure website available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • www.manulife.ca/GRO
      • Current account balances
      • Plan information
      • Investment information
      • Retirement planning tools
ongoing support and services
Ongoing Support and Services

Annual Account Statements

Internet site: www.manulife.ca/GRO

Steps Retirement Program®

Telephone: 1-888-727-7766 (toll-free)


Customer Service Representatives

Financial Education Specialists

Email: gromail@manulife.com