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How Google Search Works? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Google Search Works?

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How Google Search Works?
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How Google Search Works?

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  1. Web Brain InfoTech Innovative Business Solutions

  2. How Google Search Works?

  3. When you sit on chair before your computer system/Mobile/tablet and do a Google search, you instantly receive your answer with excellent resources. Have you ever thought that how often these results come in a short period of time? Do research in your mind and you can’t find an exact answer. I will let you update with every aspects of your Google search.

  4. At first when you enter your search on Google. Google receives your query and Google program searches the same in their database and deliver you specific results. This all happen so rapidly that no one ever thinks about the same.

  5. The three key processes in delivering search results to you

  6. Crawling

  7. Crawling is a process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages of website and index them into their databases. The program that discovers new and updated page is known as Googlebot, bot, robot or spider.

  8. The Googlebot starts process from their last process and start visiting sitemaps generated by webmasters and read multiple pages after that. As where they find links they collect and keep in their list to be crawled next. During visiting each page they find new and updated pages, fresh contents, dead links, etc.

  9. Indexing

  10. After the process of Crawling Googlebot then index all pages and massive check their attributes like Title Tags, Descriptions, Alt Tags and contents. There is a big database where Google keeps your sites information and appear in search results as per user’s query. We could not process rich media contents or dynamic pages contents.

  11. Serving Results

  12. When user enters search into Google, the program searches best answer and list up most trusted and valuable websites on top page. Many factors work to reach at top page search results to any website. Link building and page rank of any website is one of them. Google always work to enhance its features by extracting spammy or negative links of website and take out to their priority.

  13. In order to rank your website in top search page, first assure that your website crawls and index well by Google. When your website will crawl and index well and you build quality back links and contents on web then there are much more chances of your website to reach on top pages in search results using relevant queries.

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