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Check Your Website before Making Live: Quick Checklist PowerPoint Presentation
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Check Your Website before Making Live: Quick Checklist

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Check Your Website before Making Live: Quick Checklist
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Check Your Website before Making Live: Quick Checklist

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  1. Web Brain InfoTech Innovative Business Solutions

  2. Check Your Website before Making Live

  3. To live a website is really a very sincere job coz when your website will be live on web then must your website should free from all errors. If you cannot do the same then you could not take advantages of search engines as well as users.

  4. Mobile Friendly Test

  5. Most of the team does not understand that from where they should start in checking website. I have listed some common errors of website which must be fixed before go live.

  6. Grammar and Punctuations

  7. Before go live make sure that your web page content and other info has a good grammar and used punctuations. This is a common mistake what most of the guy do. Make sure you have a good grammar contents on website.

  8. Site Speed

  9. Check your website speed. You can check it by various tools on web. Your website loading speed must be good. A quick loaded website has a great importance to search engine and search engine prefers those website as a good website and easily come in good search results.

  10. Browser Compatibility

  11. Check your browser compatibity. Make sure your website runs with a good version on all of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer, etc.

  12. Check Website Fonts and Images

  13. Choose an eye-catchy font and images for your website. A font size must be standard which should be read by everyone easily. Choose a good image to present your services or products. An image tells lots of contents in a well manner. So, choose a good image for your website.

  14. LOGO and Favicon

  15. Check your website LOGO and favicon. This represents a good quality about your website. Logos and favicons must be of well designed manner which helps others to understand.

  16. W3C Validation

  17. Check your website validation with W3C validator. This will tell validation errors of website.

  18. 301 Redirection

  19. A well optimized website has a 301 redirection. If your website opens with WWW and without WWW then search engine will consider this as a duplicate website. So, use a proper 301 redirection code to your website and free your website with this error.

  20. 404 Error Page

  21. A good website has a 404 error page too. If someone misspell your web page URL or there is some typo problem then your website tells them that the specified URL is not correct and this web page is not found. So, there must be a 404 error page on website.

  22. Meta Tags

  23. A Meta tag plays a great role in search engine visibility. This tells search engine that for what purpose the specific web page is. This is an introduction about particular web page to search engine. So, use Google algorithm guided Meta tags on your web pages.

  24. Sitemaps

  25. Sitemap denotes a well structured website and tells search engine that how come web pages are structured in website. An XML sitemap is used for Google and an HTML sitemap is used for User.

  26. Social Media Integration

  27. A good website has social media icons on website. This tells others how popular website is on social media. • These are some common errors what others do before making website live. So, must follow these terms before make your website live.

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